Lawn mower tires are made of tough materials like nylon, natural rubber, and steel. These types of materials are typically not prone to breaking or cracking easily. However, if you have a bead on your tire that has come unglued, it is almost certain that you will need to break the bead in order to get it replaced. 

Today, we are going to discuss how can you break the bead on a lawn mower tire. And we will explain several ways in which you can crack or break the bead on your lawn mower tire so that you can remove it and have it replaced with a new one. This process won’t be difficult if you know how.

Key Takeaways: You can break the bead by using these methods, which we explain below in depth:

  1. Use an air compressor and torch
  2. Using a lever bar
  3. Using a plank of wood to solve the issue
  4. Use a Bottle jack
  5. Using a Screwdriver

How to Break the Bead on a Lawn Mower Tire?

How to Break the Bead on a Lawn Mower Tire?

There are a few ways to break the bead on a lawn mower tire.

1. Use an air compressor and torch

This method is by far the most common, and it works well for many vehicles. All you need is an air compressor, which will be able to provide enough force to drive the tool through the tire’s rubber compound, allowing you to break it using your body weight alone (and maybe even some muscles).

You can also use this method if you don’t have access to a lever bar or tire bead breaker tool but still want something that will get things done quickly.

Just make sure not too much pressure gets put onto either side of whatever material is being used as leverage against its counterpart. Because both materials could cause injury if they weren’t handled properly.

2. Using a lever bar

Another way is using a lever bar, but it could take you some time. The lever bar should be the right size for the bead and placed in the middle of the tire. You can use an old rusted nail or screw to make your lever bar thicker if needed. You can also use a tire bead breaker tool that you can either make yourself or buy. If you choose to make one, here are the steps:

  1. Cut off the end of your tire iron and put it into the drill.
  2. Insert the drill bit into your chuck (this will help prevent breaking).

3. Using a plank of wood to solve the issue

Everything you’ll require to complete the task:

  • A sturdy plank of wood which is strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle.
  • A car, its weight will make it easier to puncture the tire bead.
  • A crowbar.
  • A wooden block that will protect the rim.

Choosing an Appropriate Location:

You cannot park your mower in a place that is too small. The Garage will be the best spot.

Setting up the Equipment:

Place the wheel on the ground. The wooden plank should be placed on the wheel’s rim. To avoid breaking, keep the wooden surface away from the rim. Instead of pushing the board straight across the wheel, which could break the rim, place it underneath it.

Crack the tire’s bead:

When you’ve completed adjusting the board to your desire, you can move your mower across it in a straight line. You have to simply break the tire bead in one motion by using the vehicle’s weight. Before attempting to remove the rubber, clean the tire bead. The crowbar will then be used to lift the tire off the ground.

4. Use a Bottle jack

Locating the ideal location:

Selecting a location with a sturdy wall is ideal because the intense pressure within the container can crack a fragile structure.

Cleaning the tire:

A bottle jack may fail to function properly if used on a dirty tire. Make sure don’t drop the bottle jack. If you drop your bottle jack while breaking the bead, it may become damaged.

Prepare the equipment:

You have to connect the bottle jack’s connections to the wall and the tire. Throw some weight about to keep things from moving around.

Bead Destruction:

To increase pressure, raise the bottle jack gradually. Keep going until the tire bead breaks on one side. Proceed in the same manner with the opposite side.

5. Using a Screwdriver

Specifically, you need:

Screw Driver. Tire beads can be broken with this tool.

  • Remove the flat or damaged wheel:

Taking out the damaged wheel is an alternative to replacing the whole set. Let’s count the number of nuts and stones on each wheel and see how flat they are. Tires that are punctured or otherwise damaged should be replaced.

  • Setting the Wheel Down:

Set the wheel down on a level, clean surface before beginning your job. A rough one can cause problems. Having everything in one convenient location will be a huge help.

  • Disconnect the tire from the rim:

The first thing you notice is the wheel’s edge, halfway between the tire and the rim. You have to insert your extra-long screwdriver into the edge and break the seal from that position. Keep in mind that if you apply too much effort with the screwdriver, you could end up damaging the rim.

  • Removing the tire from the rim:

Weightlifting, or using your own body to assist in your efforts can be helpful. Put one foot on a portion of the tire where you are placing the screwdriver. This method simplifies the process of removing a tire from its rim.

After that, you’ll cautiously maneuver the tool along the rim. The tire will slowly rise. This causes a connection to snap on one side of the wheel.

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Should I Deflate the Tire Before Breaking the Bead?

Before you break the bead, it’s important to deflate your tire. This will make it much easier to set the tire on the rim, and will also ensure that the bead of the tire is able to seat correctly on the rim when you begin tightening the wheel nuts.

If you’re breaking a bike tire bead, it’s best to use a tube-deflating tool like a bicycle pump, rather than just sucking the air out of a flat tire with your mouth. 

While a tube-deflating tool is not necessary for this step, it will make things much easier. You should also be sure that there is no pressure in your tire before you begin deflating it. Pressure can cause problems with the bead seat, so you should remove any pressure from your tires before deflating them.

However, you don’t need to deflate the tire completely because you can use a tire iron to break the bead while the tire is still partially inflated.

How to Fix the Tire Back on the Rim?

To fix the tire back on the rim, you will need a tire iron. If you don’t have one, you can use a crescent wrench, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, or any other tool that you have with you. Once you have got the tire iron, place it between the mower’s tire and the rim.

You will have to lift the opposite side of the tire so that you can fit the tire iron between the rim and the tire.

What Does Breaking the Bead on a Tire Mean?

Breaking the bead on a tire means that you have punctured the tire and broken the engagement between the tire and the rim.

This causes the air in the tire to leak out, creating a flat tire. You can break the bead on a tire when the tire is fully inflated, or when it is partially inflated, depending on the type of tire you are using.

How Do You Break a Tire Bead with a Hammer?

Breaking a tire bead with a hammer is easy. First of all, you will need to remove the wheel from the vehicle. There are two ways to remove the wheel. You can jack up the vehicle and remove the wheel while the tire is spinning, or you can remove the tire while the vehicle is parked. 

Once you have the wheel off, you will have to place the tire between the hammer and the floor, making sure that the tire is facing up. The tire bead is the part of the tire that is against the wheel rim, so you need to break it.

Once you have the tire placed between the hammer and the floor, you will have to hold the tire with one hand and strike the other side of the tire with the hammer. You will have to strike it at least 10 times, but it can take more depending on the type of tire you are using.


If your tire suddenly loses air, break the bead on the tire to determine if there is a puncture. If the air is leaking out because of a puncture, there is no easy way to fix it. The hole will only get bigger as you drive, which could cause the tire to go flat and make your car unsafe to drive.

If your tire is losing air, drive slowly to the nearest gas station and have the tire inspected by a repair person.

If you see the tire is losing air, don’t assume there’s a hole in the tire. It could just be a slow leak. Letting the air out slowly is a safety feature. It lets you know there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

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