Are Reel Mowers Hard to Push?

Maintaining the lawn of your home is your first responsibility when it comes to caring about your home. And for this, A lot of new lawn owners want to pick tools that make their work easy for them. And the lawnmower is the one that required most of the time to make a good shape out of the lawn.

Although there are a bunch of options available when it comes to lawnmower types here we are going to discuss mainly reel lawnmowers. We are going to discuss that are reel lawn mowers hard to push.

Are Reel Mowers Hard to Push? – (Explained)

Normally, if you are someone who doesn’t do much fieldwork (farming) and is new to all this lawn care work. You might feel that reel mowers are hard to push and that’s correct because the way manufacturers design them required your efforts to use them.

For example, you have everything that works on some sort of electricity and you just need to push one button and it starts working for you. That makes your life easy but at the same time if that product required your effort that the same thing becomes tough for you.

The same goes for lawnmowers a lot of brands work on the latest technology and they are making lawnmowers that work on gas and electricity because that is what most people want. But, they also have some disadvantages. And the main disadvantage is that these lawnmower brands are expensive a lot.

And the budget is something that sticks us to using limited tools. But guess, you are not going to feel always that they are hard to push because when you use them on daily basis and have a habit of using them, you are going to enjoy that experience.

What are the Benefits of a Reel Mower?

In this world, everything has pros and cons, some have more benefits rather than disadvantages. So, whenever you are confused about picking start counting the benefits and you come to know about it. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you pick reel mowers:

  • No Electricity Required

First and most you are going to get reel mowers that it doesn’t require any electricity to start them. That means it saves your cost and with your little hand power, you can save some $$ easily from your bills.

  • Versatility

Second, you can find Versatility while using them because you are the one who controls them and knows what shape of grass you need right now. And what the right angles for your yard are good. That means you have some extra edge rather than having advanced mowers.

  • Quality Stripes

Another benefit that you are going to get from these mowers is that provide quality stripes when it comes to working on the lawn. Normally, These strips are straight in the way you start pushing the lawn mower.

How Do You Push a Reel Mower? (Step By Step)

Every product required proper hands to use them right, and if you are a beginner and don’t know how a reel mower works, you are not going to get what you are looking for. So, it’s more important for you to understand how these reels mowers and what’s the right way you need to use them.

  • First, you need to decide the height of your mower blades according to the grass you have (long), You can do it by playing with the screws that you found on your mower left and right.
  • Normally, these mowers came with 3, 5, and 7 blades that help you to mow the lawn pretty quickly
  • Once, you set the height, take a piece of paper according to the level of your grass and see how it cuts the paper.
  • Make sure you repeat the process on each blade, so you know all blades are at the right position.
  • Once you have all these, you can start pushing the mower in the right direction, make sure you need go at the same level.

Pro Tip: If blades and wheel are too close to each other, it becomes hard for your push and it required more effort, so if you feel it takes more effort that’s the sign you didn’t set the blade position right.


Being said that, it all comes down to that reel mowers are not hard to push if used properly with the right height adjustment. Normally, people face this issue if they are not following the right way.

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