When making homemade hovercraft, it is necessary to have the best leaf blower for hovercraft available in the market and thus be able to do a complete job during the crafting. When choosing correctly, it is important to know the highest quality alternatives are available, taking into account their most outstanding characteristics and forms of use.

If you are in this search, you can find the best 5 options for 2023, along with explanations of why it is what you need to do a better job. Do not hesitate to take into account each element! Surely you will be able to have help when blowing leaves when you need it.

Comparison Table

Product Name Features Check Price
Greenworks BA40L210 G-Max 40V G-MAX lithium-ion battery, variable speed dial, cordless Check Price
Sun Joe IONBV-CT 40-Volt Blower 40V 4.0 Ah rechargeable ion battery, variable speed dial, cordless Check Price
DEWALT DCE100M1 20V Blower 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, 3-speed variable speed selector, cordless Check Price
WORX WG518 12 Amp All-in-One Blower 12 Amp motor, 3-in-1 design: blower, mulcher, and vacuum, corded Check Price
WORX WG519 7.5 Amp Leaf Blower 7.5 Amp motor, hyper-stream air nozzle, corded Check Price

5 Best Leaf Blowers for Hovercraft Reviews 2023

Best Leaf Blowers for Hovercraft

1. Greenworks BA40l210 G-Max

Greenworks BA40l210 G-Max

In this case, Greenworks offers a simple model that meets the essential functions but with features that make it one of the best options on the market.


It has a hatchless engine, reliable when you want more power, durability, and service life than competitive hatch options. As a result, the turbofan design delivers up to 115 mph and 430 CFM, ideal power to get the job done effectively.


Features a multi-speed trigger with cruise control for more effective optimized control during run time. Thus, and with a 100% charged battery, gear changes can be made whenever deemed appropriate.


Its battery is lithium-ion from 40 V to 2 Ah, with a charger included in the purchase process, elements compatible with models 29462, 29472, and 29482. Its charging process is simple, and it presents full-use performance at any of the working speeds.

What We Like
  • Speed ​​of 115 miles/hour.
  • Your charging systems are included in the purchase
  • Gear changes are simple on the trigger
What We Don't
  • Does not have blow nozzle changes
All the features that this Greenworks blower has are essential to achieve an effective job at the time of use, but it does not have too many additional features to improve the product. If you want a simple option that meets simple objectives, this is a good alternative in the competitive market.

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2. Sun Joe IONBV-CT 40-Volt Blower

Sun Joe IONBV-CT 40-Volt Blower

Noted for containing innovation and additional accessories, this version of Sun Joe greatly facilitates the leaf blowing process. When you have the opportunity, it can be adapted to your needs without inconveniences throughout the process, which is important for immediate jobs.


Its manufacturers were in charge of creating a blower with a 3-in-1 design, being a blower, vacuum cleaner, and grinder at the same time for a faster and more complete cleaning that you want to do immediately. It is very light and elegant, with outstanding power and 40-volt lithium-ion batteries, essential for optimal operation in its modes and speeds.


In each of its modalities, all its wind speeds are adjustable and divided in 6 different ways, adapting to a maximum speed of 200 mph. Its impeller is highly resistant to impacts to shred leaves up to 1/17 of their original size, which is very useful for cleaning patios or gardens or creating hovercrafts.


Among its included accessories, it presents the blower tube, the fan concentrator nozzle, the front or shredder suction tube, the rear suction tube, a collection bag, and the wheel assembly. However, the purchase does not include other accessories such as the spare battery, dual-port battery charger, and gutter cleaning blower.

What We Like
  • Multiple functions and accessories
  • 200 Miles per Hour Speed
  • You can change functions in a few seconds
What We Don't
  • Does not have the response battery included in the purchase
This blower makes multiple functions possible thanks to the various accessories found and, in turn, those that can obtain with a purchase outside of the main product. In this way, it is possible to completely clean the spaces you want to get rid of leaves while blowing, vacuuming, or shredding.

3. DEWALT DCE100M1 20V Blower

DEWALT DCE100M1 20V Blower

This battery-powered alternative with a maximum airflow of 100 CFM is ranked high on this listing. Having Dewalt as a manufacturer is a good option when looking for simple and functional tools that comply with effective and safe blows.


It has a trigger lock so that the battery is not drained during use in any available gear changes.


It has a variable speed heatsink that helps adjust the blowing power while in use without taking breaks between speed changes. Thus, when it is considered that there are jammed leaves, it is possible to have more power to come out of the place where they are.


It has a compact design on the market, maintaining a lightness throughout the structure to be used in places where there are space limitations that do not allow it to work with other types of blowers.

What We Like
  • It has power settings
  • Your battery is included in the purchase together with the charger
  • Handles easily in small spaces
What We Don't
  • It does not have additional accessories in the purchase
This Dewalt alternative is one of the most recognized in the market because it has very general functions that help it rank as the Best leaf blower for hovercraft for those who use it for simple tasks. However, if you have more demanding use, it may be better to consider another alternative with better performance.

4. WORX WG518 12 Amp All-in-One Blower

WORX WG518 12 Amp All-in-One Blower

As another very simple option among others on the list, WORX presents this blower for those who do simple tasks on their own that do not require too much power. It is a device with excellent functions that allow you to do simple jobs quickly and safely, avoiding disasters in the process that could damage the work you want.


It features 250 mph airspeed, with AC airflow supplied by hand because shifting is done that way, provided it’s always connected to its power source. This is its maximum speed and, if you want, it can be regulated for a long time without fear of battery wear.

Power Supply:

Its AC power input voltage is 120V AC, so it does not have batteries since its operation has to be given from a power source that provides this quantity. It can be a power plant or a home or garden plug that meets these power ranges.


It can adjust to its various speeds in a single movement function of the blower, shredder, and yard, which is ideal for facilitating tasks while connected to its power source. It is versatile, making it possible to grab many leaves in your waste bag in just seconds or instantly place them in a specific space.

What We Like
  • Wide speed range
  • Shreds blows, or absorbs leaves when necessary
  • Takes up little space
What We Don't
  • Requires connection to an electrical extension to work. It does not have batteries
This immediate assistance tool can help when you want to clean any patio or remove dry tree leaves from the ground. It can implement a hovercraft operation because it has a large proportion of air. Still, it always has to be connected to direct power to be able to work, a highly relevant limitation.

5. WORX WG519 7.5 Amp Leaf Blower

WORX WG519 7.5 Amp Leaf Blower

Finally, WORX appears again on this list with the WG519 model, recognized for being an innovative presentation compared to other products from this manufacturer. It has features that make its optimal operation possible based on specific tasks that seek to eliminate excess leaves in any space.


It has a maximum airspeed of 120 mph, being possible to adapt to speeds lower than this in the use process as long as it has enough energy to achieve it. It has a 2-speed control for versatility adapted to the preferences based on said controls.


Its turbine fan technology stands out in the high-capacity air volume, so this can combine with its speed changes to have more varied blows.


If you need wide-range power for any reason, you can count on their Hyper-Stream air nozzle to be a great help. In this way, there will be no space that has not been blown when necessary, especially some sites that are considered inaccessible due to lack of space.

What We Like
  • It is easy to handle
  • 450 Cubic Feet Per Minute Air Flow
  • It has a wide maximum speed range
What We Don't
  • Your power source is not presented.
Present as the last alternative of these five leaf blowers, it can be characterized as an extremely simple option that fulfills the basic functions. However, it can use to create a simple hovercraft that does not require too much power demands and is completely homemade.

How do you Make a Hovercraft with a Leaf Blower?

When making a hovercraft, it must consider that certain materials are necessary to provide the opportunity to have a quality and resistant structure. Among them, we can highlight some such as:

  • Wood.
  • Nails.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Internal structures that do not weigh too much.
  • Elements to address.
  • Power engine.
  • Connection cables.
  • Power supply for the motor to be used.
  • Among others.

In the most outstanding aspects of the previously exposed list, it is understood that a hovercraft needs some power to slide, especially if it will be located in a lake. All the homemade elaboration is completely technical and careful, being important when installing the motor or turbine that will be in charge of providing the necessary power for it to work.

In the simplest options, using a leaf blower with enough power to make the hovercraft move stands out, especially in demonstration models. Many science projects can be done using these blowers, helping a turbine run at demonstration times.

In this case, it is recommended to take an alternative that works with long-lasting batteries located at the rear of the hovercraft and with the nozzle facing backwards. Thus, air movement can carry out instantly, and the necessary tests of operation can be carried out, if applicable.

If the hovercraft is large and has to carry people, the leaf blowers have to be much larger, the size of turbines that allow movement. They work with batteries, and, on many occasions, they are turbines seen in the theatre, cinema, or any space in which an artistic atmosphere is generated with air movements.

Some Final Thoughts:

In the previously exposed list, it was possible to notice which the best five are alternatives on the market when wanting to use hovercrafts, which can vary in functions and characteristics. In this sense, it is highlighted that not all blowers are ideal for specific tasks, such as creating some hovercraft in 2023.

Finding the Best leaf blower for hovercraft is not easy because it is not just about blowing a certain amount of air and generating a wide range of operations. In these cases, you have to consider the power supply, speed changes, power range, and hundreds of other elements that are part of an appropriate choice.

It could be said that there is wide competition between manufacturers and general functions, which is again part of the difficulty in making the decision. It is always better to consult specialists for the type of project you have in mind because if the blower is not intended to remove leaves, its power has to be very wide.

If the uses given to it are for the simple cleaning of gardens or patios with dry leaves, it is easier to have precision in decision-making. For these cases, it is advisable to take the alternative with a shredder and a vacuum cleaner, making the leaf collection task simpler and without generating too many disasters in the process.

The accessories also have to be very functional, managing to expand the range of usefulness and versatility of functions that can give throughout the useful life of the blower. They are great alternatives for those who garden frequently or have fenced-in yards that require frequent cleaning, especially in the fall.

It doesn’t matter if you require a blower for clearing leaves or crafting a hovercraft. The most important thing is that you keep the features presented in mind. You also have to consult the process of adaptation to certain activities, speed changes, number of nozzles, and grip handle for the comfort of those who use it.

In this way, it becomes easier to get a suitable option and one that is not a bit inconvenient to use or presents inconveniences in the process. Remember that it is always necessary to have these types of tools to do highly relevant manual work that does not require the help of strangers.

Study the list well and choose the best option for you in 2023. When you study the features that can be of great help in the long term, always think about the future. If it is a gift for someone close, consider the best power and charging facilities because the simpler it is, the greater benefits it will provide.

So, in less than you think, you can have an excellent, multi-functional leaf blower for any occasion, even making a hovercraft.

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