Market competition makes it difficult to find the best leaf blower for rocks in a short time since many of the available alternatives have similar characteristics. Therefore, you will have a precise vision of the 5 best-known blowers in 2023, taking into account their most outstanding elements at the time of operation.

Please do not doubt that you will find the right and most suitable option for when you clean rocks or any other space where there are many leaves, and it is difficult to clean without blowers.

Best Leaf Blowers for Rocks – Comparison Table

Product NameFeaturesCheck Price
WORX WG518 12 Amp Blower12 Amp motor, air speed up to 230 mph, lightweight design (8.1 lbs), mulchingCheck Price
WORX WG543 20V Blower20V PowerShare battery, air speed up to 90 mph, lightweight design (3.5 lbs), mulchingCheck Price
WORX WG519 7.5 Amp Blower7.5 Amp motor, air speed up to 200 mph, lightweight design (7.9 lbs), mulchingCheck Price
Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Blower28cc engine, air speed up to 170 mph, lightweight design (9.7 lbs), adjustable handleCheck Price
Greenworks Pro 80V Blower80V battery, air speed up to 185 mph, lightweight design (7.4 lbs), variable speed triggerCheck Price

5 Best Leaf Blowers for Rocks Reviews 2023

The best leaf blower can be used to make quick work of this mess, but not all blowers are created equal. In this blog, we will look at blowers that can handle the task for you easily.

Best Leaf Blowers for Rocks

1. WORX WG518 12 Amp Blower

The first option is brought by WORX, standing out among the others for its simple operation and use characteristics. These go hand in hand with the optimization of cleaning strategies that can implement, which can vary according to the needs presented to each user.

Power supply:

Its power supply is with an electric cable, so it does not use batteries, maintaining an AC power input voltage of 120V AC.


It has 250 mph of airspeed, which is activated after connecting to the power source and pressing the trigger. This is your maximum airspeed to use your other two minor variations adjusted with the trigger according to your preference.


Its speeds are functional for simple projects or a metal impeller due to its 16:1 mulch ratio. These conversions are given in a single touch, considering that your disposer can also be taken whenever you want and the waste stored to make the task easier.

What We Like
  • Integrated storage bag
  • Light structure
  • High power in its different functions
What We Don't
  • Requires connection to power sources, does not work with batteries
WORX, with this product, has been in charge of promoting a simple leaf blower on the market that covers basic needs, among which is the cleaning of rocks from dry leaves. Its handling can be easily alternated since the lightness of this artifact is quite noticeable, although it has limitations in the power supplies presented compared to other elements.

2. WORX WG543 20V Blower

On this occasion, WORX presents a more innovative product with simpler operations, making it easier for anyone to use this blower. It presents state-of-the-art features, providing the opportunity to reach different places in a single breath and with regulations of the general functions.


Although it is believed that because it is light, it stops being powerful, that does not apply to this blower since its high-speed motor has a light design that adapts to its structure. Thus, a quick cleaning can be given regardless of whether there are problems with the weight, because there will not be.


All the work can be done with a single battery, as Worx Power Share is compatible with Worx 20V and 40V tools. The same performance is given outdoors and indoors for any cleaning without depleting the battery.


Its technology makes it possible for the turbines to work by expelling air, which is greater than what can be given with other blowers so that the turbine can provide power on the other side. You can sometimes choose the most favorable alternative between speed or air volume with a DUAL-SELECT button.

In addition, it features the use of sonic technology to use less battery and blow more air at all levels and speeds.

What We Like
  • Has a hatchless engine
  • Controls 2 speeds
  • Can be operated with one hand
What We Don't
  • Does not have a leaf shredder
WORX’s innovation with this leaf blower is a great help when you want to blow a large amount to pile them in a specific place. In turn, if you want to clear a rock with different types of leaves on it, it is easier to do it with this tool, which can be easily handled and does not require a connection to power sources to work since it has a very long-lasting battery.

3. WORX WG519 7.5 Amp Blower

As another simple WORX alternative, the WG519 blower is ideal for simple jobs that do not require too many cable movements when carried out. It can be used for any garden cleaning, considering that it adapts to various speeds and air flows necessary to complete the work in question.

Power supply:

It requires an electrical connection to work with a long cable, but adding an electrical extension for greater freedom of use in open and isolated spaces is recommended.


Features 2-speed control for versatility when blowing air, ranging from 360 to 450 cfm. Everything is regulated by a dimming button, as long as it is connected to its power source to function properly.


It has a maximum airflow of 3366.2 gallons/min, with a maximum airspeed of 120 mph, provided by the turbine fan technology generated in its manufacture.

What We Like
  • Ample airflow capacity.
  • Power performance throughout the work.
  • Ease of handling on various surfaces.
What We Don't
  • Must be connected to a power source. It does not work with batteries
This is another simple model on the list, is the best for those who perform leaf cleaning tasks quickly and without too many energy requirements. Given its power supply system, it is important to be used near a power outlet or, if desired, while connected to a cordless power generator.

4. Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Blower

Children often want to do what their mothers do with household chores, but the tools can be dangerous for them on many occasions. For this reason, Husqvarna offers a variety of toy tools in which there is a leaf blower for the use of children and their games.


This blower does not have a motor, but its batteries make it emit the sound of one while it lights up and blows air. This sound is similar to the Husqvarna 125B blower, right down to the overall structure of the blower in question and its operating controls.


In this tool kit, you can find, in addition to the leaf blower, a chainsaw, a string trimmer, a lawnmower, and a hedge trimmer. It should be noted that each of them is sold separately and is a complete toy, so there are no risks of use by players.


The materials used to make this blower make it possible not to weigh too much since it is perfectly sized for children three years of age or older. It requires 3 AA batteries and the streamers at the tube entrance show the airflow, which is very smooth.

What We Like
  • That easy to use
  • Does not weigh too much
  • Can be paired with other tools for the complete Husqvarna collection
What We Don't
  • Can be disassembled if dropped
Husqvarna adapts to what children want with this type of tool, as it seeks to create a moment that parents can share with their children while cleaning the leaves of a garden. The illusion of the children who want to help while they do it is unmatched, managing to have simple elements to have a very rewarding moment of play.

5. Greenworks Pro 80V Blower

Finally, wanting to find the best leaf blower for rocks on the market, this Greenworks alternative is presented to you, presenting an innovative operation that goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology. You will be able to have an excellent cleaning process, guaranteeing a complete removal of possible residues that are generated throughout the process.


Its operation is given with 80V lithium-ion batteries, a system that takes the lead from high-performance cordless tools that do not require gas to operate. Thanks to this, the operating time is 70 continuous minutes while the battery is fully charged from the beginning, with a charger for it at the time of purchase.


It features a simple button to change the three speeds, an element that is combined with a variable speed heatsink to offer low-demand power up to 125 MPH.


It features up to 500 CFM of airflow that allows blowing through dry, wet leaves or any other type of debris easily and safely. In addition, its spineless engine makes for longer performance, which is the equivalent of a 32cc gas engine, ideal for maintaining the life of your leaf blower.

What We Like
  • It is easy to handle
  • Its battery is highly durable
  • It has a guarantee
What We Don't
  • Does not vacuum or shred leaves
Greenworks has always been known for bringing tools to the market that make life easier for users, and this leaf blower is one of these products. Counting on elements that allow its long duration of operation and use, it is one of the most recommended options to have at home when you want to collect leaves from patios or rocky places without problems.

How to Use a Leaf Blower for Rocks?

Using these blowers is one of the simplest to follow in terms of cleaning tools. In case you feel unsafe, you can follow the steps below to have a better process of cleaning rocks and collecting leaves.

  • Step 1

First, you have to be sure of the power system the blower uses, as some are powered by direct power from outlets or batteries inside. Each brand is different, so you have to be very attentive to this information to know if it requires a cable or recharging the battery to be able to operate the leaf blower.

  • Step 2

As soon as you know how the system works, it is recommended that you try the gear changes, sometimes being on the trigger and other times on nearby buttons. Most of the time, there are between 2 and 5-speed changes, so you should try each one to know which one is the most convenient for your use.

  • Step 3

Once you know the proper speed, it is recommended that you plan the strategy to collect the leaves or if you want to shred them during the cleaning process (the latter in case the blower also has a leaf shredding system). It is better to start from the edges of hedges and buildings and group the leaves to a specific place to facilitate the collection process.

  • Step 4

It’s best to use zigzagging paths until you reach the junction point of all the leaves, making it less likely that leaves will fall by the wayside without being picked up. It is important that the binding site is close to the power source or, if using batteries, as fast as possible to be done in time.

In this step, the speeds can be alternated as appropriate, considering the need for a battery to complete the collection or power required in small spaces.

  • Step 5

Finally, in the leaves near the union site, it is recommended to use the “U” shaped tube so that the leaves are blown towards the central part and do not come out of the pile while the harvest is finished. Then the blower is turned off to ensure that no leaves are near the rocks and all those collected are collected, thus finishing the cleaning task.


It was possible to notice a wide range of differences in the 5 options presented so that each user could take the most convenient one based on the functions given at the time of use. At the same time, it is recommended by experts to emphasize the limitations that may occur since these are the ones that expose the blowers as viable or not-so-viable options.

Thus, you will surely be able to have the best leaf blower for rocks for your housework, managing to do all the tasks you need in any space where there are leaves and rocks simultaneously without causing damage in the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are leaf blowers any good?

Yes, because they are very useful tools when cleaning gardens at times of the year when many trees lose their leaves. They greatly facilitate the collection process and sometimes have the function of a leaf shredder. Still, the quality always depends on the brand and the blowers’ additional functions.

Can you use a leaf blower on rocks?

Yes, some are so small that they are moved with the maximum speeds of the blowers, but cleaning a rocky road that is very old, these may not move. The same goes for places with decorative rocks on the ground or larger rocks, places that will only have a clearing of leaves by blowers.

What is the strongest leaf blower you can buy?

Everything will depend on the manufacturer, but WORX is one of the best brands available, presenting wireless options that are very useful when cleaning sites without electricity. In turn, it is advisable to consider the powers, being good a blower that provides 250 mph or more.

How do you clean stone leaves?

With a leaf blower, it can clean, but it is always advisable to use water to have greater safety in the cleaning process. Thus, any other type of dirt that could not find in the air is eliminated.

Do leaf vacuums pick up rocks?

Although many of these vacuum cleaners do it, it is better to avoid trying it because it can act as a leaf shredder, and a stone could damage the system and its operation. However, there are leaf vacuum cleaners that have nozzle changes to prevent the passage of rocks, essential so that there is no damage to the blades of the vacuum cleaner motor.

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