Car washing is an essential part of any car’s maintenance. However, drying is often not as easy as washing. That is why we have researched the best leaf blower for car drying. While there is a wide variety of leaf blowers, not all of them are suitable for drying your car.

A leaf blower is an efficient tool for cleaning the different outdoor parts of a home, such as the garden. Beyond that, many people use a leaf blower to dry the hard-to-reach parts of a car much more easily. This is useful because moisture in certain parts, such as the engine compartment, can be a problem.

Now, you don’t need to know anything about leaf blowers as we have researched for you. Here you can find a complete analysis of the top 10 leaf blower options. This way you will be able to make a great investment that can also be useful for your garden care, among other tasks.

In addition, we make the comparison for car drying between a leaf blower and a car blower. You can even find some very useful tips when you want to dry your car using a leaf blower. To find out this and much more, read on.

Can I dry my car with a leaf blower?

Using a leaf blower is one of the best ways to dry a car. The leaf blower not only allows you to dry the entire chassis easily and quickly. It is also possible to dry the tires and the engine compartment, which are normally difficult to access when drying your car completely inside and out.

10 Best Leaf Blowers for Car Drying in 2023

Best Leaf Blowers for Car Drying

1. Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower

During our research on car dryer vs leaf blower, we have found that this tool provides a good result. It is one of the options that incorporate a wide variety of valuable features for car drying and many other tasks. The power source and power are just a few advantages that every user will find here.

  • Battery-powered leaf blower

While there are different options including electric or petrol leaf blowers, this tool is battery-powered for more freedom of movement. So each user is provided with a GMAX 2.0 amp hour, 40-volt lithium-ion battery. This means a battery that lasts longer and offers more power compared to other options.

To avoid the user having to purchase the charger separately, this part is also included. It is also a 40-volt charger that can be used together with other compatible batteries. So the battery as a power source allows for a quieter leaf blower than other leaf blowers.

  • Excellent motor speed

After testing this leaf blower for drying many different vehicles, we have also noticed that the speed motor offers the power that any user needs for various tasks. This is an engine that can provide a speed of 150 mph at its maximum level. It is also possible to choose different intermediate speed levels.

The design of this leaf blower incorporates the variable speed dial on the grip handle. So, changing and adjusting the speed to the desired level for each task is very easy and uncomplicated. At the same time, we found the 135-cfm airflow to be more than sufficient for fast and thorough car drying results, no matter if you are an inexperienced user.

  • Overall design

When it comes to an effective leaf blower the experience is not so good if it is also a very heavy tool. Different aspects of the design of this leaf blower are combined with battery operation to optimize some aspects. One of the big advantages this achieves is the ultra-lightweight that gives greater freedom of movement and ease of doing any task.

On the other hand, the efficiency of this leaf blower has been optimized along with the range that the user can obtain. For this purpose, an extension tube has simply been incorporated, which proves to be very useful. So, the great design of this leaf blower allows for efficient use or quick storage to avoid wasting time on your next task.

Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Battery and charger included
  • Extension tube included
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Limited variable speeds

We have certainly noticed that this is an all-around leaf blower that can provide a great result in drying cars and a wide variety of other tasks efficiently.

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2. Litheli 20V Cordless Leaf Blower

When it comes down to power, this car dryer blower cordless can leave more than one user satisfied. It is a battery-powered leaf blower that can offer excellent power for an airflow far superior to other leaf blowers. At the same time, it comes with a design that is not only suitable for drying cars but also for dealing with snow, dust, and leaves.

  • Lithium-ion battery

As one of the most suitable features for a leaf blower, a 20-volt, 4.0 amp hour lithium-ion battery is included here. So, this means that it is possible to get a very strong blow for up to 15 minutes. In testing this leaf blower, we have noticed that this time may be somewhat limited for drying very large cars.

Additionally, it is important to consider the wide variety of safety features that protect the electrical system of this leaf blower. So some inconveniences such as subsidence or extreme temperatures will be easily avoidable problems. This makes both charging the battery and using this tool safer.

  • Variable speeds

Speed is one of the main aspects of a leaf blower that must be adapted to the drying of a car. We have researched this leaf blower and there is something very obvious that relates to the 85 mph that this tool offers. This is one of the highest wind speeds offered by a leaf blower compared to others.

This is also related to the extraordinary air volume that can reach up to 350 cfm. So the user can choose from 5 different speeds to suit car drying or many other tasks. The dial for selecting the different variable speeds has been incorporated into the grip handle for convenience.

  • Weight and design

Finally, we can mention that this leaf blower is easy to use or transport. This is because it weighs only 4.4 pounds. Before using this leaf blower, we only had to install the pressure hose. The grip handle also incorporates an ergonomic design and a rubberized coating for safety and comfort. More you can also it for cleaning gutters if required.

  • High power tool
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use design
  • Adequate noise level
  • Only 15 minutes of use at maximum speed

Power-loving users will find this leaf blower offers great speed and air volume, among other great advantages.

3. Makita DUB182Z Cordless Blower

In our research, we also came across this cordless leaf blower for car drying. So once we have tested this cordless leaf blower we found it to be one of the most promising average-level tools. Its speed range is well matched with an excellent design, among other things.

  • Speeds and power

When it comes to using this leaf blower we have tested, the speed control is one of the most appropriate. The variable speed range of this tool goes up to 18000 revolutions per minute. At the same time, a dial has also been incorporated to choose between the 3 different speed levels offered by this leaf blower.

For some users, this may be somewhat limited, while for others 3 levels are more than enough for car drying and other tasks. With these 3-speed levels, it is possible to get 179 mph top speed. So this is a high speed combined with an intermediate level of airflow.

  • Battery operation

This leaf blower is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. However, the battery is not included and must be purchased separately. However, an 18-volt lithium-ion battery provides different usage times depending on the blowing speed the user chooses. As mentioned, 12 minutes of usage time is obtained at maximum speed.

By selecting the intermediate speed it is possible to get 25 minutes of usage time. The time is even longer when choosing the low speed, reaching up to 75 minutes of usage time. We have found in our research and testing of this leaf blower that good results can be obtained at any of these speeds, depending on the task at hand.

  • Built-in design

This leaf blower weighs in at 3.9 pounds with the battery attached. So this is an excellent weight that does not create discomfort or muscle fatigue for the user. Also incorporated is an ergonomic grip handle with a rubberized coating. This provides a better grip and prevents slippery contact at all times.

Makita DUB182Z Cordless Blower

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 3 speed levels
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip handle
  • No battery or charger included

This is a compact-sized leaf blower with good speed that can deliver a good result, although it should be remembered that the battery is not included.

4. WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower

Undoubtedly, this air blower for drying cars is also among the best thanks to its turbine fan technology and other high-end features. We have noticed that the results of this tool are among the best. Its wide-mouth tube is complemented by excellent speed to finish any task easily and simply.

  • Power and speeds

One notable advancement that allows this blower to rank as one of the best in the design of this tool with a jet engine. This is a great technology that allows this tool to offer a speed of 110 mph. So this is more than enough to finish a lot of jobs in a few minutes.

Along with this top speed, you also get 600 cfm, which is one of the highest levels of airflow that a blower can offer. It is also possible to select the low speed for 320 cfm and 60 mph. This leaf blower only incorporates 2 speeds to accommodate the drying of different vehicles, among other tasks.

  • Overall design

Compared to the previous options, this leaf blower is cable operated with a cable retainer. So this prevents disconnection if the extension cable gets caught thanks to the attached retainer. We should also consider the large width of the tube which accompanies the design of the entire leaf blower. It is this design that allows for a large amount of airflow.

When it comes to a more difficult task that requires greater precision, a plug-in nozzle has been incorporated here. So this provides a higher level of precision to be able to direct all the speed and high airflow to a specific area. Even more, it is also very remarkable that this corded turbine blower offers great durability and service life.

  • Weight and ease of use

In this case, it is a leaf blower that weighs 6.4 pounds. While this is a heavier option than other leaf blowers, this does not tend to create discomfort on most occasions. The grip handle is also ergonomic and provides easy and comfortable use throughout any task. On the other hand, the noise level is only an average level.

  • 600 cfm of airflow
  • Extension cord retainer included
  • Plug-in nozzle included
  • Only 2 selectable speeds

Another option for those who enjoy the power of car drying or other tasks. At the same time, this is a tool built for long service life.

5. SnapFresh 20V Leaf Blower

Some people value an ultra-lightweight design in a tool with extensive durability. These are some of the features we noticed when testing this electric leaf blower. It is a battery-powered leaf blower that can provide an excellent top speed among other additional advantages.

  • High-tech motor

The motor of this leaf blower has incorporated various aspects that optimize the results, such as advanced turbo technology. Also, it is a copper motor that can produce a top speed of 130 mph. When the user chooses the low speed they can get 60 mph as well as 2 different speeds to choose from.

This is possible by using the dial located on the grip handle of this leaf blower. In addition, each user will be able to have blower tubes that are adjustable and adapt to each task or even the height of each user. At maximum speed, the user can get an acceptable amount of airflow of 140 cfm. For many tasks, this may be more than enough.

  • Battery operation

In this case, the 20 volts, 2.0 amp hour battery has been included along with the compatible charger. So it is possible to get between 15 minutes and 20 minutes of use on a full charge. At the same time, we have noticed that it only takes about an hour to fully charge the battery. This is thanks to the fact that it is a fast charger.

In the same vein, it is also important to consider that a longer usage time is obtained when using the low speed of 60 mph. In this way, you can get a usage time that can reach 30 minutes or more. This is also a battery and charger that can be adapted to a wide variety of tools due here are 20 volts.

  • Ease of use and design

Another considerable feature is that this is a leaf blower that is very easy to assemble and use. Only a few minutes are required for the first assembly, just as with the tube adjustments. At the same time, the weight of only 2.7 pounds makes it one of the lightest leaf blowers that can be used by all types of users.

One aspect that many people appreciate is the ergonomic grip handle, which even has a rubber coating. This gives a firmer grip when using this tool along with the right comfort to finish any task easily.

SnapFresh 20V Leaf Blower

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Battery and charger included
  • Easy and comfortable tool to use
  • Less airflow than other options

With a medium airflow, lightweight, and compact design, this leaf blower is one of the easiest and most comfortable to use for a wide variety of tasks.

6. Worx Turbine 450 Electric Leaf Blower

The most powerful leaf blower is not required to complete different tasks. Many users have chosen this corded electric leaf blower because of its speed and airflow even though it is not the most powerful. Still, it is the leaf blower that can combine great power with excellent durability and long service life.

  • 2 speeds

As with the design of many leaf blowers, this tool includes a 2-speed control so that the power can be adapted to suit the task or need. This also allows a maximum speed of 120 mph, which is excellent for drying cars. At this speed, it is possible to achieve an airflow of 450 cfm.

When the higher power of this tool is not required, a low speed can be chosen to obtain an airflow of 360 cfm. The excellent amount of airflow at either speed is due to the design of the entire leaf blower which combines a wide tube with a large air intake.

  • Power source

Unlike battery-powered leaf blowers, this tool is corded. So here the user has no time limit to finish the task of drying the car. However, the limitation here lies in the movement capacity and the length of the cable used.

However, the user can rely on a cable retainer to prevent the leaf blower from being switched off. This prevents the leaf blower from being disconnected if the cable becomes clogged somewhere. This is a 7.5 amp per hour electric leaf blower that requires no tools for initial assembly.

  • Ease of use

Another highlight we noticed in our research is the one-handed operation. This leaf blower weighs in at 6.6 pounds and is still comfortable to use for many users. At the same time, the rubber-coated grip handle is ergonomic and comfortable to use. The grip handle also includes the 2-speed dial.

Worx Turbine 450 Electric Leaf Blower

  • Excellent speed and airflow
  • Turbine fan technology
  • Hyper-stream air nozzle
  • Only 2 selectable speeds

Not the most powerful leaf blower, but one of the most efficient due to the excellent balance of its different features for drying cars.

7. Toro 51701 Cordless Leaf Blower

One of the aspects that users value most is the freedom of movement when drying a car or other tasks on a leaf blower. For those who want mid-range power and a comfortable tool to use, this leaf blower has done an excellent job. It is an attractively designed and highly functional tool.

  • Engine power

This is a leaf blower that offers a maximum speed of 115 mph to be able to perform many tasks efficiently and quickly. In this way, it is possible to obtain an airflow of 150 cfm. It is among all those mid-power air blowers that might be a bit insufficient for many users.

However, this level of speed and airflow is compensated for by other factors such as the great durability that this air blower includes. At the same time, every user can count on a low speed in addition to the maximum speed. At low speed, it is possible to obtain an airflow of 100 cfm. This way people can adapt to the task at hand.

  • Battery included

This air blower can provide excellent usage time thanks to the 20-volt lithium-ion battery that has been incorporated. This is a highly functional battery that requires very little time to fully charge. In as little as 60 minutes this battery will be fully charged to continue working on drying your car.

It is also important to consider that this battery can deal with self-discharge excellently. So this battery does not lose its efficiency despite the passage of time or little use. There is also a built-in charge meter so that the user can always know the status of the battery. In this way, a ready-to-use tool can be obtained.

  • Overall design

Among the positive aspects, we must consider the weight of four pounds of this air blower including the battery. This means that it is a fairly light air blower that can be used by different users without causing muscle fatigue. This is also optimized thanks to the balanced design that has been included in this unit.

Moreover, the grip handle incorporates a rubber coating and an ergonomic design to improve comfort in use. Near the grip handle, the dial for choosing 1 of the 2 available speeds has been incorporated. It is even important to note that this is an air blower that is highly resistant to heavy use, which means a long service life.

Toro 51701 Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Excellent top speed
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip handle
  • Lithium-ion batteries included
  • An intermediate amount of airflow

This is one of the most efficient air blowers among the medium power tools. It is possible to perform different jobs easily with good comfort.

8. KIMO 20V Cordless Leaf Blower

Among the reliable tools, we have tested is also this cordless leaf blower that many users choose every day. It is a battery-powered leaf blower, which reduces the noise during operation as well as the weight of the unit. In addition, excellent features such as the following are included.

  • Motor power

A copper motor with turbo fans has been combined here to optimize the power output for the user. In this way, it is possible to obtain a maximum speed of 150 mph, which in turn means an airflow of 150 cfm. This makes it much easier to finish drying a car or improving the condition of your garden in just a few minutes.

Among the innovative features of this unit is also its operation as a hoover. So the operation of this leaf blower can be reversed to easily collect different debris from your garden. For this purpose, a bag has been incorporated along with this leaf blower that functions as a hoover.

  • Battery included

The user will be able to rely on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery with excellent functionality. So, by using this battery on a full charge it is possible to get 20 minutes of usage time at maximum speed. This could be more than enough time to completely dry a car, or it could even dry up to 2 small vehicles on the same battery charge.

It is also important to note that the noise level generated by this leaf blower is much lower than other options. The noise level is typically 50% lower compared to an average leaf blower. This is all thanks to the cordless electric design that is complemented by the long battery life and high functionality.

  • Overall design

To complement the excellent features of this leaf blower we have investigated, there are other highlights such as the simple assembly. Any user does not need to have special tools to be able to assemble this unit before the first use. That’s why you won’t waste any time, as you will be drying your car in a few seconds.

One of the most convenient and positive aspects we have noticed is the weight of only 1.76 pounds. This allows this leaf blower to rank as one of the lightest tools of its kind. This tends to be very well received by all types of users who enjoy working with complete freedom of movement and without suffering from muscle fatigue at the end.

KIMO 20V Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • 50% less noise
  • Works as a blower and hoover
  • An average amount of airflow

This is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use leaf blowers thanks to its lightweight and low noise level, which also works as well as a hoover.

9. DEWALT DCBL772B 60V Leaf Blower

A Dewalt leaf blower is one of the must-have options among the best tools for drying your car. Although this option does not include a battery, it is an excellent leaf blower that can offer high functionality to dry your car in a few minutes. For that, we should mention the motor technology and the overall design.

  • Motor power

This manufacturer is one of those who have managed to develop a highly efficient brushless motor. In such a way that this allows a top speed of 125 mph to be achieved. Along with this top speed, it is also possible to obtain a large amount of airflow that reaches up to 600 cfm. This allows for finishing the job faster due to the large air volume.

It is also possible to have a speed or variable trigger that will allow you to adjust the power of the motor according to the needs of each task. Regardless of how often this leaf blower is used, the level of durability can withstand heavy daily use. So the user can count on a powerful yet reliable tool.

  • Battery operation

This power tool is powered by a battery, which should be a lithium-ion battery to make the most of the capabilities that can be obtained. A DEWALT 20-volt or 60-volt battery and charger kit is recommended. Here it should be remembered that both charger and battery are not included with this leaf blower.

However, compatible batteries from this same manufacturer can be used with a wide variety of other power tools. It is also important to note that this leaf blower is much quieter compared to a petrol leaf blower. 

  • Overall design

Here we should also consider that the user can count on a speed lock. This prevents the user from accidentally changing the speed during the use of this leaf blower. At the same time, the variable speed trigger is very easy to use. Even for many, this trigger is often more efficient compared to the classic speed dial.

The grip handle also features an ergonomic design and a rubber coating as do the best options. This always provides safe and reliable use. A small disadvantage may be the weight of 9 pounds which is higher compared to other leaf blowers.

DEWALT DCBL772B 60V Leaf Blower

  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • A large amount of airflow
  • Excellent level of durability
  • More weight than other leaf blowers

For those who have a charger and battery that is compatible, this leaf blower is one of those that manage to combine excellent power with optimum service life and durability.

10. CP CHANTPOWER Leaf Blower

Finally, we must include in our list this leaf blower which is also among the most efficient leaf blowers for drying cars. It is a corded electric leaf blower that can offer a wide variety of advantages for every user.

  • Motor power

Here is a leaf blower that incorporates a good number of speeds because the user can choose the power they need for each occasion. It comes with 6 speeds and this includes a top speed of 135 mph. Along with this, it is also possible to get 600 cfm of airflow.

Regardless of the situation, every user can count on the right speed within a range of 12000 to 20000 revolutions per minute. So this tool is not only useful for drying your car but also for cleaning your garden every time. There is also a built-in retainer to prevent the cable from being disconnected when it is hooked up.

  • Ease of use

Any leaf blower must be assembled before first use, and this is where the advantage of this leaf blower lies. It is a unit that is specially designed to complete installation in just 3 seconds and 2 steps. This means that you can disassemble and assemble this leaf blower as many times as necessary before and after each use.

This is complemented by the quick release button that makes it easy to assemble the 2 leaf blower tubes. Each of these tubes can be adapted in one way or another to the different tasks performed by each user. Beyond that, the assembly of this leaf blower does not require any tools.

  • Overall design

The weight of this unit comes in at 6 pounds and is in the mid-range compared to the weight of other leaf blowers. This has been achieved thanks to the ABS material which combines an excellent level of durability with light weight. The grip handle is ergonomic and the user only requires one hand to operate this unit.


  • 6-speed levels
  • 600 cfm of airflow
  • Quick assembly in 3 seconds
  • Higher noise level than other options

Undoubtedly one of the most complete leaf blowers offering different speeds, quick installation, and truly comfortable use.

Car Blower Vs Leaf Blower – Which is Best for Car Drying?

In general, it can be considered that many car dryers offer more power compared to a leaf blower. In any case, a leaf blower can provide sufficient power for drying your car. The parts that are difficult to access are often the most important to dry. This can be done with the leaf blower as well as with the car dryer.

On the other hand, the cost of each tool is another aspect that is of interest to anyone. A car dryer is a much more expensive tool compared to any leaf blower. At the same time, the leaf blower is usually a highly versatile tool as it will also allow you to clean your garden in addition to drying your car.

Finally, the movement capability is superior when it comes to a battery-powered leaf blower compared to a car dryer which is usually corded electric. The user does not need to deal with wires, even though it has a limited usage time depending on the battery capacity.

If you want to wash your car without the cost of a car wash, the leaf blower is the best choice for car drying. It is the cheapest option that will allow you to dry the hard-to-reach parts of your car.

Tips for Using a Leaf Blower to Dry Your Car

Using a leaf blower to dry your car can be very simple. However, the following tips will allow you to achieve a better result.

  • Corded electric leaf blower:

If you are drying your car, you will probably be doing a couple of laps around it. This means you need to consider where the cable is at all times. This way you can prevent the cable from scratching or touching the paintwork.

  • Starting the leaf blower:

Do not start your leaf blower by pointing it directly at your car. Sometimes, some dust can build up inside your leaf blower, which could blow directly into your car.

  • Watch where you point it:

You should avoid pointing your leaf blower at the ground or you will kick up too much dust and dirt. In the end, your car will be as dirty as before you washed it.

  • Weather conditions:

it is not advisable to use a leaf blower when there is a lot of humidity or some dust in the air.

  • Hearing protection:

Ear protection is recommended as some leaf blowers can be too noisy and can even cause damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use a leaf blower to dry your car?

Using a leaf blower is a safe and reliable way to dry your car, plus it is an inexpensive tool compared to a car dryer. A leaf blower does not touch the paintwork and therefore does not cause any damage. At the same time, the leaf blower also allows you to reach the hard-to-reach parts of the entire vehicle.

  • Is it safe to use a leaf blower on your paint?

The leaf blower usually offers a certain speed and airflow that are highly efficient in drying your car. The power of a leaf blower is completely safe for your car’s paintwork and does not cause any damage. It is also recommended that you use it properly, avoiding pointing it at the ground as this spreads dirt and re-soils the paintwork.

  • How much mph does a leaf blower need to be to dry car?

When it comes to car drying, a leaf blower that delivers at least 100 mph may be sufficient. Among the options we have researched, you can count on different variable speeds in leaf blowers that exceed 100 mph.

  • Can you use a leaf blower to dry the paint?

It is possible to dry paint with a leaf blower as long as some care is taken in the process. This includes removing as much dust from the area as possible. The leaf blower can easily mobilize dust, which could get stuck to the paint. By avoiding the dust problem, the leaf blower can be a great advantage in drying paint.

  • Are leaf blowers as car dryers worth it?

Without a doubt, leaf blowers are worth it as car dryers as they are cheaper than the typical expensive car dryers. Anyone will be able to do an excellent job with these and remove moisture from the most stubborn parts of your car.


Once you have chosen the best leaf blower for car drying you can save a lot of money on your next car wash by avoiding car washes. A leaf blower is also a great tool for removing snow and clearing your garden of leaves and branches. That’s why a leaf blower is always one of the most reliable tools.


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