If you just got a new lawn mower, you might be wondering how much gas it uses per hour. Luckily, you are in the right place, this guide has all the information you need to know everything concerning the gas consumption of your lawn care equipment.

The type of gas that a lawn mower uses varies depending on the manufacturer and the model of the machine. For instance, riding lawn mowers requires a lot of gas and consumes a lot of it per hour. Besides, the terrain on which a mower is used determines the type and amount of gas that the machine will consume.

Overall, riding lawn mowers will consume a lot of gas as compared to push lawn mowers. Again, while the fuel a riding mower uses may be high, it is better for your lawn especially if you work on a large area – it is less tiresome, fast, and more efficient.

How Much Gas Does Lawn Mower Use Per Hour?

A medium lawn mower uses close to half a gallon per hour. To be specific, your medium load will burn around 0.59 gallons per hour. With this amount of gas, the mower can cover most of its mowing activities. Better still, if you are using a light load, it is even possible to burn as little as 0-41 gallons per hour.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to work on large lawns in mere minutes, you should consider purchasing an electric mower. Apart from being quieter, electric mowers are much more efficient than gas-powered mowers.

How much Gas Does Lawn Mower Use Per Hour?

Notably, if you have a small to medium-sized lawn, most of your mowing activities can be done by a medium load. In this case, you’ll burn close to half a gallon per hour or even less. Choosing the right type of gas for your mower depends on the type of machine you own.

For instance, a push mower will use less than a quarter of gasoline per hour of operation while a riding mower will use more than half of its fuel. On the other hand, a tractor-style lawn mower can consume up to 3 gallons of gasoline per hour.

A riding lawn mower consumes more gasoline per hour because it requires more horsepower and torque. With all this comparison, a general rule of thumb is that the smaller the lawn, the lesser the amount of gasoline it consumes.

Therefore, a small lawn mower will consume less gasoline than a standard lawn mower. 

What’s more, the amount of gasoline that a lawn mower uses depends on the nature of your lawn. Simply put, what type of grass is the lawn mower cutting? And what is the size of your lawn? If you are using a riding lawn mower, it will require more gas to keep it moving while operating on your lawn.

If you feel like you are using a lot of gasoline, you can cut the cost by replacing your gasoline-powered mower with an electric mower. Nevertheless, these types of mowers will still consume a lot of electricity.

How Much Gas Does Lawn Mower Use Per Acre?

Push lawnmowers usually come with a tank of a maximum of 3 QTS. Generally, if you are using a walk-behind or a push lawn mower, your machine will mow about half an acre per tank.

That is to say that, you’ll need two tanks of gasoline on a push mower to cover an acre of lawn.

On the other hand, riding lawnmowers require more energy from their big engines. As such, these types of mowers are convenient for bigger lawns. Additionally, the high horsepower also ensures that the ride-on mower can work on rough terrains and accelerate hassle-free.

Therefore, a riding lawn mower will consume more fuel than a push mower. A medium-sized lawn mower can hold around two gallons of gasoline while larger riding mowers can hold three to four gallons.

How Much Gas Does Riding Lawn Mower Use Per Hour?

As we have already seen, a medium load can cover most of your lawn mowing activities. In general, a medium-sized lawn mower will use almost half a gallon of gasoline in an hour.

Besides, with a lighter load on the engine, you can use as little as 0.41 gallons of gasoline per hour. However, the amount of gas that your riding lawn mower consumes depends on other factors including the type of grass and the terrain of your lawn.

Are 100 Hours Lot On Lawn Mower?

How long your lawn mower lasts depends on many factors. For instance, the manufacturer of the brand – some brands are known to have a longer life expectancy than others.

Additionally, the size of your lawn also matters. However, the life expectancy of your lawn mower mostly depends on proper maintenance and care. 

When properly maintained, a lawn mower can last from around 8 years to 10 years. In other words, the average life expectancy of a lawn mower under proper care is averagely 1000 to 1500 hours.

Thus, a mower rated at 100 hours of use can only last up to a maximum of one year.

How Much Gas Does The Average Push Lawn Mower Hold?

The capacity of your lawn mower varies depending on the size of your mower. In this case, the amount of gas that a lawn mower can hold is different from one lawn mower to the other.

Generally, a push mower or a walk-behind mower can have from around 1 to 3 gallons of gasoline.

How Much Gas Does A Craftsman Lawn Mower Take?

Luckily, the amount of gasoline that a craftsman lawn mower can take has been increased. Specifically, the fuel capacity is now 50% more when the mower’s fuel tank is full.

Thanks to this, you can now comfortably work on your lawn mower without the fear that the gasoline will run dry before you’re done.


Maintaining a healthy and nice-looking lawn can be quite expensive. For instance, gasoline-powered lawnmowers rely on gas for horsepower and torque. As such, lawn owners desire a lawn mower that is durable and efficient. As for the type and amount of gas that your lawn mower uses, you can get all that information in the mower’s manual.

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