So, you’ve got a riding lawn mower and it’s the best thing for your lawn – it makes mowing easier and more enjoyable! But you might be wondering, how fast do riding lawn mowers go? Well, read on, we’ve got it all detailed for you.

Riding lawn mowers are designed to be faster than normal push mowers. However, they should also be slow enough to mow your lawn effectively to ensure that no damage comes to your precious grass blade. Typically, riding lawn mowers are often slower than tractors, but they are faster than walk-behind mowers. Thankfully, they come with different speeds and you can be sure that you won’t miss your pick.

Moreover, there are numerous ways you can use to make a ride-on mower go faster. Read on! You’ll find all the information you need on the speed of riding lawn mowers, a comparison of the speeds of riding mowers and push mowers, ways to make your riding mower faster, and many more.

How Fast Do Riding Lawn Mowers Go? – Ultimate Guide

Typically, a riding lawn mower will move more quickly than an average person pushing a walk-behind mower. Riding lawn mowers come with varying speed capabilities. Generally, the speed of a riding lawn mower can range from around 5 miles per hour to 8 miles per hour. However, some riding mowers are designed with speeds as high as 50 MPH while the fastest lawn mower can go up to 150MPH – Yes, you read that correctly.

How Fast Do Riding Lawn Mowers Go?

The average speed for a riding lawn mower is about 5 MPH. However, some riding lawn mowers come with a speed rating of as low as 3.5 MPH. on the other hand, others come with speed capabilities of over 8 MPH. If you are disappointed by this speed rating, think about it, it’s still faster than pushing a heavy walk-behind lawn mower at a snail’s pace under the hot sun.

Since a mower’s speed varies, you should go for a fast-riding lawn mower if you are a landscaper who works on acres of lawn or if you own a pretty large lawn. Conversely, slower mowers are better for medium-sized lawns. 

Like we’ve said, there are some riding lawn mowers with speeds that surpass all. For example, the Honda Mower V2 has a speed of 150.99 MPH. On the downside, however, it is hard to get such machines since they are commercially unavailable. 

Thankfully, there are several ways to make your lawn mower move faster. Conversely, several factors can potentially slow down your riding lawn mower, they include:

  • The weight of your riding mower
  • The quality and age of the mower oil
  • Mechanical issues 
  • Electrical issues
  • Flat tires
  • Riding the mower with a full grass collecting bag
  • Towering anything on or behind the riding lawn mower

How Fast Does John Deere Riding Mower Go?

Since the speed of lawn mowers varies, you might be wondering, how fast does a John Deere riding mower go? Well, like most other riding mowers on the market, their speed will range from around 5 MPH to 8MPH. From the reviews of past lawn owners that have used a John Deere riding lawn mower, their speed ranges from about 6 MPH to 7 MPH.

How Can I Make My Riding Lawn Mower Faster?

To make a riding mower go faster, you can:

  • Change the Oil Of Your Mower’s Engine Regularly

To keep your lawn mower moving quickly and cleanly, you should always ensure that the oil is full and change it regularly. Moreover, using a dirty oil filter can negatively affect your riding mower. For instance, it can cause slow driving and overheating, among other mechanical issues. Therefore, it is advisable to use clean filters when changing or topping up the oil in your lawn mower. 

  • Replace Old And Dull Blades

After using your lawn mower for a long period, it is inevitable for the blades to become dull and worn out. A dull blade will in turn affect the performance of your riding mower by reducing its operating speed. The first beneficial hack to a dull mower blade is sharpening. Sharpening the mower blade for many years causes it to thin out and eventually the only remedy is to install a new one.

  • Mow at a Higher Setting

Mowing the lawn at a higher setting reduces grass clumping and debris clog as well. Therefore, you should set your mower to a height of 3 to 4 inches to prevent your machine from getting caught in the turf. 

  • Install Larger Wheels

In the case where you are cutting overgrown grass, you may feel that the lawn mower is not cutting the grass properly. Besides, mowers with small wheels slow down the machine, especially on tall grass. As such, you can replace your small mower wheels with larger ones to increase your mowing speed.

Are Riding Mowers Faster Than Push Mowers?

Yes, riding lawn mowers are faster than push mowers. This is because a ride-on mower is a couple of miles per hour faster than someone walking behind a traditional push lawn mower. Better still, riding mowers save you the struggle of sweating while pushing a heavy walk behind the machine.

Another added advantage of using a riding lawn mower over a push mower is that you do not have to slow down while working on an uphill lawn. Therefore, it’s true to say that a riding lawn mower is two to three times faster than a push mower.

Since riding lawn mowers have an immersive speed, lawn care specialists and most lawn gurus believe that they are the best. On top of the speed capacities, riding lawn mowers also ensure that you access a higher quality of grass collection by attaching a bigger collecting bag to them. Moreover, you can also attach pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, among other lawn application items to the back of your riding lawn mower.

On one hand, push mowers are only as fast as you can push them. Although some of them come with self-propelled motors, their speed is equal to an average person’s stride. Come to think of it, a push mower won’t want to outrun its operator after all. For this reason, the fastest push mower is capped at less than three miles per hour, a speed slower than the slowest riding mower available on market.

On the other hand, a high-quality riding lawn mower can go up to over ten miles per hour. Besides, there are some mowers designed to go even faster. You can also modify the components of your riding lawn mower to increase its operating speed.

How Fast Is A Husqvarna Riding Mower?

Husqvarna products are renowned for being some of the best lawn mower equipment and other gardening tools. But can the brand offer convenient speed to its users? First, these lawn mowers will slightly cost you more than other types.

On the bright side, however, Husqvarna models are versatile and worth the cost. From the previous reviews, Husqvarna riding mowers come with engines that run from around 6.5 MPH to 8.5 MPH. Notably, the operational speed may vary depending on the Husqvarna model of your riding lawn mower.

Generally, the speed of your riding lawn mower goes hand-in-hand with its motor power. Besides, lawn experts suggest that most of the Husqvarna models enable users to adjust the working speed easily. High-speed mowers are ideal for lawn gurus. Therefore, if you are just starting your lawn care venture, you should stick with a riding lawn mower speed that you can easily handle.

How Fast Does a John Deere X350 Go?

The John Deere X350 is a riding lawn and garden tractor that first opened its doors to the lawn care industry in 2016. To be precise, it is one of the models from the John Deere X-series. The lawn and garden tractor comes with a Kawasaki FS600V engine and a spherical combustion chamber.

Apart from that, the engine’s ignition system is an electronic spark and is equipped with dual-element air filters coupled with an incredible lubricating system to enhance the motor’s efficiency. This product comes with some of the best features in a lawn mower or tractor – what we have mentioned above is just a fraction of what you can expect. 

On top of that, the John Deere X350 has a Kanzaki K46 speed hydrostatic transmission. In short, it has a forward ground speed of up to 8.5 KMH (5.5 MPH) and a reverse ground speed of up to 6.4 KMH (4.0MPH).


How fast your riding lawn mower goes will depend on its type and model. Moreover, the operational speed of your machine is affected by several factors and there are various ways you can make your riding lawn mower faster. And although the speed of your riding mower won’t appear in the Guinness World Records, it is still faster than a push lawn mower.

As such a riding lawn mower guarantees you a couple of miles per hour faster than the average push mower. As such, you can rest assured that your riding lawn mower puts you in a good position to care for your lush green turf.

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