There’s no doubt that lawnmowers are an important piece of equipment for any homeowner. But with all the different makes and models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. One question that often comes up is whether or not lawnmowers are waterproof.

This question has been in the minds of many lawn owners. It has even kept a lot from washing their lawnmowers because they fear that they might get damaged if they do so. Well, keep reading to know if the lawnmower is waterproof.

Are Lawn Mowers Waterproof?

Are Lawn Mowers Waterproof?

Lawnmowers are not designed to be waterproof, but some are manufactured with water-resistant components that provide protection from moderate amounts of moisture and splashes.

Even with this water-resistant design, it is important to take proper care of a lawn mower to ensure that it is functioning properly and not at risk of damage due to exposure to liquid. If used in wet conditions, lawnmowers should be immediately cleaned, dried, and serviced if necessary following use in order to maintain lawnmower efficiency and longevity.

Understanding the characteristics of the lawnmower when dealing with wetness can help an owner make sure it is maintained properly for efficient cutting performance.

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What is the Restriction for Lawn Mower With Water?

For your lawn mower to last long and be worth the money you spent on it, there are a couple of things you should not do with water. Well, of course, you can wash it with water but makes sure it dries perfectly before fitting the parts back together.

Exposing your lawn mower to a large amount of water will not only make it rust but also affect paths such as the engine and battery.

  • Do not use the lawn mower in the rain

The chances that a person would just come out to mower his lawn during heavy rainfall is almost impossible but possible during drizzling rainfalls. Using any type of lawnmower under this condition is very risky and so unadvisable. With a corded electric mower, you stand the chance of both getting electrocuted and your lawnmower damaged.

  • Do not mow wet lawns

The chances of mowing a lawn during rainfall are zero but the chances that a person would come out to mow the lawn minutes after rainfall is possible. You can also get electrocuted doing this. Splashes from contact with puddles and the clippings of wet grass can damage the insides of your lawnmower. It can cause the blade to rust and become blunt. Blunt blades might rip the lawn, therefore, spoiling the aesthetics of your yard. For other types of mowers, parts of them get damaged.

  • Lawnmowers are not to be used in high-humidity conditions

Exposing your lawnmower to weather conditions such as this is most likely to cause rust or corrosion. This primarily affects the battery and the body of your lawnmower. This is why it is best to keep your lawnmower stored inside in a cool, dry place.

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Can a Lawn Mower be Left Outside?

I would say an absolute No for this especially when you have a space in your garage or a corner in your yard where you can build a shed for it. But for those who do not have any of those, Yes your lawnmower can be left outside but safely. There are a couple of things you can do to keep it safe outside.

You can keep it on your porch just under the extension of your roof. This would serve as shelter from the rain and most likely snow. The trees in your yard can also serve as shelter for your lawnmower. A tree with thick branches and dense leaves should be able to keep lots of water away from your lawn mower.

The best and most important thing is the lawn mower cover. You must get a lawn mower cover. The lawnmower cover is not only to be used outside but can be used inside too. It protects the lawnmower from getting wet and from getting affected by dust or dirt.

It also protects it from ultraviolet rays. So whether you keep the lawnmower inside your house, on the porch, or under a tree, it should be covered with a waterproof material like a tarp.

Is it Safe to Wash a Lawn Mower?

The fact that lawnmowers are not waterproof does not mean that they cannot be cleaned or washed with water, they can be washed. However, before doing this, you have to let the engine cool off first.

Some parts of your lawn mower including the fuel filter can get clogged and need to be cleaned. Blowing air into them might not be enough to remove debris but water can help. These parts can be washed with soap and water to clean them properly. As far as you dry the lawnmower properly whether by the sun or with a towel, your lawnmower will have no issues.


The best solution to keeping your lawn mower safe from water effects is to avoid using it during very wet seasons. You can also hold off from mowing your lawn in the morning, for those that love that.

Wait a while, at least for the moisture on the grass to be dried up by the sun before you mow. People make mistakes and forget the mower outside but be extra careful not to do so, especially when you do not want to spend your money on a situation that can be avoided.

If your lawnmower has been exposed to a large amount of water, disassemble it and spread it out under the sun to dry. Leave for about an hour but if it is still not perfectly dry, leave for further hours.

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