Batteries are very essential and serve as lifesavers especially when the owner is in a hurry. It helps to make up for when the power tool cannot be connected to an electrical power source.

It could also be a frustrating reminder that you are not connected to any source of electricity when the power is low. A lot of appliances depend solely on electricity while some are powered by both electricity and gas. 

Lawnmowers fall into both of these categories. It is either functional only when it is connected to an electrical source or it uses gas. Of course, You know what works for your lawnmower. And if you are here to know how to charge your lawnmower dead battery with the car then this guide is going to give you a complete ride.

Although it has not been said that charging your lawn mower battery with a car causes extreme or important damage, the lawnmower battery requires some way to charge. It has been built to take in standard, slow and rapid charges.

The battery cells take their time to absorb the power entering them and this way it charges firmly and lasts long.

How to Charge a Lawn Mower Battery with a Car? – 7 Steps!

How to Charge Lawn Mower Battery with Car?

If you have jump-started your car before, you won’t find it difficult to do the same thing again on your lawn mower because it is almost the same thing. But if you are new to this, do not worry, the following steps will help you if you follow them.

All you need is to get a car with a 12 volts battery or more and a lawnmower battery that is more than 6 volts. Make sure to check the voltage of your lawn mower battery before charging it with a car, it is very important.

  • Take them close to each other:

Take the car close to the mower or the other way round, whichever one is easier for you. This is so that you do not overextend the jumper cables from the car to the lawnmower. It is easier that way and allows you to even use short jumper cables.

  • Get the lawn mower battery ready:

Prepare the mower by removing the battery cover to gain access to the terminals. Some lawnmowers come with a cover protecting it; check your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to take out the cover.

For you who are wondering where to find the battery, practically all mower brands have the battery under the operator’s seat. Possibly, it could also be found at the center of the mower frame. Take your time to check for it.

  • Get the car ready too:

Remember one of the things to keep in mind is that the car should not be switched on when a jumper cable is still connecting it to the lawnmower. So turn off the car and make sure it is firmly parked. Open its bonnet and find the battery chamber. Remove anything that could be hindering your access to the terminals.

  • The charging cable must now be connected to the batteries:

Both the lawn mower and the car batteries have two terminals each, which may be seen if you look closely. Here is how the lawn mower should be connected to both batteries using the cable.

  • Terminal:

The positive terminal (+) is one, and the other is the negative terminal (-). The positive terminal has a red tint, whereas the negative terminal has a black color.

  • Connect:

Connect the mower battery’s red terminal to the car battery’s red terminal. Connect the mower battery’s black terminal to the car battery’s black terminal once more. Using the battery charging cable, carefully attach the edges. Mistakes with the connection can cause explosion or machine damage, so be careful with these steps.

  • Test the engine:

Turn on the lawn mower machine. If it does not come on, leave it to charge some more. After some minutes, turn it on again. If it comes on, then carefully disconnect the batteries from each other. Do not leave it to charge more or else you will be exposing your battery to damage.

Now you can go ahead to use your lawnmower.

Can Jumper Cables Be Used To Charge a Lawn Mower Battery?

The answer to this is Yes. You can charge your lawnmower with a jumper cable just as long as the lawnmower battery is more than 6 volts. You can use the jumper cables to charge the lawnmower just like you would start a car.

Also when the jumper cables are connected to the lawnmower battery and car battery, do not start the car. Doing this could result in a load of damages. 

Can a Dead Lawn Mower Battery Be Recharged?

Yes, recharging a dead lawn mower battery is very possible. A lot of homeowners have been guilty of this act. The battery is used till it cannot start the engine at all. But before assuming your battery is dead, charge it for a couple of hours.

If after those hours it still does not come on, use a multimeter. Using a multimeter confirms if the battery is dead or if it is some other electrical problem.

How Long Can It Take To Revive a Dead Lawn Mower Battery?

Normally a battery gets fully charged after being plugged in for a couple of hours but a dead battery will take longer to revive. It would take about 8 hours. If after 8 hours, it does not come on, the battery is damaged.

The cells responsible for the absorption of electricity have either become too weak or are dead and are no longer functioning. There is no need to stress over it anymore, just get a replacement that is compatible with your lawn mower and replace the spoilt battery.

What you Should Know More

While it is possible to charge your lawnmower with your car, there are some things that are worthy of note and are necessary to adhere to. They are more like cautions as well as things that can prevent any problem from occurring when charging your battery with jumper cables.

This method should not be used on a 6 volts battery. This could damage the battery.

Your work will be more difficult if the battery posts are dirty and there might be debris or crusts on them. Clean it off before using the jumper cables. The formation of a perfect electrical connection is hampered by corrosion on the terminals and/or wires of the battery.

There could be other reasons why the lawnmower will not start. The problem is never always about the battery. Check the lawnmower for these problems so that you can know what you are working on.

Remember Safety first. Try to always wear protective gloves and glasses to prevent you from getting hurt. Just like when you are baking, it is almost impossible to keep your face clean of flour. So it is with working on lawnmowers too. But you need to be more careful here. Any powdery substance from the lawn mower might be harmful. So clean it off at once, if any falls on you. That is why you need to also wear protective clothes.

Keep in mind that connecting the mower’s black clamp to the machine’s frame rather than the ground terminal is always preferable. Any electrical problems will be absorbed by the metal frame.

Constant use of the car to charge your lawn mower can weaken the battery. So if you are going to be using your car to charge your lawn mower battery, it should be only during emergencies.

If the battery is attached to the car, do not start it. The electrical system of the vehicle is too powerful for a mower’s battery. As a stand-alone resource, it will just thin down the power flow from the battery.

How to Charge the Battery on a Craftsman Lawn Mower?

To charge the battery of a Craftsman mower you must follow the steps below.

  1. To begin this process you must wear safety glasses and gloves, as well as protective clothing. This allows you to avoid any danger when handling your lawn mower battery. Then disconnect the battery charger that may be plugged into an electrical outlet. 
  2. You can use the user’s manual to be able to find the battery of your lawnmower. Here you need to connect the red cable to the red terminal of the battery. You may notice that the red colour and red terminal mean the positive side. So to continue you need to connect the black cable to the black terminal of the battery, which is the negative pole.
  3. Finally, you need to set the voltage of your charger. The voltage of your charger must be the same as the voltage of the battery. In most cases, 12 volts is the setting you need. Then you should plug the battery charger into an outlet and wait until the battery is fully charged.

Can you charge a Lawn Mower Battery with a 12-volt Charger? 

If you have a 12-volt charger you need to check the voltage of your lawn mower battery. It is important to remember that the voltage of the charger must match the voltage of your mower’s battery. Many chargers offer a wide range of settings, including 12 volts, among other voltages.

How to start a riding lawn mower with a dead battery?

You can use a portable jump starter or your vehicle’s battery to start your lawnmower. To accomplish either of these alternatives, you need to check the voltage.

The voltage of your lawn mower battery must match the voltage of your portable jump starter or car battery.

How Long it will Take to Charge a Lawn Mower Battery at 10 amps?

When using a 10 amps standard charger it can take about one hour to charge the battery. If you use your lawn mower frequently, it is a good idea to keep the battery fully charged. A fully charged battery will give you longer runtime. Also, it helps to keep the engine cool while running, which prolongs the life of the battery. 

You can charge your lawn mower battery at a high current in two ways: trickle charging (slow) or fast charging (fast). If you are going to be using your lawn mower for a long period of time, we would recommend that you invest in a fast charger.

If you have a quick charge option available, you should only use it if your lawn mower batteries are starting to get low.

How to Charge Husqvarna Lawn Mower Battery?

Here are a few steps to charge the Husqvarna lawn mower battery: 

Before starting, the procedure makes sure the charger must be kept dry and well-ventilated.

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Connect the battery charger to the specified voltage and frequency. The charger must be grounded.
  3. The charger is inserted into the machine’s rear charging connection. Charge cover.
  4. Charge the battery. One-way plug and socket. Lock the plug.
  5. Switch on the charger. When connected to the grid, the battery charger’s red lamp lights up. Powerful (green) charging (yellow) battery handling.
  6. Once the battery is charged, shut the charger off.
  7. Check battery acid level after green lights indicate a fully charged battery.


Charging your lawnmower with a car is quite easy but needs extra care. The wrong move could cause your lawnmower a lot of damage and you a lot of money. When trying to connect the cables to the terminal of both batteries, note that while connecting the other black clip to the mower batteries is still functional, it is not the safest method.

This is because it is most likely to cause a battery blast. To prevent this, attach it to a plain metal surface. Doing this makes it safer and grounds the circuit.

In the case of dead batteries, try not to use your battery till it cannot start the engine. Maintaining a charged battery extends the life span of the battery for up to five years and your lawnmower longer than usual.

Whatever you do with your battery and lean mower, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as written in the manual. Visit the homepage for more guides.

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