Taking care of your lawn should not be hard and you shouldn’t have to break your bank to do it either. You might be wondering why anyone would want to wait for a particular time to purchase a lawnmower. Well, it is practically the only time you get to actually be penny-wise and not pound foolish with your investment in lawnmowers.

After all who does not want to take good advantage of a little discount. Considering the fact that some lawn mower models can be expensive and your dream lawnmower might be one of them, waiting till it’s that time of the year is a good investment strategy.

Actually, in terms of power tools and most products, you indeed get what you pay for or what your money’s worth but there is no reason to pay what you can barely afford. If you get a chance to pay less for an item and still get the quality you want, go for it. But don’t be too greedy to purchase a lawnmower for way less than it is worth or else you will be cheating yourself. It is even a very suspicious bargain to be wary of.

Are Lawn Mowers Cheaper in the Winter?

Are Lawn Mowers Cheaper in the Winter?

Winter is a nice cozy season of the year. Lawnmowers might not be very useful at this period but they can still be purchased. During this season, you do not have to rush into buying a lawnmower since the grasses are not growing. You will have enough time to explore your options and pick the best. There will be a lot of mowers to pick from at this point. The price might not reduce so much but it will reduce slightly. And even if it doesn’t, you can always ask the manufacturers or workers at the hardware store about their future sales and If it is to your favor, you can sign up in anticipation for it.

Because winter is that season when retailers want to empty their shops, they will sell their lawnmowers at a cheap price. They would like to sell off all the old ones to create space for the new set of lawnmowers coming in for the next season.

However, while it is a good choice to purchase your lawnmower in winter, it is advisable to purchase it in the early days of winter. This is so that you can test out the newly bought mower before the grasses get too short for that.

Do not wait for springtime to purchase your lawnmower. Or you will be spending more than you are willing to spend on a lawnmower.

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Is It Good to Buy Lawn Mower When it Goes Cheap?

If you are opportune to need a lawnmower when it goes cheap, it is a great thing. This way you get to save cost and still get one of the best lawnmowers. Going cheap does not necessarily mean the lawnmower no longer has as much value as it used to.

It could just simply be the laws of demand and supply play out which are the higher the price, the lesser the demand and the higher the price, the higher the supply respectively. It is inevitable.

Don’t be deceived by the price of a lawnmower. Most of them remain powerful despite their price. Besides, they are not cheap, they are simply affordable. And if you are not satisfied with the performance of a lawnmower, as long as you have your receipt intact, you can always return it for a replacement or refund.

What Time Of The Year Are Lawn Mowers The Cheapest?

A popular rule of thumb advises that buying a lawnmower at the end of the mowing season is the best time. This is the period around August and September. This is because, at this period, retailers know that demands for the power tools will reduce, and because they don’t want to end up with so much machinery in their hands, they reduce the price to lure in customers

Some might even add promos and freebies to any purchase. All this will be done under the guise of an end-of-season sale. So if you can wait till this period to purchase your lawnmower, that’s great but then if you already have a brand in mind and the lawnmower you wish to buy at heart, there is no need to wait. Just go ahead and ask the retailer or manufacturers about their discounts or sales that would be done in the future and how they will be done. They will be willing to help with the information.

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Left Gas in Lawn Mower Over Winter – Is it a Mistake?

What is the Best Month To Buy A Mower?

According to research, a yard owner who makes a purchase of a lawnmower in August, September and October is most likely to get it at a very affordable price. These months are regarded as the best months in the year for buying a lawnmower. However, of all the months, September seems to be breaking the best record at providing cheap lawnmowers. It is just around the end of the mowing season and there is less demand.

Not only because the lawnmowers are sold at a cheaper price but also because users might be lucky to find varieties they can pick from.

Are There Any Other Cheaper Periods?

Apart from winter, it is possible to get a lawnmower at a discounted price during the early days of summer, just around April and May. During this period, you can also anticipate those events that happen once every year. All you have to do is to look out for big sale promos for holidays such as Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and so on.

Another way you can get a cheap lawn mower is by buying a used one. Most people will not want to vote for this idea because they fear that the lawnmower might require that they do repairs that might not be worth it. True but if it is what you can afford why not.

A one-time thorough repair of the necessary parts is most likely to save you more money than when you buy a new one. That is not to say that saving to buy a new lawnmower is a bad idea, it isn’t. It is even a very good idea but if a used one is what you can afford, there is no harm in getting one.

With the right bargain, you will get the lawnmower, perform your due diligence which is repairing parts that need to be repaired, and still save some money. However, if you choose to go for a used lawnmower, ensure that it is one or two years old in use.

Does the Price of Lawn Mowers Online Go Down in the Winter?

If you are the type that likes to get products from online sellers and retailers, you will find that no matter the season, the prices of products are lower than the ones sold in physical hardware stores. For every price you see outside, there is a cheaper price online. This is because, most online sellers, they require little space the showcase their goods. No big physical storage, it might just be in a basement in their apartment.

However, when there is a reduction or increase in the price of a product, online sales are most likely to follow the trend. The only difference is the online price will remain lower than the offline price. So yes, if the price of lawnmowers goes down in the outside world during the winter, the same is most likely to happen to the online world and even cheaper.

The only problem might be that discounts, bonuses, and end-of-the-season sales might not be as good as what you will get at a physical hardware store. Discounts at a physical store seem like a better offer than the ones online. As far as you plan right and on time, you will not be left behind. So, just take your time to check your options before you make any purchase.


Lawnmowers are available every time and at any time of the year but there are specific times and months in the year when they are sold at a price lower than their normal price. Do you want a lawn that your neighbors are envious of but you cannot afford the lawnmower of your choice?

Now, you know that you can get your hands on that lawnmower without paying too much off your budget. And that it is very possible in April, May, September, October, and December. However, keep in mind that the reduction in the price of these lawnmowers might not be massive but at least they will be more affordable.

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