A John Deere X590 is a fantastic lawn tractor, as anyone who has one can attest. However, it’s not flawless, just like any machine. There are a few typical issues that John Deere X590 owners have mentioned. Be at ease, though! These issues are typically simple to resolve. The most prevalent John Deere X590 problems and their fixes will be covered in this article.

john deere x590 problems
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What are the most common problems with John Deere tractors?

Below are common John Deere x590 problems.

Engine not starting

I’m taken aback by the numerous customer complaints that the John Deere X590 mower won’t start and has no crank.

Due to the lawn tractor brake pedal not being depressed, the PTO being engaged, the brake switch, mower engagement switch, or key switch malfunctioning, or there may be some electrical components issues, which are the likely causes of the John Deere X590’s inability to start.

Engage PTO: Power take-off is abbreviated as PTO. Additionally, the PTO shaft is a reliable method of delivering mechanical power from tractor implements to agricultural machinery. Hence, the multi-terrain lawn tractor won’t start if your PTO is engaged.

Check the gear position, then proceed to start the mower.

Electrical issue: The majority of the time, the cable has been compromised, or the lawn tractor battery is depleted. Examine the power cable and recharge the starter battery to resolve these problems. Change any broken lines you come across.

Transmission problems

The John Deere x590 transmission exhibits abrupt engine stops or jammed gears. It is among the most difficult problems with this mower.

Sudden engine stops: This is bothersome. Put on hand gloves before inspecting the transmission drive belt, which is located on the tractor’s lower deck, to resolve the problem.

Clear any obstructions that may be blocking the drive belt, such as stones. Additionally, confirm that everything is on the pulley. The machine will restart as soon as everything is in order.

Gear stuck: The gear becomes stuck when the transmission bearing does not fit between the gear teeth. Moreover, the gear cannot be changed. I advise consulting an expert on this problem; unless you’re familiar with gearboxes, don’t tamper with them.

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Fuel system problems

There are several causes of fuel system problems with the John Deere X590. Stale gasoline may result in a variety of problems, including clogged fuel lines and defective fuel injectors, which may trigger the engine to misfire owing to an imbalanced flow of fuel and air to the engine.

A malfunctioning machine or system may affect your finances.

You’ll end up paying extra for petrol and running the risk of a fuel leak, which, among other things, could cause an engine detonation.

It’s simple to fix this issue. Listen closely after pressing the run key on your John Deere X590. The fuel system is the problem that needs to be fixed if the gas tank makes a buzzing noise.

Soft explosion noises when the engine runs regularly at a high speed are another sign of this issue, especially if the fuel pump is failing.

The John Deere X590 resumes regular operation after it occurs. However, it is not constant. It’s conceivable that the gasoline pump is clogged and may be defective.

If you are capable of handling such a machine with ease, the solution is straightforward and may be completed by yourself for the most part.

Change the damaged electric fuel injectors, drain the old fuel, and replenish the tank with clean fuel. If a blocked fuel filter is the problem, you have to change it rather than clean and reinstall it.

More issues arise when filters are reused. The “cleaning” of fuel filters makes them worse. Any improper air or fluid pressure destroys them as they push dirt or debris deeper inside.

This is one of the frequent issues, and the manufacturer advises “replacing after the first 100 hours, then every 250 hours, or yearly.”

The interval may be increased to 500 hours if the John DeereTM filter and Plus-50TM II engine oil are used.

If you’re unable to handle such tasks on your own, consult a reputable John Deere X590 mechanic. You don’t want to make the situation worse by making an effort to fix it.

Engine overheating

In addition to filthy or improperly adjusted carburetors, blocked cooling fins can also be a sign of an engine overheating. Check and update those components first, then.

The quantity and quality of oil play a significant role in the overheating problem. Engine overheating may result from an excessively high or low oil level.

In addition to these reasons, the excessive engine load might also cause it to overheat.

Hydraulic lift problem

Since there have been so many hydraulic deck lift problems lately, some amusement parks have had to rely on human force to transport visitors onto attractions. Hydraulic lifts are frequently pricey and need ongoing maintenance.

The hydraulic lift problem, which prevents the implement from being raised or lowered, is a sign that the tractor has loader or backhoe difficulty or is unable to sustain the hydraulic motor speed.

Hydraulic Motor Speed: This problem can be resolved by coupling the hydraulic motor to a 300 Series SVI equipped with a compensation valve to regulate pressure variation. Additionally, adjusting the engine oil flow prevents overheating problems.

Loader problem: It’s possible that the bottom army loader won’t rise, will rise slowly, or will have a poor oil flow from the pump. Examine the problems and seek advice from experts.

Backhoe problem: The backhoe boom and bucket are overloaded if they don’t elevate or ascend slowly. Additionally, a bent cylinder shaft will result in low relief valve pressure and possible pressure pump failure.

Wrong fuel grade and faulty injectors

Faulty fuel injectors cause less fuel to be pushed, while the wrong fuel grade or old fuel will restrict the power supply.

The most effective approach to this problem is to empty the old fuel from the fuel tank, along with any collected dirt and debris, and then replace it with fuel that is clean and of the right quality.

While you’re at it, swap out any faulty fuel injectors, since old fuel eventually turns gummy and clogs the fuel line.

Hence, use a fuel stabilizer if you plan to use fuel for longer than thirty days.

Some signs of broken fuel injectors include engine sputtering as you accelerate, excessive fuel use, rough idling, faulty starts, or worse, a dead engine.

A faulty spark plug and a clogged fuel filter should be checked for as well. Clean the spark plug, adjust the gap, or, if required, purchase a replacement from a reputable dealer. If the fuel line is blocked, change it.

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Engine running rough

Maintaining your engine’s functionality is crucial. An engine that has regular maintenance is going to last longer, operate better, and use less fuel.

The engine running rough is one of the most frequent issues with the John Deere X590 tractor.

This can be brought about by an abundance of various problems, a few of which are easy to address, while others can call for more involved repairs.

Dirty or clogged cooling fins are one of the most frequent causes of an engine running rough.

These fins aid in dissipating engine heat; if they become obstructed with dirt or debris, the engine may run hot and eventually become unreliable. Clogged cooling fins can be cleaned most effectively using a soft brush or compressed air.

When cleaning the fins, exercise caution to avoid damaging them.

Damaged electrical contacts are another frequent reason for a rough-running engine. As time passes, these contacts may corrode or suffer damage, cutting off the engine’s ability to connect to the ignition system.

This may result in misfires and, ultimately, rough running of the engine. In most cases, inspecting and repairing these connections is a simple procedure.

The engine running rough can also be caused by issues with the safety switch. Spark plugs may malfunction if there is a problem with the ignition system.

This issue is frequently resolved by checking the safety switch and changing the spark plugs as necessary.

The engine can run rough due to a sticking throttle cable. This is in consequence of the throttle’s ability to regulate the amount of air entering the engine.

If the cable gets stuck, the engine may receive excessive or insufficient air, resulting in rough running.

This issue can be resolved by fixing or substituting the throttle cable as necessary.

Finally, a clogged air filter might contribute to a rough engine. The air filter keeps dirt and debris out of the engine, but it can get clogged with time.

When this occurs, the engine’s airflow is constrained, which may result in rough running.

Changing the air filter is often a simple and quick fix.

Engine backfires

Numerous factors might lead to backfiring in a John Deere X590. The most frequent reason is a damaged spark plug.

The engine may misfire and backfire if the spark plug is fouled.

An incorrectly set carburetor is the second most typical cause. The engine may backfire if the carburetor idle mixture screw is not properly adjusted.

An ignition coil with too much air space between the coils is the third most typical reason. This can lead to the spark jumping and arcing, which can backfire the engine.

Sticking valves is another common reason for this. The engine may backfire if the valves are not correctly opening and closing.

The improper valve clearance is another prevalent reason. The engine may backfire if the valves are not properly adjusted.

A sheared or damaged flywheel key is the sixth most frequent reason.

The engine may misfire and backfire as a result of this.

You should examine each of these to determine if it’s the source of your John Deere X590’s backfiring issues.

Tire pressure

Check your tire pressure. Make sure all tires are inflated to the same pressure and meet the recommended tire pressure standards. Additionally, it minimizes uneven cutting.

Extremely vibrating mower

When tiny rocks get trapped in the pulley or mower deck, the mower begins to tremble. Therefore, check the mower deck and take out any dirt particles. A damaged or loose drive belt may also be responsible for the trembling.

To get the drive belt to function properly, adjust it; if it’s broken, change it. Install a new pulley if necessary. Cutting blades can exacerbate the issue as well. Change the broken ones and fix the ones that are out of place.

Lightning not working

Your tractor lights might not be functioning for several reasons. The connection/disconnection level in the wrong position should be checked first.

The lamps won’t operate if they are not connected correctly. A short circuit in the wiring is another cause.

Changing the fuse is a simple repair for this.

If neither of these remedies works, the tractor light switch is probably broken and needs to be changed.

Engine loses power or emits black smoke

When the air-to-fuel ratio is imbalanced, black smoke emits. This imbalance may be brought on by a faulty or clogged air filter. Clean the air filter, then.

On the contrary, when the fuel supply is limited, the engine loses power. It can be because the air filter or carburetor is clogged. A faulty spark plug may also be to blame. Examine those parts, then overhaul.

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What engine is in John Deere X590?

John Deere designed the X590 garden tractor to withstand extended periods of hard labor. It is propelled by a 25.5 HP air-cooled, fuel-injected Kawasaki engine. The engine includes a hydrostatic transmission with a differential lock that lets you choose how fast you want to go.

The steering valve is connected to the transmission through the X590 hydraulic output port. After that, it returns to the valve and then the transmission.

What is the maximum speed of a John Deere X590?

The John Deere X590 can go up to 7 mph. To acquire a better cut quality, most users steer clear of reaching the top speed while mowing. On difficult terrain, some claim to comfortably go at 3.5, though some people admit being able to travel faster with no issues.

Does John Deere X590 have power steering?

The John Deere X590 has hydraulic power steering. Over time, this lessens operator fatigue and offers effortless control similar to an automobile. Additionally, the inclination of the steering wheel can be adjusted for comfort.

A robust sector-and-pinion steering system with long-lasting bearings is mounted on the John Deere X590. Because of its small 22-inch turning radius, the mower is incredibly maneuverable.

Are John Deere tractors reliable?

The most reliable tractors are produced by the John Deere brand. This business, which has over 183 years of expertise in the tractor market, is renowned for taking additional care when creating each model. The procedure plays a role in the fact that all John Deere tractors are safe, trustworthy, and reliable.

If you’re in the market for a new tractor, you might have noticed that John Deere models cost more than those from other manufacturers. Although this might make you consider other possibilities, most farmers concur that it is worthwhile to spend the extra money on a John Deere tractor.


Since you are now aware of the John Deere x590 problems, you should take precautions to prevent them. Regular upkeep is crucial in this situation. This lawn tractor frequently needs maintenance. Therefore, you should continually keep an eye on the mower deck, engine components, and other factors, such as fuel quality. The spark plug of the John Deere x590 should be examined and changed as necessary.

With good maintenance and regular inspections, the majority of these issues may be promptly resolved or even avoided.

The lawn and garden tractor will have a lengthy lifespan as a result. There may also be some more issues that you may not be aware of. In this situation, consult a qualified mechanic.

I hope this article on John Deere x590 problems is helpful.

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