How to Store Leaf Blower in Garage?

If you just got a leaf blower, you are most likely thinking about the right place to keep it. A leaf blower is one essential tool in the world of gardening.

It saves you a lot of time and trouble. Although it does a lot of help and is good to keep your garden clear, it takes more space than a broom and rake. And because of the size, you might not want to store them inside the house but maybe in the garage, outside with a shed, or just somewhere quite safe.

Having the right storage space for your leaf blower ensures that your leaf blower stays safe and away from elements that could cause damage to it.

How to Store Leaf Blower in Garage?

Looking for the right place, spot, and position to keep your leaf blower is a big part of maintenance. If you pay attention to the details of products, you find that there are always storage instructions such as “store in a cool dry place” on their body.

This is to let you know that if the product, tool, or whatever is not stored properly, it might get spoilt or damaged. Proper storage reduces the chances of your leaf blower getting exposed to elements that could damage it. It also allows for easy location of your tool when it is needed.

There are a lot of ways to store your leaf blower, properly. If it is not the hooks for you, it could be the shelf, and if not the shelf it could be another. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Hooks

This one is a power tool storage hack. This is one of the best, easiest, cheapest, and space-managing ways to store your leaf blower. Keeping tools on the wall is a better way to manage space and allow free movement in a storage room. It reduces the chances of accidents like trip hazards or stepping on tools, which can break or damage parts of a tool.

With the help of a hook or nail to the wall, you can simply hang your leaf blower on the wall. This method keeps the nose of your leaf blower from breaking.

It is easy but then requires some sort of DIY understanding of the right tools, and hook materials to provide strong support for hanging your tool.

Also with the right knowledge, you will be able to place the hooks in such a way that tools can stay beside each other without inconvenience. A lot of users opt for this way.

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2. Shelves

You might already have a shelf in your garage, so there is no need to build another one as far as there is enough space for the leaf blower.

But if you do not have an existing shelf in your storage room, you can just make one. Building a shelf is also a DIY task that does not cost much. With this shelf, there will be no need to put more hooks on the wall and there will be more space to allow incoming power tools and ordinary tools to sit comfortably. This even saves the tool’s handle from wearing out easily.

Although shelves allow your tools to sit pretty and comfortably, the leaf blower is most likely to take up so much space on it.

The nuzzle of the leaf blower could cause the shelf to be cluttered. If the shelf is clustered, it is most likely going to be difficult to bring down the leaf tool. Imagine bringing a leaf blower down from a clustered shelf, other tools might fall with it.

The shelf is quite a versatile and ideal way to store your tools as you make good use of your wall space.

3. At the Corner on the Floor

Keeping your leaf blower in a corner of your garage might not be the safest spot to keep your leaf blower because of accidental trips but it is still an option. An option that is underutilized especially when there is no cupboard or ground shelf.

Without the shelf and cupboard, you can still keep the tool on the floor at a corner positioning your leaf blower the right way. It should be kept with the engine side down and away from the middle of the room, mostly close to the wall.

The leaf blower nuzzle should be positioned parallel to the wall but very closely together. Keeping it this way eliminates accidental trips.

4. Workbench

Installing a long workbench with storage underneath is another storage option. This will provide you with a safe spot to store tools like your leaf blower off the floor as well as an additional work surface.

5. Ceiling

If all of the above is unavailable, lookup, you have another option. When I found out that a leaf blower can be stored using the ceiling, I was wowed. Are you wondering if the ceiling will fall? Funny enough, it won’t.

The ceiling is strong enough and the leaf blower despite its size is lightweight. All you have to do is to put a hook hanging through the ceiling and hang your leaf blower. Smart right? If you choose to do this option, make sure that the leaf blower is not hanging over your head directly know the middle of the room.

It should be at the side or a little to the side. Just the right spot where it can easily be seen.

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Tips to Store the Leaf Blower

When storing your leaf blower, there are some tips to practice to keep your machine safe and in good shape as you store them.

  • Most times you don’t have to think too much about where to keep your leaf blower, all you have to do is to look around your garage. Where there seems to be enough space, space enough to contain your leaf blower and still allow it to breathe. It could be by hanging on the wall, by shelves, or even in a corner of the garage.
  • Keep it where it can easily be seen and accessed. You do not want to keep your power tool in a hidden place, a place where you have to look so hard to find it, especially when you ate in hurry.
  • It should be kept away from debris. Specks of Dirt can fall on the leaf blower and form debris. When this debris is most likely to enter the air filter. Once inside the air filter, it makes its way to the engine through the carburetor. If this happens the engine of the leaf blower will get clogged and develop faults. You can even go further by covering it with cellophane, so that dust and dirt cannot reach the machine.
  • There is no denying the fact that wherever you keep your power tool, there is most likely to be dust or dirt. It could be brought in by the wind or something. So, take out time to clean your tool even when it is not in use. Also, develop a habit of cleaning it before and after use. This prevents dirt from gathering and forming debris.

How Do You Store Leaf Blower in Garage for Winter?

Most leaf blowers are fueled by liquid. Now during winter, the temperature is cold and can be freezing and the liquid in the leaf blower is not all that safe especially when it is not stored properly. Frozen liquids in machines such as any power tool can cause a lot of damage and machine problems.

The first thing to do for your leaf blower during the winter is to take it into the house. This is not only for the leaf blower, the same goes for all other pieces of equipment.

Next is to keep it in a place with a stable temperature. A place exuding enough heat to keep the machine warm. The garage is your best bet in case there is no space inside the house to keep it.

Now that you have a place to store a power tool, prepare it for the winter just like you would to yourself. This should be done according to the type of leaf blower you have. For cordless leaf blowers, the battery should be removed and kept inside the house. Although the cordless blower does not need gas, the battery can be affected by the winter temperature.

For your corded electric and gas blower, clean it, unplug and pack up the cord. If there is gas or fuel in the gas blower, you should pour out the liquid first. There are still instructions on how to store your leaf blowers for the liquid and they are mostly subject to the manufacturers.


Storage on the hook has to be the best way to store the leaf blower. On a hook, the nuzzle of the leaf blower does not cause any inconvenience, and the space it takes up does not affect other tools. This is because a tool can still be hung above the nuzzle of the leaf blower, unlike the shelf.

With the shelf and hook, you do not have to bend down to pick a tool. It saves people with back pains and knee problems from experiencing pain when getting the leaf blower.

Wherever you choose to store your power tool in the garage is a good option but it has to be neatly arranged and well packed. We want the best for your tools as well as we want the best for you.

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