Do Lawn Mowers Have Batteries?

It would be pretty weird, and some people would say, lazy to own a lawn mower and not know its properties, especially what powers it. Hopefully, there is no one like that.

If you are new to lawn mowers and are wondering if there are lawn mowers that use batteries, you are in luck. Because here you will find out if they use batteries or not.

Do Lawn Mowers Have Batteries?

If a lawnmower is powered by electricity, it has batteries. Mowers with gas or batteries are both available and can be purchased anytime. Typically, lawn mower batteries range from 12V to 36V.

Lawn mowers powered by electricity are of two types; the corded electric lawn mower and the cordless electric lawn mower. Not all corded electric lawn mowers have a battery because they must be plugged into a power outlet to work.

On the other hand, the corded electric lawn mower, in every case, comes with a battery. Users can plug it into a power outlet to charge for a particular amount of time. The lawn mower can be used without having its extension cord plugged in when fully charged.

One of the many advantages of using an electric lawn mower is that it does not require an oil change or too much maintenance. It is easy to maintain just as long as you don’t charge it for more than the stipulated amount of time as instructed by the manufacturers. They are also the quietest type of lawn mowers as well easy to maneuver. Power, battery life, recharge times, and other factors are influenced by voltage.

Riding lawn mowers also require batteries for some of their components to work.

How Do I Check If My Lawn Mower Has Battery or Not?

So, let’s say you purchase a lawn mower without necessarily checking online for its details to see if it is an electrical lawn mower or not. You can always find out by yourself if it has a battery or not.

  • Check the body of the package:

The first thing any yard owner would do after purchasing a new lawn mower is to check the package. It will most likely be written on it. Manufacturers understand that every lawn mower owner would be curious to know the specs and details of their product before and even after purchase. That is why they make it easy for users to find out about their lawn mower by leaving small details on the body of the package.

  • Refer to your instruction manual:

Thanks to the manufacturers again, there are handbooks or instruction manuals. So, instead of disassembling parts, the simplest and best approach is to look up the precise location of the battery in your lawnmower’s user handbook.

However, the battery is typically located under the seat of riding mowers, and the seat must be removed to access the battery. The battery of your riding lawnmower may also frequently be found inside the hood or engine cover of your mower, behind the engine, where it is simple to access by opening the hood.

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Where Is the Battery in A Lawn Mower?

Different lawn mowers have their batteries located at different places as designed by their manufacturers. To be sure of the location of your lawn mower battery, check your user manual. It is one source that tells you where precisely the battery is located. However, most lawn mowers have a common place where the battery is located.

The battery can be located in one of two places for a riding lawn mower. It is either hidden under the mower’s seat, which would require that you remove the seat before you can access the battery. Or it is inside the hood or engine cover; either way, you can find the battery there by opening the hood just behind the engine.

For push lawn mowers, it is inside a black box that is close to the handle on the deck.

Why Do Lawnmowers Have No Batteries?

Unlike the riding lawn mower and electric lawn mowers, lawn mowers such as the gas, push or walk behind lawn mowers do not have batteries. They do not require batteries to provide electrical energy because they only rely on their combustion engines. They also do not have components such as the headlight and clutches.

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Do Riding Lawn Mowers Have Batteries?

Yes, riding lawn mowers have batteries. They need batteries to start up and for some of their electrical parts to function. In fact, most of their features need an electrical charge to function. These features include the headlight, electronic ignition (spark plug), and clutches. It is the battery that provides energy to the engine through the spark plug. This is why if the spark plug is not in good condition, the gas will not be ignited, and the engine will not work.

It comes with a charging system to show how important the battery is to a riding lawn mower. It is with this system that the lawn mower battery is charged.

Make sure you keep up with routine maintenance on your lawnmower to maintain your battery in great shape. Regular maintenance can involve correct battery tests if you suspect a problem, charging the battery frequently, and keeping your machine clean. Additionally, take the time to prepare your mower for storage if you intend to store it during the winter months, and use a float charger to keep your battery charged.


Although the electric lawn mower is easy to maintain, if you do not use it properly, you might end up with a weak battery. When this happens, you will need to change it to get a replacement.

Now because a riding lawn mower uses a battery and gas as its sources of power, it does not mean that you can get to use the lawn mower without adequately charging the battery or filling its fuel tank. This will only cause the lawn mower engine to die fast.

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