Will Water in Gas Ruin a Lawn Mower?

There are two types of lawnmowers available in the market which are electrical and gasoline machines. Both are must-use for gardening. If you are careless about it may be adverse for you. It does not matter which lawn mower you are using. Its care is your responsibility. If you are using a gas lawn mower and you don’t know about Will water in the gas ruin the lawn mower? Maybe you don’t know that a lite bit of drop can spoil the gasoline.

But the truth is a gas can break down like food items spoil. Mixing of water and gas will be a bad effect on the lawn mower engine. There are occur more problems with the gas lawn mower. You can avoid it. If the water in the gas ruins your lawn mower.

Will Water in Gas Ruin a Lawn Mower?

Yes, It certainly can ruin any engine used in small machines. Just lite bit of water can badly affect the lawn mover and create a lot of problems. When a drop of water fell into the gas then the gas spoiled altogether. The spoiled gas damaged the carburetor of the engine to the maximum. In the end, your lawn mower will stop working.

If you find a drop of water in the gas mower you take must action about it. Otherwise, damage through corrosion if you left long enough.

If your lawn mover creates problems while running, don’t forget may be water in the gas. But you don’t know. Over time, it will cause them to perform poorly. So, if something mixes in the fuel, it will go to the carburetor and stop the engine from working slowly.

The injectors will be damaged, which keeps them from monitoring your fuel delivery rate properly. Maybe the engine will never run. Altogether, it will be destroyed. It’s bad news for you.

Whatever, You always should be careful with lawn movers. If you feel problems with the engine. You must take action that whare occur problems and why. Check the carburetor maybe lite bit thing mixed with the gas and you facing problems.

To avoid this situation, you should read carefully the manufacturer’s recommendations or guidelines after purchasing a lawn mower.

Symptoms of Water in the Gas for Lawn Mowers

Most people ask what happens when water in the gas lawn mover. There are occur symptoms that when affecting the engine due to water mixed with the gas. you can get ideas about facing problems with your lawn mower.

  • Hard Starting:

When a drop of water fell into a gas, then suddenly the water will go into the carburetor. When you run it then the carburetor and spark plug won’t be enough to keep the engine running quickly. It will never start easily.

  • Unexpectedly Stopping:

if the lawn mower suddenly stops and starts while working. It means water is in the carburetor. when water into the fuel supply, the engine will be stopped within seconds.

  • Damage Performance:

if during work the speed of the machine is slow as compared to the new one, you may be facing a fuel average that has been contaminated with water. There is needed to deliver well-made fuel to the lawn mover.

  • Fuel System affected:

The water can badly affect the fuel system. The dense water is likely to linger in all parts of the engine system, it can cause rust, and corrosion in the fuel tank, carburetor, and spark plug.

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How Much Water in the Gas Tank Will Cause Damage?

First of all, you should check the carburetor when the machine is damaged due to occur water in the fuel. There is no quick answer to this question because it depends on the capacity of the engine which fits in the machine. Each machine engine has a different range. The manufacturer recommends that one cup of water can badly damage the gas tank.

Today we have fuel-injected engines which need a high-pressure electric fuel pump. This electric fuel pump is located in the fuel tank which is a good thing. They are the best performance than others. Whatever, you should still avoid the small amount of water that can cause to damage the gas tank.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Water from Gas?

Rubbing alcohol is a chemical that is used to help clean and disinfect hard surfaces. It is also called surgical spirit. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove the water from the gas. It commonly uses in the world for different purposes.

I especially recommend that it is not a quick way to remove the water from the gas. But sometimes peoples use it for small purposes. Because you can get 70% benefits from rubbing alcohol. But it is not a bad idea. Most peoples use it for the fuel tank.

What Happens When Water Gets in the Lawn Mower Gas Tank?

There occur more bad effects when water gets in the lawn mover gas tank. Because it directly damages the engine. We can get ideas about its happening like speed will be slow because water is denser than gasoline. It never easily starts like a new engine. It will stop again and again due to water. Its performance will be decreased and the fuel system badly damaged. If you face these problems with the gas tank you take must action about it.

How Do You Get Water Out of a Lawn Mower Gas Tank?

I always recommend that you should place your lawn mower in safe places. Therefore, your machine is safe from environmental hazards. Sometimes we place the lawn mower on the ground as openly. It will be damaged due to some rainy weather. Unfortunately, if water gets in the lawn mower gas tank then you should clean it. Follow these steps:

  • Diagnose if there is Water in Your Lawnmower
  • Disconnect the spark plug
  • Siphon the diluted gas
  • Dry the tank
  • Rubbing alcohol can use to dry it (Optional)
  • Drain the oil
  • Empty the carburetor bowl
  • Dispose of all the diluted oil
  • Refill the tank
  • Use a fuel additive to combat moisture in your tank


So, it depends on you how much you care for your lawn mower. Your protective strategy can increase engine life. If you allow external elements (like water) to get into it, might cause it to damage sooner. Please Change the oil regularly for the long life of the machine.

If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendation you will be getting disadvantages with your lawn mover and you won’t be able to fix it.

if you want to extend your gas shelf life, purchase high-quality fuel. You can find that online or at your near gardening store. You should choose a high-quality product for the best results. If you have a lite bit of common sense, you will never be disappointed by your machines.

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