What Type Of Air Filter Does Huskee Lawn Mower Take?

A lawn mower air filter is one of the most important components in a lawn mower. It protects the gasoline engine from dirt and debris. Remember that for gasoline-powered lawnmowers, an air-gas mixture in the appropriate ratio is drawn in the combustion chambers for the engine to start and run.

The presence of dirt and debris in the carburetor can potentially damage the engine cylinder. Remember that replacing the engine can be very costly or worse, you may have to chunk your mower and purchase a completely new one. 

What Type Of Air Filter Does Huskee Lawn Mower Take?

Generally, lawnmowers come with an air filter made of either paper or foam. As a regular care and maintenance practice, the air filters should be cleaned or replaced. You can purchase the replacement parts from a nearby home improvement store or online store.

A lawn mower air filter functions to protect the engine from dirt, dust, and debris that may cause damage if they accidentally make their way to the carburetor. Whether you are using a push model, self-propelled, or a riding model, an air filter is an essential lawn mower component.

As such, it is important to regularly check the mower’s air filter to ensure that it is in good shape, and clean and replace it when needed. You’ll be surprised at how a clean and well-functioning air filter can improve the efficiency of your machine.

Overall, air filters vary from one mower manufacturer to the other. In short, air filters in lawnmowers are not all the same. If you own a Huskee lawn mower, you might be wondering what type of air filter it uses. On the other hand, you might want to replace the air filter on your mower but you are not sure which replacement filter to pick.

The easiest way is to purchase an air filter similar to the one on your mower. Although some air filters can adapt to fit different lawnmowers, it is recommended that you use the one specified by the manufacturer. 

Here are some of the best air filters for Huskee lawnmowers available:

1. Hipa 951-12260 Air Filter

Hipa is a brand that produces replacement parts for a wide array of outdoor equipment including lawnmowers. As such, if you are looking to replace the air filter in your Huskee lawn mower, Hipa has the best accessory for you. This Air filter for the MTD Huskee mower is perfect for the following brands:

  • LT3800 13W276LF031
  • LT4200 13W2771S031
  • LT4200 13W2771S231
  • LT4200 13W2775S031
  • LT4200 13W2775S231
  • LT4200 13W277SS031
  • LT4200 13W277SS231

2. 937-05065A Air Filter

This is yet another air filter for your Huskee machine. The package comes with an air filter and a pre-filter. If you own Huskee LT3800 LS27CC LS33CC, it is a perfect option for you.

This air filter is manufactured by Butom and weighs 10.4 ounces. You can be sure that it will fit perfectly as the original equipment and work perfectly for your Huskee mower.

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Can I Use My Lawnmower Without An Air Filter?

The simple answer is yes. You can use your lawn mower without an air filter. Your machine will operate fine and maybe even more efficiently than before if the previously fitted air filter was dirty and clogged up. Nevertheless, you should not use your lawn mower without an air filter for an extended period since this can potentially damage the machine’s engine.

Therefore, using your lawn mower for a long period without an air filter is not recommended. Simply put, a gasoline-powered lawn mower relies on the combustion process to generate the energy required for its operation.

The combustion process in turn requires a fuel-air mixture in the correct ratio and the spark plug. Now, the air filter is involved when it comes to the air intake. It operates to prevent dirt and dust from entering the system.

Now, you might notice problems with your lawn mower if the air filter is dirty. Remember that for the engine to operate smoothly, it requires enough air. But with time, an air filter that is not often cleaned or replaced can become clogged.

A clogged air filter isn’t any better and will lead to less air intake into the combustion chambers. For this reason, you may find that your mower’s engine runs smoothly without the air filter.

Nevertheless, using your lawn mower without an air filter for a long time can lead o severe damage. In other words, without the air filter, dirt and dust will enter the carburetor and worse, into the mower’s engine.

If enough dirt clogs up in the system, this will destroy the engine cylinder. Not to mention the fact that the engine is the most important part of handy equipment like mowers and replacing it is quite expensive. You might as well end up buying a completely new mower.

Can A Dirty Air Filter Cause A Lawn Mower Not To Start?

 If your lawn mower has a clogged air filter, it might not start up at all. As we’ve already learned, a gasoline-powered lawn mower needs sufficient air intake to initiate the combustion process.

So, if dirt, dust, and debris have accumulated on your mower’s air filter, then the air that enters the engine system will not be enough and the combustion process will not take place. No combustion means the engine won’t start. 

So, if your lawn mower will not start, it may have a dirty air filter particularly if you don’t clean or replace it regularly. 


It is important to ensure that your lawn mower has a properly installed air filter when running it. Well, unless you are willing to purchase a new mower or incur a high engine replacement cost after some time. Besides, a dirty or clogged air filter isn’t any better as it will prevent enough air intake into the engine’s combustion chamber. Therefore, you should always clean and replace the air filter in your lawn mower.

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