Should Your Lawn Mower Fuel Filter Be Full?

As a lawn owner, knowing how the lawn mower parts function will come in handy with a lot of benefits including preventing faulty components in your machine. Let’s take, for instance, the lawn mower filters. Typically, lawn mowers have three different filters that keep dust and debris from getting into the engine. These are the fuel filter, air filter, and oil filter. In this guide, you’ll learn all the info you need on a lawn mower fuel filter since it is the subject of our post. 

Mostly, you’ll find the fuel filter located along the fuel pump that gasoline jets through into the combustion chamber. Notably, the fuel filters are enhanced in a plastic casing that is sometimes subject to air intake. A fuel filter functions to purify the fuel before it gets into the combustion chamber of your mower’s engine. As such, ensuring that it is always in good shape is important. So, should your lawn mower fuel filter be full? 

Should Your Lawn Mower Fuel Filter Be Full?

Yes, a lawn mower fuel filter should be full to prevent excess air intake in the combustion chamber. If the fuel filter is not full, air enters the combustion chambers through the fuel line and this causes an incorrect air-fuel intake ratio.

This will in turn make your lawn mower’s engine burn incorrectly and cause overheating. Besides, it may also lead to your excess production of smoke as the mower operates. To wrap it up, if your lawn mower fuel filter is not full, it often signals a problem.

If your lawn mower’s fuel filter isn’t full, it results to:

  • The lawn mower will underperform: If the filter’s fuel isn’t full, the mower won’t get enough fuel to properly operate. As such, it will most likely run slower and won’t mow the grass fast. This is because more air than gasoline will pass through to the combustion chamber. 
  • The lawn mower will be louder: If there is a low fuel intake to the combustion chamber, the engine will start working harder to pull more fuel from the tank. Conversely, the filter won’t budge; it will keep on pulling more air than gasoline. This incomplete gasoline-air ratio will cause the engine to smoke.
  • The engine will start overheating: The most common symptom that your lawn mower has a faulty fuel filter is an overheating engine. Since the engine is burning less gasoline and too much oxygen, it will overheat.

How Do I Know if My Lawn Mower Fuel Filter Is Clogged?

A lawn mower’s fuel filter gets clogged after years of work. This is because it removes particles and other fuel contaminants. If the filter is clogged, it needs changing since the proper operation of the filter is important for the efficiency of your lawn mower. To know if your lawn mower fuel filter is clogged:

Step 1:

Turn off your lawn mower and look out for some of the signs of a faulty filter, these include, smoking, overheating, and making loud noises. Additionally, you might notice an unusual performance in the mower’s engine.

Step 2:

After the engine has cooled down, remove the spark plug to prevent accidental startups. Remember that this is a general precautionary measure whenever you are working on any part of your lawn mower.

Step 3:

Inspect your lawn mower’s fuel filter for dislocation, leaks, swelling, or debris. Typically, a fuel filter is white or yellow. If the filter in your mower is clogged, it might leak or even swell from too much pressure.

Step 4: Detach the fuel filter from its housing and wipe it with a clean towel:

After wiping with a clean piece of a clean towel, look for debris, grime, or dust. If any, or if the fuel color is different from the one you put in your lawn mower, then the filter is clogged and needs changing. 

What Happens If the Fuel Filter is full?

If your lawn mower fuel filter is full, it improves the fuel pressure. As such, the combustion process becomes more efficient. A full fuel filter ensures that enough fuel is going to the combustion chamber. How a fuel filter functions affect the entire performance of your lawn mower.

For example, a sufficient fuel supply for combustion ensures that your mower starts up easily. Besides, with enough fuel, the engine works to provide the machine with all the energy it needs to operate.

Why Is My Fuel Filter Not Filling Up?

If your fuel filter is not filing up, it can be due to the following:

  • Gas Gap: The hole in the air cap can be clogged. You should try to fix it or drill an additional hole to ensure that sufficient air enters the gas tank.
  • Clogged Fuel Line: The fuel line between the filter and the gas tank can be clogged. You should remove the fuel line and ensure that it is free. If it is clogged, replace it with a new one.
  • Wrong Fuel Filter: You should use the correct fuel filter for your lawn mower. If you use the wrong filter, it will not fill up and will negatively influence the performance of your lawn mower.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Fuel Pressure?

Injecting the right air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber ensures that your lawn mower runs efficiently. However, an incorrect air-fuel ratio may lead to low fuel pressure. Some of the common symptoms of low pressure include:

  • Difficulty starting the lawn mower
  • Stalling engine
  • Misfires
  • Low performance of your lawn mower

Why Is My Fuel Filter Only Half Full?

There are a lot of causes that can lead to a half-full fuel filter. Most lawn gurus say that it might be due to a blockage in the fuel line that in turn restricts fuel flowing from the tank to the filter. As such, you should check the fuel line to ensure that no debris is clogging it. To get a clear understanding of why your fuel filter is only half full, read the above section on “Why is my fuel filter not filling up”.


A lawn mower fuel filter should be full. Although a couple of bubbles won’t stop your machine from running, they can cause some problems. Therefore, it is good to keep the fuel line from the air. Most importantly, during fuel filter installation, ensure that you clamp the fuel line to prevent fuel from draining.

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