There are all sorts of things that our lawn mowers will do for us. The most basic thing is, of course, cutting the grass. If your lawnmower’s had an unexpected slowdown it could be the result of a worn and frayed belt. To put a belt on a John Deere lawn mower is hectic enough that it should be one of the methods to think about if you have faced this trouble.

The concept might be quite difficult, especially if the mower is older in years. Examine the drive belt if your lawnmower begins to make uneven cuts. If your John Deere lawnmower needs a new belt, here is a complete guide on how to put a belt step by step.

How to Put Belt on John Deere Lawn Mower?

How to Put Belt on John Deere Lawn Mower?

If you’re looking to get your lawn mower working properly again, it’s important to know how to put the belt on it. A belt is a common piece of equipment around the home, and it’s important to have it on hand in case you need to mow your lawn quickly or if there’s an emergency. Follow the below process to do that.

1. Collect the Equipment

When you have the proper equipment, you won’t mind working as hard. The following items are required for this task:

  • Safety Gloves
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • A wrench that can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Wood blocks or mechanical assistance to raise lawn mower 

You’ll also require a new belt in addition to the tools. Get a belt that fits your machine perfectly. That means its length and form must be uniform.

2. Lower Cutting Deck

To begin, make sure the John Deere lawnmower is on a flat, even surface. In order to ensure that the engine does not start up by accident, you should remove the cables from the spark plugs. Keep the lawnmower from rolling by leaving the transmission in gear and engaging the parking brake.

3. Take out the Fittings

Open the cover and start by removing the seat and then the handlebar cover. Remove the four bolts that hold on the gearbox cover, and then remove both gearboxes from the engine. 

Remove one of the two screws located next to each gearbox, then remove them completely so they can be removed from their mounting holes in the engine frame. After removing both gearboxes, remove all nine screws holding them in place and set them aside for now.

3. Remove the Old Belt

Next, grab your screwdriver and loosen up each bolt holding onto either side of their mounting plates so they can be removed completely from their respective holes in their mounting plate frame. Once all nine screws are loosened up completely remove the belt.

4. Install the New Belt

If necessary, clean the pulleys and other parts. Replace the deck’s pulley belt with the new one in the same orientation as the old belt. With the adjustable wrench, snug the bolts on the two pulleys on the left side. Belt shields, should be slung over the deck’s side pulleys.

Adjust the screw tension to make sure they stay put. Here, take note that due to the initial hardness of the belt rubber, it is always preferable to grease the edges before installing a new belt. The grease aids in the freedom of motion. Better for the longevity of drive pulleys as well.

How Do You Put Belt Back on John Deere Riding Lawn Mower?

Here’s how to put a belt back on a John Deere riding lawn mower:

  1. Turn the engine off.
  2. Disconnect the spark plug wire at the spark plug, but leave it connected to the fuel line in case you need it later (you will).
  3. Remove the belt by pressing down on both ends of the pulley with your thumbs and pulling it off of one end of the shaft.
  4. Slide the new belt over one end of the shaft, then slide it down over its length so that it is wrapped around all three pulleys evenly before twisting it clockwise until tight (this prevents chafing at any point along its length).
  5. Install your new belt on its corresponding pulley by twisting clockwise until tight after pushing evenly against each side of that pulley with your fingers as you twist counterclockwise to lock everything in place properly (do not force anything against anything else; if something is too loose or too tight, adjust accordingly).
  6. Reconnect your spark plug wire to its corresponding wire terminal while holding onto both wires they’re connected to (you don’t want them getting caught up a belt back on a John Deere riding lawn mower?

How Do You Put Belt on John Deere D130?

  1. Remove the old belt from your lawn mower by removing the tensioner pulley and loosening the bolts that hold it in place. You can use a wrench or pliers to do this, but be careful not to damage the tensioner pulley.
  2. Unhook all three belts from their respective pulleys on your lawn mower. Don’t forget about these belts! They are also important for safety reasons if they break, they could cause serious injuries or even death if someone rides over them while riding down your driveway.
  3. Install new belts onto all three pulleys using the proper size of a belt for each one (the size will vary depending on what type of motor you have it’ll usually say something like “Universal” or “Universal Plus”). The correct way to install these is by FIRST putting.


Always check your Operator’s Manual for the specific belt model in need of replacement. If you look up your model and find the belt, but don’t know how to determine which way the belt should run, refer to our guide on John Deere belt replacement. After determining which way the belt should run and removing the old belt, simply follow the steps described in this article to replace it with your new one.


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