Why Does Mower Bog Down When Blades are Engaged?

Modern technology has made lawn mowing easier than ever. With a push of a button, you can have your grass trimmed by a machine that uses only a fraction of the fuel you would need to cut it manually, and it looks much neater when it’s done.

All you need to do is drive your lawn mower to the area you want to mow, push a button, and the blades will do the rest. 

But sometimes, this automatic lawn mower doesn’t seem to work the right way, and the blades stay engaged when they shouldn’t. Here we will examine why a lawn mower might bog down when the blades are engaged.

Why Does Mower Bog Down When Blades are Engaged? (Solved)

Mowers operate on a principle whereby the blades are not rotating while the mower is idle when the engine is off. The blades, when engaged, rotate at a very high speed and are a centrifugal force. The cutting height is adjusted according to the growth of the grass. 

The blades are adjusted higher in the autumn when the grass is growing fast and lower in the spring when the grass is growing slowly.

If the blades are left too high in the autumn, they will throw the grass blades forward instead of cutting them, and if they are too low, the mower will have to work too hard. The same condition applies to a lawn that has been left to grow too long. 

If the mower blades are adjusted too low for the height of the grass, the mower will have to work too hard, and the engine may overheat. If the mower blades are adjusted too high for the growth of the grass, the grass will pass under the mower blades without being cut, and the lawn will not be properly groomed.

What Would Cause a Mower to Bog Down?

Several things can cause a mower to bog down:

1. The mower deck is clogged

If the mower deck is clogged, then it will bog down. The reason for this can be many things:

  • The grass was wet during the last use, so it’s not good for your mower to run through water regularly.
  • You should never run a clogged-up mower in the rain or when there are puddles around you because this could damage your engine and other parts of your machine.

2. The mower blade is dull or bent

If your mower blade is dull or bent, it can cause the mower to bog down. To keep your blades sharp and in good condition, you should sharpen them regularly or replace them if they are completely worn out.

If you hit a curb or other object with the front of your mower, this can also cause damage to the blades. You may need to replace these as well.

3. The mower is low on engine oil

The mower is low on engine oil. In this case, you can check the engine oil level and see if it needs to be topped off. If the machine runs low on oil, your mower will overheat and bog down. To fix this problem, fill up all four wheels with fresh gasoline before starting up again. 

Suppose this does not solve your issue and there are no other issues with your equipment like clogged fuel lines. In that case, you may have a severe problem with your machine’s cooling system that needs immediate attention from qualified professionals.

4. The transmission drive belt is broken or loose

The transmission drive belt is the wrong size for this mower or the wrong type of material, for example, leather vs. synthetic.

How Do Keep Mowers From Bogging Down?

Mowing grass is a chore, but if you’re careful and know what to look for, your lawn will look its best. One of the most common problems with mowers is bogging down in mud or dirt.

Here are some tips for keeping your mower running smoothly through the season:

1. Check the blade

To keep your mower running smoothly, you must check the blade every time you mow. If it’s dull and not cutting efficiently, then it will cause your mower to bog down on grass clumps or other obstacles in its path.

A sharp blade will bounce off these obstacles, making it hard for the mower to turn around them without getting stuck in them first which would be disastrous. 

2. Select the Right Height

Check the manual for the right height for your lawn. If you’re unsure, consult an expert and ask them what would be best for your particular area and type of grass. It might vary from region to region.

3. Clean the Deck

Clean out the deck at the end of the mowing season. The underside of the mower deck is where most of the dirt collects and can cause a bogging down problem. A clean-out will help you keep your mower running smoothly. 

Before cleaning out your mower, check for wear and tear on the deck by running it over a flat surface with no grass or debris to see any cracks. If so, replace them with new parts as necessary before continuing with this procedure for maximum efficiency.

4. Quality of Gasoline

Use the correct grade of gasoline. Avoid using gasoline that is more than a month or two old.

5. Use a quality Spark Plug

Install a good quality spark plug and keep it properly adjusted.

Why Does my Husqvarna Mower Stall When I Engage the Blades?

You might have a faulty brake system. It may be because the mower might be set at the wrong height. You may have to adjust it up or down to make it work.

The cause could be that the mower deck is not level. You may have to check and adjust it as necessary. You may also have a problem with the brake pads. They may be worn out, or maybe the wheels are not turning freely.


If the mower suddenly stops while it is engaged, this could be a few different things. The most common is that the blades are engaged, but the engine is not turning them properly. When the blades are engaged, the mower engine is running, but the blades aren’t turning. This can happen for a variety of reasons. 

The reason for a blade engagement problem is that the blade clutch needs to be engaged and disengaged manually, and this can be done by pulling out the handle behind the front bumper.

If you have a front-mounted blade problem and think the blades are engaged, but the engine is not turning them, you may want to check the shaft where the belt connects to the blades. If it is bent or you have any other damage, the blades may not be turning properly.

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