Most emphasis is placed on how fast and well a lawn mower can cut, not how fast it travels up and down a yard. What’s a fast lawn mower without effectively doing its task?

However, a combined high speed between the blades and the lawn mower’s ability to travel will make mowing faster and less stressful. You know, fast lawn mowing equals more time for relaxing. It is quite understandable to want to increase your lawn mower speed.

How Does Lawn Mower Speed Work?

Every lawn mower will come with a throttle control lever, which functions as speed control. This lever, a plastic slider on the handlebar, will be connected to the engine throttle by a cable hookup. Moving the slider back and forth causes the cable to mechanically transmit the exact motions to the engine throttle, which opens or closes the carburetor.

Doing that allows either a small amount of gas to enter the motor, slowing it down or a large amount of gas, speeding it up. And during the procedure, the throttle control slider is used.

In other cases, the lawn mower comes with a governor which regulates the amount of fuel that enters the engine. Since how fast the mower moves is determined by the amount of fuel that flows into the engine, the governor can be referred to as speed control.

It allows the right amount of fuel to flow into the engine through a spring, which keeps the lawn mower from going above the recommended speed. The spring acts as a fuel regulator. Without the governor, the lawn mower will likely over speed and encounter some damage.

With this same amount of fuel, the blades spin with speed. The blade is powered to spin at an impressive 3000 RPM (Revolutions per Minute), cutting grass as it passes over it.

How To Make A Lawn Mower Go 30 Mph? – Explained

How To Make A Lawn Mower Go 30 Mph?

There are no specific ways to make your lawn mower go faster than it would normally. But you could do some things to keep it running well and fast. The most and easiest way to run your lawn mower at 30 miles per hour is mainly by maintenance.

There are parts of the lawn mower that influences its speed. If those parts are well taken care of, and in good condition, the lawn mower may run faster than normal. So, before you try to make your lawn mower run up to 30 mph, you need to know those parts.

1. Pulley

Lawn mowers come with a system that includes the belt and a pulley. The pulley rotates with the belt around it. This is responsible for increasing or decreasing a lawnmower’s working speed. But over time, the belt loosens, thereby reducing the speed.

Always check the pulley and its belt. Make replacements or tighten the belt on the pulley. If two pulleys are on your lawn mower, you might want to put the belt around the bigger pulley. In some cases, you might need to change the sizes of both pulleys entirely.

2. Engine

Without the engine, the lawn mower cannot move. That is why you need to take proper care of the engine. The most important thing about the engine is the oil. The type of oil you use in your lawn mower affects the engine so much. If the oil is fresh and with the right mixture, your engine will run fast, but if the oil is old or stale, it will strain and damage the engine.

So, if you want a free and smooth rotation from your lawnmower, you must care for your engine by changing the oil regularly.

3. Wheels

The wheels carry the weight of the lawn mower. If the weight of the lawn mower is too much on the wheels, the movement will be slow. Small wheels might be holding your lawn mower back from going fast. It might even be slow because the tires are too small for your lawn with outgrown grass or rough terrain.

4. Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter limits the amount of air that enters the engine. Airflow is very important for a lawn mower. If it is dirty, clean it properly to allow the right amount of airflow into the engine, and if it is damaged, make a replacement.

How To Make A Lawn Mower Go 50 Mph?

50 mph is quite a lot of miles to cover up in 1 hour in the lawn mowing world. It’s possible. Many changes must be made to make a lawn mower go up to 50 mph. With the upgraded versions, you’d probably want to change the parts responsible for the lawn mowers’ movement and speed. Those parts’ new and upgraded models are faster and will cause your lawn mower to be faster.

  • For instance, you might want to change the lawn mower’s engine. However, after changing the engine, you don’t just sit and watch the mower go 50 mph. You must check for the right and new oil to fuel the engine.
  • When changing parts, check your manual or contact the manufacturers for models compatible with your lawn mower.
  • Change the oil frequently into a fresh and clean one.
  • Fresh, unadulterated oil has no impurities that hinder how fast the engine works. It keeps the engine running smoothly, fast, and up to its potential.
  • Change the pulley of your lawn mower to a bigger one. Most lawn mowers come with two pulleys; one attached to its engine and the other at the rear of the mower. Please increase the size of the pulley and tighten its belt.

More, Shorten the governor spring or remove it. This should be the first thing to do when trying to make your lawn mower move faster. The governor regulates the amount of fuel that flows into the engine. It also keeps the lawn mower from overspeeding. It keeps the engine from consuming more than a stipulated amount of fuel. This it does with the help of a spring.

Since having more than the regular amount of fuel flow into the engine will make the engine rotate faster, but the springs stop that from happening, what you have to do is to reduce the spring. After shortening the spring, remove the governor if the mower still does not get faster.

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How Fast Can a Lawn Mower Go?

When cutting and traveling, the speed of a lawn mower is one-factor many lawn owners consider when buying one. Every lawn mower is built to run at its maximum speed.

A lawnmower typically moves between 3 and 6 miles per hour. Typically, a mower’s top speeds depend on the aspects of its construction.

The tractor garden varieties of non-commercial mowers are the fastest. Compared to simple riding models, tractor garden lawnmowers often feature larger engines. These quick tractors typically travel at a speed of 7.5 to 8 MPH. Some can even go as fast as 20 mph, but it will be difficult for most people to reach. This is because there are a lot of factors that can affect the speed. For instance, the terrain of the lawn, how fast and well you move your hands when driving, and the nature of the lawn.

A Product Director for the Residential Lawn Portfolio at AriensCo by the name of Andy Massignan also said a tractor-style riding mower’s normal top speed is around 4 mph. In contrast, a zero-turn lawn mower’s top speed is typically 7-8 mph.

In terms of cutting, a typical lawn mower blade makes a revolution of 2700 to 2900 rpm when in perfect condition.

Does Speeding the Lawn Mower affect its Engine?

Typically, a lawn mower can’t go faster than it has been designed to unless it has been modified or changes have been made. Changes such as removing the governor. The governor is like the speed cruise control. It keeps the engine from speeding up or moving faster than the manufacturer’s recommendation. With the governor in good condition and place, the lawn mower will move safely, and hence no damage will be done to the engine.

If you speed up to the lawn mower’s maximum capacity, there will be no problems. But if the governor is reduced or cheated, the lawn mower will Overspeed. And overspeeding might cause some wear and tears to the engine especially overheating or even fire.

What’s the World’s Fastest Mower?

Honda has left another impression worldwide by beating the records of most lawn mowers. The newest lawnmower from Honda can cut grass with proficiency while being faster than some Ferrari models. By reaching 100 mph in under six seconds, the Honda Mean Mower V2 from a Japanese automobile manufacturer recovered the Guinness World Record for the fastest lawnmower.


Most of all, if every component of the lawn mower is in good shape and condition, the lawn mower will move fast. Why do you think after a new purchase, the lawn mower works effortlessly and smoothly, it’s because its parts are in the best condition possible.

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