How to Empty Gas from a Lawn Mower?

It is the end of the season and you want to store your lawn mower but you might be wondering if it is a good idea to empty the gas. Well, keeping gasoline inside your engine over a long period can potentially damage your lawn mower.

Therefore, whether you want to winterize your lawn mower or you are just packing your mower for a few weeks before using it next, it is necessary to vacant the gas tank of your lawn care equipment. But do you know how to empty gas from a lawn mower?

Luckily, this article will cover all the information you need on how to vacant your lawn mower’s gas tank. Besides, you’ll also get to learn various methods of doing so.

As such, you can safely store your mower over the winter. Firstly, let’s dive into the reasons why it is vital to drain gas from your lawn mower tank.

Key Points:

There are 2 main methods that you can use to empty the gas from the lawn mower:

Why Does it Need to Be Drained?

Gasoline is the component that feeds the engine in your lawn mower. Although this may be true, keeping gasoline inside the engine for extended periods can be harmful to your lawn mower engine.

Remember that your mower operates by burning gasoline in the combustion chambers; this, in turn, releases volatile compounds that dissipate with time. Notably, this lowers fuel combustibility. 

In addition, dissipation leaves behind a sticky residue throughout the engine’s fuel system. When the lawn mower is not in use for an extended period, it is no doubt that the residue settles at the bottom of your lawn mower’s fuel tank thus lowering the condition of the gas.

At the start of the next mowing season, starting the machine will mean that the disintegrated fuel runs through the engine and probably clog the fuel line, fuel filter, or even the carburetor. 

Simply put, sediment formation in the lawn mower’s fuel may cause clogging. As such, draining gas from a lawn mower is a sure way to ensure that the fuel line, fuel filter, and carburetor do not clog. On top of that, it prevents rusting and leaking along the fuel line. Preferably, you should empty the gas from your lawn mower before winterizing.

It’s also important to regularly check on the condition of your lawn mower’s gas tank. In case you are new to lawn care or you are not sure how to empty your lawn mower’s gas tank, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and you’ll find all the information on how to empty your gas tank using a siphon or simple tools at home.

How to Empty Gas from a Lawn Mower? – (2 Easy Methods)

To avoid the negative impacts of leaving the gas on your mower’s engine, you need to drain it. Typically, there are two methods that you can use to empty gas from a lawn mower. Firstly, you can use a siphon. A siphon pump will help you drain all the gas without leaving spills all over. Most importantly, you can siphon gas from riding mowers as well as push mowers. Secondly, you can empty gas from a lawn mower without a siphon. If you aren’t sure how to use either method, then give this article a read.

Empty Gas from Lawn Mower Using Siphon – Method 1

If you want to empty a tank of liquid, using a siphon is the easiest and simplest way. Most importantly, a siphon is ideal for the fuel line in a lawn mower.

Using a siphon, you can suction the gas upwards from the engine’s storage, the gasoline will then subsequently flow downwards and drain the gas tank. To use this method, you will require a siphon and a fuel stabilizer.

Step 1: Add a Fuel Stabilizer

First things first, before draining the gas, you’ll need to add a fuel stabilizer. After adding the stabilizer, you must run the mower’s engine for a few minutes. This helps ensure that the stabilizer spreads through the fuel filter, fuel tank, fuel line, and carburetor.

As such, the stabilized gas that remains anywhere in the fuel system will keep the mower safe and will be ignitable the next time you start the engine.

Notably, the fuel stabilizer helps ensures that the fuel does not dissolve into a sticky residue that would damage the lawn mower’s engine.

Step 2: Cool Down the Lawn Mower’s Engine

After you are sure that the stabilizer has circulated throughout the fuel system, switch off the lawn mower and allow the engine to cool down

Step 3: Park the Lawn Mower On an Even Ground

To start working on your lawn mower, you must park it on level ground. This ensures that fuel from the tank does not leak and spill over.

Step 4: Disconnect the Spark Plug

Lightly pull the spark plug to disconnect it. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that your lawn mower does not start accidentally. Besides, you wouldn’t want accidental sparking while the flammable liquid is still flowing out of the tank. 

Step 5: Empty the Gas Tank

Using a siphon pump is not just the fastest but also the safest way to empty gas from your lawn mower. Whether your siphon pump is automatic or manual, they work with the same mechanism. Simply put, the siphon pump comes as a clear tube with a pump in the middle.

The purpose of the pump is to create initial pressure that allows the gasoline to flow. Consequently, while the gasoline starts to flow consistently through the tube, gravity forces the liquid to flow down the other end of the siphon pump’s tubing.

Notably, you should put the brass end of the hose into the fuel, this ensures that you do not insert the hose backwards. You’ll also need to squeeze the siphon pump severally to start the suction.

Step 6: Cleaning

Next, after you empty all the gas from your lawn mower, remove the hose and clean any gas spills using a clean cloth. In addition, ensure that you clean the oil filters to remove any residual dirt.

In the final step, add some gasoline inside the gas tank and shake it to remove any residue or debris left over then drain out the fuel. Let the gas tank dry out or use an air compressor to dry it.

Connect the Spark Plug:

Finally, you can now connect the spark plug and pack your lawn mower. 

Empty Gas from Lawn Mower Without Siphon – Method 2

On the other hand, you can also empty gas from your lawn mower without a siphon. In this case, you will need a drain container or a drain pan and a hose or a drain tube.

Simply put, to empty gas from your lawn mower without a siphon, you’ll need a tube connecting the fuel in the tank to the outside collecting container.

Besides, pressure is vital to push the fuel through the tube to the container. Check the next section for a step-by-step guide on this.

How to Get Gas Out of Lawn Mower without Siphon?

Step 1: Park your Lawn Mower

The first step before you start working on your lawn mower is to park it on a level surface. Here, you can use the parking brakes to prevent any motion.

Step 2: Disconnect the Spark Plug

As a safety measure, disconnect the spark plug cables. This ensures that the engine does not start accidentally. Ensure to close the ignition then open the mower’s fuel cap.

Step 3: Set Up the Plastic Two Transparent Tubes

You will need two plastic tubes; one should be longer than the other. Place the drain can on the ground just next to the gas tank of your lawn mower. For perfect siphoning, the empty drain container should be lower than the bottom of the gas tank.

Next, insert one end of the longer tube into the mower gas tank, it is better if it reaches the tank’s bottom. Place the other end of the longer pipe into the drain can. Place the shorter tube on the side of the longer tube but its end should not touch the fuel inside the tank.

Now, use a wet piece of rag to seal the fuel cap through which the two tubes were inserted. 

Step 4: Drain the Gas

To empty gas from the lawn mower, blow repeatedly into the open end of the short tube or use an air compressor. The fuel will start flowing out through the longer pipe.

Once the fuel starts to flow out you don’t need to blow again, the pressure difference and gravity will handle the task for you. Wait for all the fuel to come out then remove the pipes and put the fuel cap back in its place.

Step 5: Run the Lawn Mower’s Engine

Some fuel may remain in the tank or along the fuel line. To ensure that you drain 100% of the fuel, run the mower for a few minutes. 

How to Drain Gas from Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower?

Thankfully, there are several ways to remove gas from your Briggs and Stratton lawn mower. The method you use depends on the type of your mower – is it a riding mower or is it a push-behind lawn mower? You can use either of the following methods to empty gas from a Briggs and Stratton lawn Mower:

  • Method 1:

You can use a siphon pump to drain the gas. One end of the hose goes into the gas tank while the other carries the gas to the collecting can.

  • Method 2:

You can also disconnect the fuel line leading to the carburetor and empty the fuel coming out of it in the fuel container. However, you should wait until all the gas drains out. This can take around 30 minutes depending on the amount of fuel initially remaining in the tank.

  • Method 3:

If you have a push or walk-behind lawn mower, you can easily drain the gas by tilting the mower with the air filters upwards to collect the gas. 

How to Drain Gas from Craftsman Lawn Mower?

All Craftsman lawnmowers use Briggs & Stratton engines. If you have a self-propelled lawn mower, draining the gas from it is easy. First, unscrew the cap and tilt your machine on its side. Allow the gas to drip from the gasoline reservoir mouth and into the collecting can. On the other hand, if you have a riding lawn mower:

  • Start the engine and let the gas circulate throughout the fuel system
  • Park the lawn mower on level ground and remove the spark plug
  • Release the drain plug located underneath the mower’s engine and let the gasoline flow out to the collecting can.

What is The Easiest Way To Drain Gas Tank?

As we have already seen, the easiest, fastest and safest way to drain a gas tank is by using a siphon. The lawn mower has fuel lines that are difficult to access and thus, a siphon is an ideal tool for draining the gas.

All you need is a few tools and a little bit of know-how to siphon the gas out of your lawn mower.

How Do You Siphon Gas Out Of Lawn Mower With Hose?

You can siphon gas out of a lawn mower with a hose. In this case, a clear hose is preferred. Besides, you will need a bowl or collecting can. The following simple steps are important:

  • First, park the lawn mower on level ground and remove the spark plug
  • Deep one end of the hose/tubing into the mower’s gas tank
  • Place the other side of the tubing inside the can. The setting is in place. 
  • Next, suck on the tubing/hose until the gas starts to flow through it
  • When the gas reaches a few inches from your mouth, cover the tubing end with your thumb and put the tubing into the collecting can. The gas will flow into the can immediately after you remove the thumb.


Always empty the gas from your lawn mower before packing it away for winter. Besides, you should be keen on the manufacturer’s instructions. And, of course, take the necessary safety measures before starting the process, you don’t want to create a fire hazard or accidental startup of your mower.

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