For a long time, lawn mower has proven its status as an effective, and widely recommended device. It can’t be replaced when it comes to keeping your lawn in an eye-pleasing state. Like any other device, lawn mowers require careful maintenance and an attentive attitude.

Every Honda lawn mower owner faces the challenge of buying mower oil to fill their lawn mower tank. With a wrong approach, this operation can lead to severe implications. We checked how Honda recommends changing it. This article will help you to get a better grasp on what oil for Honda lawn mowers is better.

The answer is simple – buy SAE 10W-30 and check the owner’s manual.

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Things to check in advance

Since Honda lawn mowers are so versatile, the differences between the machines are crucial when buying the best oil for Honda mower oil type models.

Season and climate

Each type of oil has properties that lawn mower owners should bear in mind. Depending on the oil’s viscosity, one type can be used in any weather, while another is only recommended for use with restricted temperatures.

Consider the climate typical for your country. Based on annual weather you can purchase either thicker or thinner oil to use in your lawn mower.

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Engines in Honda lawnmowers fall into the following different types:

  • two-stroke
  • four-stroke

All Honda engines run on unleaded gasoline, but the effectiveness of oil depends on the exact engine type that you use.

If you have a four-stroke engine, the best oil would be different than if you had a two-stroke one. In the manual, you can find all the necessary information about the most effective engine oil for your lawn mower.

The best types of oil listed

The growing demand for Honda lawnmowers proves their versatility and durability. The company provides several series so that everybody can find one for themselves.

The oil of the correct type prevents your Honda lawn mower from rapid failure and also increases its effectiveness.

Are you looking for the most recommended oil for your Honda lawn mower, what are your options? Now let`s find the top oil.

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Most universal and unsurpassed is SAE 10W-30

This is the most optimal mower oil type for a Honda mower. SAE 10W-30, being an all-season synthetic oil, is present in almost every auto shop.

Unlike all other types in this article, SAE 10W-30 is well suited for all weather conditions that you can imagine. Its viscosity is ideal for lubrication at any season of the year, no matter whether it’s hot or cold outside.

Most Honda lawn mowers are recommended to use this oil. For example, for all models from series HRX, HRS, HRN, HRC, HR215, HRB, and others Honda recommends SAE 10W-30 mower oil.

A good choice for cold weather is SAE 5W-30

SAE 5W-30 is also quite popular among Honda lawn mower owners. Whatever popularity it has, this oil is not so versatile.

This type of oil is characterized by lower viscosity, it is nearly irreplaceable in cold climates. Its properties ensure that your lawn mower receives more lubrication when the temperature is low (normally below 30° F).

If you usually purchase SAE 10W-30 for your Honda lawn mower it is a great choice, because this type can make up for the lack of your traditional oil. It will extend the life of the Honda lawn mower and reduce the friction between its parts. Consequently, the engine will wear off more slowly.

Generally, this type can perform its functions as a temporary replacement, but in the long run, Honda recommends choosing a different oil.

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The alternative for all is SAE 0W-20

This is also a recommended oil for almost every Honda lawn mower intended for temporary use. This type stands out for its heaviness in combination with rather low viscosity.

SAE 0W-20 can be good for cold weather conditions. That is, this type of motor oil deals well with the heat that the engine produces and cools the machine down.

Last but not least is SAE 30

Being the seasonal synthetic oil, that is your only option if you have a two-stroke engine. This motor oil can perform its functions well, due to its viscosity, if you constantly live in warmer weather conditions, especially where air temperature reaches 50° F or more.

This type of oil is rather heavy, but SAE 30 is a good alternative when nothing else can be used. It is also the best option if your engine runs on two-stroke oil.

This type is widely used in cars and other vehicles, so you will not have any problems purchasing it.

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Regular oil

It often works relatively well during short periods. In extended use, they can damage the machine engine and shorten its life period.

The above-mentioned oils are made of chemicals. The majority of Honda lawn mower models run on synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil helps to decrease the extent of engine wear and friction. Opting for other types is not the best decision.

Other oils

Other types of oil are not optimal for every Honda lawn mower. Better avoid them to maintain the good condition of the mower and use 10W-30.

Attention! Check what type of oil is recommended for your Honda lawn mower in the owner’s manual.

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Frequency of changing

To understand what time it is better to fill the engine with oil in a Honda lawn mower, you should first consider when you bought it.

In new machines, the process should be carried out sooner than usual. When you start mowing, work for around half an hour and then change the oil.

If your machine is a long-liver, the best period of changing oil is after 50 hours of exploitation. To summarize the numbers, Honda recommends the process should be carried out at least every season for older mowers.

The oil should be changed regularly.

Do not forget about this procedure. The engine must stay cold. Dirty oil leads to overheating and corrosion of the entire engine, moving parts damage.

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How to carry out the change?

After purchasing the appropriate oil lawn owners often run into issues and wonder how to drain the old mixture and pour in the new oil. Although the construction of a mower is simple, some steps can be tricky.

Carelessness can cause irreversible damage both to the engine and your lawn mower in general. Read our guide.

5-step guide on oil refill

If you have just used the Honda lawn mower, stop the engine and let it cool down in advance.

  1. Place the lawn mower on a flat airy surface.
  2. Open the oil filler cap and check the oil level.
  3. Drain the dirty oil in a container.
  4. Fill the fuel with a measured amount of oil.
  5. Close the oil filler cap.

The consistent oil change helps you to maintain the operative state of your Honda lawn mower.

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Tips and recommendations

Do not just throw away the dirty oil! It should be disposed of by environmental standards and principles.

Wear safety gloves when working with the lawn mower to avoid getting injured. If the oil gets on your skin, wash the area.

Measure the recommended amount of oil for your Honda lawn mower beforehand. Filling the engine to the recommended oil level can prevent damage.

You can add more oil during the period of usage. With an appropriate amount of oil, the engine works better.

Prevent the oil from getting on your Honda lawn mower. The outer case of the mowers is normally made of plastic that is easily damaged by motor oil.

Do not forget to get rid of the oil before long periods of inactivity. If the oil stays in the inoperative engine, it deteriorates in quality and initiates corrosion.

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To learn more on the Honda mower oil type read the answers on the frequently asked questions below.

Can I use any oil for Honda lawn mower?

Opting for mower oil apart from those mentioned in the article can have bad consequences. Honda lawn mower engines can function improperly with them. This can lead to severe problems and even failure of the mower. It is better to use the right oil – SAE 10W-30.

Can I use 5w 30 in my Honda mower?

Yes, this is a promising alternative when there is no better engine oil that you can buy. It performs its functions during a frosty time of the year, but that is not an option for all time.

Can I use 0W 20 in my lawn mower?

Yes, that is possible. SAE 0W-20 is not a suitable oil for a Honda lawn mower, but it is a good option in cold weather. During the warmer weather, it needs replacement.

What oil is best for 4-stroke mower?

You are free to choose any option from the article for such a Honda lawn mower engine. The optimal mower oil is undoubtedly SAE 10W-30. This type is what Honda recommends to buy for lawnmowers from its series. If you have other lawn mowers, check on the advice from manufacturers.

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If you question what mower oil to buy for your lawn mower, you should carefully determine your engine category and pay attention to the climate of your country. Different types of oil lubricate better in particular conditions.

You won’t regret buying SAE 10W-30. Known for stable functioning in hot as well as in cold weather, SAE 10W-30 is the correct type and leader of our top. The top suitable options are always listed in the manual.

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