How to Change a Craftsman Leaf Blower to a Vacuum?

Craftsmen are in business for a long time and they are providing the best product for their products. They always make sure to provide maximum use of the product with different attachments.

And that’s the reason that the Craftsman leaf blower comes up with different attachments that you can use as a leaf blower and also a vacuum.

But most people don’t know the actual process to change the leaf blower to a vacuum or change a vacuum to a leaf blower, although it’s really an easy process if you pay attention.

How to Change a Craftsman Leaf Blower to a Vacuum?

These products are not required hard hands because if you apply that then most probably you end up breaking the product. 

So, when you open the box, mainly you are able to find 3 things. 1 nozzle is for a blower that is thin in shape and the other nozzle is for a vacuum that comes in 2 parts and that is bigger than the blower nozzle.

Press the button at the corner and de-attach the blower nozzle, now move to the bottom side where you can see the air fan, here you are also able to see another button, press it.

And try to move the air fan counter-clockwise and open it up.

Here you can able to attach the vacuum nozzle. Just place it in and move it clockwise.

That’s it, now you can attach the bag simply and start using it.

Same repeat the process if you want to convert it back to the leaf blower.

Key Takeaways:

The craftsman leaf blower is all in one product that you can use for both purposes and it saves you money as well.

It’s better to use when the attachment is on the perfect note. I hope this guide will help you out.

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