Can I Use Fix-A-Flat On My Lawn Mower Tire?

A lawn mower is a handy lawn care companion especially if you like to keep top of your lawn maintenance. However, regular use of your lawn mower can lead to a flat tire from time to time due to sharp objects on your lawn or wear and tear.

Replacing the tire can be costly compared to using a sealant on the puncture. Fix-A-Flat is an excellent sealant that can fix your tire and put you back on the road in mere seconds, but is it possible to use it on your lawn mower tire? Read on! 

How Does Fix-A-Flat Work?

First, Fix-A-Flat comes in a yellow canister containing liquid sealant with a small amount of air. If you have a minor puncture, you can use a few inscribed instructions to plug off the tiny holes in your tire with this liquid sealant. All you need to do is to push the button of your Fix-A-Flat can and the air inside the can will force the tire sealant into your tire.

Once the sealant is inside, it seeks out the puncture and seals it out. In the process, your tire also fills up with air enough to get the rim off the ground. Fix-A-Flat is designed to last for three days or 100 miles.

Can I Use Fix-A-Flat On My Lawn Mower Tire?

Now that you know how this aerosol works, you might be wondering if you can use it on your lawn mower tires. Simply put, if your lawn mower tires have inner tubes then you can use Fix-A-Flat when you have minor punctures. Using this sealant will help your lawn mower to run stronger and more efficiently even after getting a puncture. 

Unlike other tires, lawn mower tires are prone to punctures due to the nature of their working condition – debris, dirt, stones, and sticks, just to mention a few. To use Fix-A-Flat on your lawn mower, follow the same procedure as you would for a car tire.

This sealant helps patch up the whole and finish mowing your yard before you can take your equipment to the nearby repair shop. As such, Fix-A-Flat can save lawn mowers a lot of hassle. Nevertheless, this sealant is not a permanent solution to your problem, you need to get your tire repaired or better still, replace it.

Although Fix-A-Flat provides a cheap, fast, and convenient way to seal tire punctures, it could end up damaging your mower tires. Besides, this sealant is designed for automotive highway tires like those of cars, trucks, and SUVs, among others thus is not recommended to use on lawn mower tires. There are a couple of reasons why you should not use Fix-A-Flat on your lawn mower tires, they include:

  • It is not ideal for cold regions
  • The aerosol doesn’t fix major flat tire issues
  • It can damage a repairable lawn mower tire
  • The sealant leads to uneven wear on your tire
  • It can potentially damage your TPMS
  • The sealant can sometimes be corrosive

Can You Use Fix-A-Flat On A Tractor Tire?

Just like lawn mowers, tractor tires are prone to major flat issues. As such, it is not advisable to use Fix-A-Flat on a tractor tire. In other words, Fix-A-flat should not be used in tires on lawnmowers, tractors, ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, and scooters.

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How Do You Fix A Leaking Lawn Mower Tire?

To fix a leaking lawn mower tire, you can use a sealant, plug the tire or patch it.

  • Using Tire Sealant To Fix A Leaking Lawn Mower Tire

As we have discussed above, you can fix a puncture on your lawn mower using a sealant. Nevertheless, this method is not recommended for lawn mower tires and should only be used when there is no other option. Besides, you should take the mower to the repair as soon as possible and advise the tire repair professional that you have already used a sealant.

  • Plugging A Tire

Alternatively, you can use a tire plug kit to fix a hole in your tire. Here, you’ll need cement and a plug to completely cover the puncture.

  • Patching A Lawn Mower Tire

Patching is a truly efficient way to repair your tire. In this case, you will need to patch the sidewall of your lawn mower tire that has a puncture.

Can You Use Fix-a-Flat On A Low Tire?

Fix-A-Flat is a type of tire sealant that is designed for use by highway automotive tires like those in Cars, Trucks, and SUVs, among others. Since a low tire is mostly used on cares, you can use Fix-a-Flat on a low tire. Nevertheless, this sealant is not a perfect solution for your puncture problem; it only allows you to get back on the road before you can get to the nearest repair shop.

How to Replace the Tire If Fix-A-Flat Doesn’t Work?

When using your lawn mower, you’ll need to know how to deal with some faulty parts including the tires. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, replacing a tire on your mower can be a daunting task. As such, the following guide on how to change a lawn mower tire is vital.

  • Disconnect The Spark Plug

First things first, disconnect the spark plug to ensure your safety when working on the mower. Disconnecting the spark plug ensures that your machine does not start unexpectedly and therefore helps avoid unfortunate accidents

  • Adjust Your lawn Mower Jack

To start working on your tire, you need to lift your mower to a convenient height using a jack. Placing the jack under the frame rail ensures that you do not damage any parts of your lawn mower.

  • Remove The Tire From Your Lawn Mower

Remove the debris cap that is installed in the middle of the wheel. You can use pliers to unscrew the wheel pin and collect the washer attached to it. Moreover, try pulling the tire back and forth using your hands; this will remove it from the wheel axle. 

  • Detach The Valve Stem

Carefully release air from the tire by unscrewing the tire’s valve core. You can later replace another valve core. Next, you’ll need to remove the wheel rim and clean it. You can easily remove the rim using screwdrivers.

  • Install your New Tire

Use screwdrivers to attach the new tire to the rim. A solution of soap and water can be applied to the sides of the new tire to ease the process. Moreover, make sure that the valve stem is properly set. After this, you can inflate the tire, remove the jack and reconnect the spark plug. Your lawn mower is now ready for use.


Fix-A-Flat is a convenient aerosol spray that you can use to fix punctures in your lawn mower. When using this sealant, it operates by sealing leaks in the rubber tubing of your tire. Using this product, however, has its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on whether you should use this sealant on your lawn mower tires or not.

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