Many lawn mowers are the best solution for the care of your garden, although there are situations in which explosions can occur. There are petrol lawnmowers, with 2-stroke engines, but you may also see corded or battery-powered electric options. No matter what type of lawn mower you have, the risk of explosion still exists.

It is even one of the classic big problems that many people encounter at some point in the use of their lawnmower. Many of these situations are exaggerated by users or expressed incorrectly. This often happens when users do not properly maintain their mower but don’t want to say so.

If you are a novice user of a lawn mower, then you need the following information that we have researched for you. Perhaps you have also wondered in which situations a lawn mower can explode? You can find out the main reasons for an explosion or the start of a fire on your lawnmower below.

We also describe the best way to prevent a fire or explosion in your lawn mower. So, if you want your new lawn mower to give you a long and healthy life, you should read the following answers to the most common questions.

Can a Lawn Mower Explode? – In-Depth Guide

Can a Lawn Mower Explode?

To answer quickly we can point out that a lawnmower can explode as it includes everything necessary for it to do so. Inside every lawnmower, we can find a fuel tank, among other flammable parts. When a lawnmower gets too hot for various reasons, a small fire can start.

The real problem is when this fire reaches the fuel tank. So it is important to understand the main reasons why a lawn mower fire can start. While lack of maintenance increases the likelihood of a fire, there is no difference between petrol or electric lawnmower.

The result can be a fire or explosion even if you have a corded or battery-powered electric mower. Either of the latter 2 options also includes everything necessary for an explosion under the right factors. One of the main external causes of an explosion on a lawn mower is the lawn itself.

A lawnmower is usually not designed to cope with every type of grass. If the grass is too tall or too thick, the likelihood of a lawn mower fire increases significantly. Grass that is too tall is often the main cause of lawn mowers catching fire and becoming permanently damaged.

Grass that is too high can be high enough to clog the air filter and enter various engine compartments. Much of this debris from grass clippings or branches can enter the muffler or the most important parts of the engine. When this happens the results are negative as the engine temperature increases significantly.

When the temperature is excessively hot in the engine fire is inevitable. If only a small part of the lawnmower catches fire, it can be enough to set the whole machine on fire. This also includes the explosion of the fuel tank when the fire reaches this part of your lawnmower.

Tall, thick grass is not only a problem that can cause your lawn mower to explode. Wet grass is also one of the most common problems. Everyone who mows wet grass with their lawn mower may encounter a problem at some point. So it is important to know that dry grass is the only grass that can be cut without problems.

Another problem external to your mower can be rocked. A lawn mower is usually designed with blades made of steel or some kind of metal. Hence, when these blades at high speed hit rocks on the ground, sparks are produced. These sparks can start a fire when the grass is too dry.

All this can happen while your lawnmower is in the same place where the fire starts. The same chain reaction occurs here if your lawn mower catches fire in a small area. The fire will find its way to the fuel tank and then produce an explosion that can be dangerous.

On the other hand, moments of high temperature can also produce an excessive temperature rise in your lawn mower’s engine. Keep in mind that any running engine produces a certain level of temperature. This temperature is regulated with the help of the engine oil along with the cooling system of each machine or vehicle.

However, the ventilation system, engine oil, or coolant of a machine or vehicle cannot cope with the external temperature. So when the temperature of the engine in operation is added to the high summer temperatures, the chances of a fire are significantly higher.

It is best to operate your lawnmower outside at the hottest time of the day. The best times are usually late in the evening or early in the morning.

What Would Cause a Lawn Mower to Catch Fire?

As we have mentioned here can be internal factors or external factors that can cause a lawn mower to catch fire. The first of these is undoubtedly the internal factor that relates to the maintenance of your lawnmower. The air filter or fuel filter can become clogged, as can the fuel line.

The engine oil also needs to be replaced from time to time as it loses effectiveness over time. This is all part of essential maintenance. When this maintenance does not take place, the mower can overheat from the engine. So if the temperature is too high, the fire starts.

Overgrown grass or wet grass is another factor that can cause a fire on your mower. Either of these types of grass can clog the air filter or get into the various spaces inside your mower. This hinders the proper operation of your mower, raising the temperature high enough to cause a fire.

Operating your mower on rocks, oil, or fuel residue is also a problem. High-speed steel blades can strike these liquids or rocks to produce sparks. Combine this with a dry lawn and hot weather, and one of the most likely results you can expect is a lawn mower fire.

A day with too high a temperature can also be enough to cause your mower to catch fire and die. Coolant or engine oil are fluids that are prepared to cope with the temperature of the engine. Engine oil that is not designed to cope with high ambient temperatures will not be sufficient to prevent your lawn mower from catching fire.

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How to Prevent a Lawn Mower From Exploding?

One of the most important factors in maintaining the life of your lawn mower is maintenance. Any machine such as a lawn mower or even a vehicle requires proper maintenance to provide maximum life. A lawn mower that is not properly maintained is more likely to explode.

Part of the maintenance is replacing the engine oil. This fluid usually has a certain life span and should be replaced every few hours of use of your lawn mower. There are also different engine oils, such as blended oils or synthetic oils. Synthetic oils are the most expensive and also the most efficient due to their additives.

Additives are important as they allow you to clean the inside of your lawnmower more efficiently. Even cleaning is another factor that must be taken into account in maintenance. From time to time it is important to use a carburetor cleaner, among other cleaners to take care of the inside and outside of your mower.

Maintenance also includes the replacement of all deteriorated parts. One of the parts that should be replaced from time to time is the air filter. This filter is responsible for allowing air into the combustion chamber to mix with the fuel, keeping all debris and dirt out of the engine. This part can be washed if it is a reusable filter.

Finally, it is highly recommended to use your lawn mower at the less hot times of the day. The most common times are usually dawn or dusk. Mowing wet grass or grass that is too high and thick should also be avoided. Many mowers are not equipped to handle these types of grass.

Can a Lawn Mower Catch on Fire?

Yes, a lawn mower can catch fire with the right factors. Remember that there are both internal and external factors that cause a lawn mower to catch fire. While this machine has many metal parts that are difficult to catch fire, there are also other plastic parts and even a gas tank inside.

All of these can catch fire with the right conditions that you need to check. A lawn mower catching fire is a very dangerous situation because of the gas tank itself. This type of explosion can injure someone, although not all explosions are the same as it depends on the capacity of the gas tank.

In any case, lack of maintenance or improper use of a lawnmower is more than enough to cause a fire on this machine. Lack of maintenance causes a fire to start from inside the mower. The fire can also start on the outside and will reach your mower if the mower is too close to it.

An example of this is the collision of the metal blades with stones due to traces of petrol on the ground. This produces the sparks necessary for the dry grass to catch fire. The situation is even worse on a hot day or in hot weather. It should also be noted that any lawn mower can catch fire, both petrol, and electric options.

Can a Gas Mower Explode?

A petrol lawnmower can explode under various circumstances. If your lawn mower is not properly maintained, the engine can overheat and the temperature can become too high. Of course, if the temperature produced by the engine is too high, a fire will start.

Regardless of where the fire starts inside your lawn mower, the fire also spreads to the entire lawn mower. This also includes the fuel tank of any gasoline-powered lawn mower. Normally the explosion occurs when the gas tank is the one that explodes.

Can a Lawn Mower Battery Explode?

Contrary to what many people may think, a battery-powered lawn mower can also explode. Many batteries have hydrogen and other components such as lead plates nearby. Every battery has a certain life span, just as every other part of a lawnmower does.

Hydrogen is usually a part of a lawnmower and only requires a spark that can come from the battery itself. This is what causes a lawn mower to explode. Another reason that can cause explosions is the charging of your lawn mower’s battery.

Many users use some kind of power source to charge their lawn mower’s dead battery. The explosion can occur when the voltage is not the same between the power source and the battery to be charged. So this explosion can be dangerous and can damage your lawn mower.

How Do You Know if Your Lawnmower is Blown?

There are some very obvious signs that a lawn mower is burnt out. One of the first signs is noticing oil leaks. You can leave your lawn mower in one place and then check for oil drops on the ground. Another factor that can occur with oil leaks is the appearance of smoke from any part of the mower.

Excessive smoke from your mower is never a good sign. The mower may also operate despite having some parts melted. Here you may notice a low level of pressure or power.

Another less frequent sign is the presence of decreased compression. For this, you can perform the compression test. If your mower fails and does not pass this test, this is a clear symptom of a blown mower.


When you have the right information, you can prevent an explosion or fire on your lawn mower. In short, it’s all about proper maintenance and responsible use. You can even save a lot of money by taking care of your lawn mower, as you won’t need repairs or even a new lawn mower.

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