Most gardeners have complained about how difficult it is to get their fallen pine needles into a pile and eventually get rid of them. These pine needles can be a little too difficult to deal with. It is even worse because there seems to be no tool that can efficiently clear them. Hence the need for not just any leaf blower but the best leaf blower for pine needles.

Getting the best leaf blower is on every yard owner’s list. Of course, everybody wants the best snowblower.

But then you ask yourself, what do I want in a leaf blower? Yes, it is for blowing leaves out of the yard but what should it be made of? What should I look out for?

And when you eventually have answers to those questions, another one pops up. Which is the best? Which one of the best is my best? And you keep wondering if the questions will end.

Well yes, it will, at least with the help of this review list I hope. But before we move on to the top best leaf blowers for your pine needles, let’s get to know a couple of things.

The amount of air produced and the speed at which it is produced by a leaf blower are measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute and Miles Per Minute respectively.

Both of them are what make a leaf blower what it is and are very essential. One almost matters as much as the other but in most cases, the former should be more than the latter.

Will a Leaf Blower Work on Pine Needles?

Pine needles are hard to handle. The leaf blower might perform the same task as a rake but it is 10 times faster and more effective.

It can clear all kinds of leaves and pine leaves needles too. It is capable of shifting large-sized pine needles effectively.

Comparison Table

EKACO Cordless Leaf Blower

EKACO Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Ultra Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower
  • Include 21V 4.0Ah Battery and Charger
  • 6 Adjustable Speeds And 2 Adjustable Tubes
Check Price
Husqvarna Gas Blower

Husqvarna Gas Blower

  • Powerful Clearing Performance
  • Ergonomic Features
  • Easy Starting and Operation
Check Price
Craftsman B215 Blower

Craftsman B215 Blower

  • High performance
  • Faster starts
  • User friendly
Check Price
Makita BHX2500CA Blower

Makita BHX2500CA Blower

  • Gas Powered
  • Dual-stage air filter
  • Compact design
Check Price


  • 2-cycle full crank engine
  • Faster starts
  • Lightweight design
Check Price

10 Best Leaf Blowers for Pine Needles Reviews 2023

Best Leaf Blowers for Pine Needles

1. EKACO Cordless 21V Leaf Blower

Talking about wind control, the built-in motor of the EKACO leaf blower blows so much air. Air as much as 320 CFL and 180 MPH.

Ekaco understands that the noise produced by leaf blowers can be too much for the ear. This they showed by including in the package, earplugs to protect your ears while working.


Although there are no stated facts about the warranty for the body of this unit, its battery is backed up by a 2-year warranty. So, you can return the battery if, within two years of use, you are not impressed with its performance.


Powered by a 5.0Ah battery, this 6.17 pounds device moves leave at a fast speed. Its ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip for its user.

It’s got an LED display which shows the battery status. It shows when the battery is fully charged and when it isn’t. It also comes with a trigger lock that prevents accidental start-ups.


This leaf blower pushes leaves at a speed of 320 Cubic Feet per Minute. This can move leaves for up to 180 miles per hour (Mph). It also has 6 adjustable speed levels from low to high.

Battery life:

This leaf blower is powered by a 21 volts 5.0Ah which when fully charged can last up to 1-3 hours of use at a low level and 25 to 40 minutes of use at a high-speed level.


This leaf blower produces low noise, as low as 60-75 decibels. Compared to most leaf blowers, the noise is quite bearable.

EKACO Cordless 21V Leaf Blower
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Takes just a little space
  • Little noise
  • Durable
  • Might be a little too heavy for long hours of use
Ekaco provides the best option for yard owners who love their yard to constantly be clean, dry, and fresh. It is even so easy to use that kids can be allowed to use it.

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2. Husqvarna 125B Handheld Gas Blower

The Husqvarna Handheld blower is a gas-powered leaf blower that offers one of the best fast providing high clearing power. By producing a speed of 170 Mph and air as much as 425 Cfm, provides enough reason for this leaf blower to make any of the top lists especially mine.

This power provides a faster working period and even less possibility of arm fatigue. Although, arm fatigue becomes quite possible if it is used on a very large piece of land.

Just like most products manufactured by Husqvarna, this attractive orange-coloured leaf blower draws the attention of neighbours and even passerby to your yard.

The name might be hard to pronounce but through years of service and diligence, their products have earned the trust and admiration of most yard owners.

Specifications and warranty:

The Husqvarna leat blower is backed up by a 2 years warranty. Its specs are a thing to look out for in most leaf blowers. It’s got a 1.1 HP motor that powers its ability to produce a revolution up to 8000 rounds per minute, 425 CFM, and 170 Mph.

It weighs up to 9.4 pounds. The nozzle length can be adjusted to fit the distance between you and the leaf you want to put away.

Automatic On System And Cruise Control:

Without leaving a finger on a button, the machine continues to blow leaves non-stop after it has been switched on. Just a press of the button and all you have to do is to hold it and point the nozzle towards the direction of your choice.

As for the cruise control button, it allows the leaf blower to work continuously at a steady speed of your choice.

Air volume and capacity:

It produces as much air as 425 Cfm and at a speed of 170 Mph. This is even made possible by its narrow nozzle which directs the air pointedly at the area you want to be cleared.

Husqvarna 125B Handheld Gas Blower
  • Very durable and easy to maintain
  • Great value for the money
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
  • Powerful CFM and MPH
  • Quite heavy
  • Uses pure gasoline only

Before I close the chapter on the talks about this leaf blower, you should know something. The Husqvarna Handheld Gas Blower cannot be powered by fuels that contain ethanol. This is because ethanol damages the machine.

This should not be much of a problem for yard owners who do not take pleasure in a machine that takes too much time and energy to turn on. Within just three easy pulls, the Husqvarna starts powerful and ready for use. So if you don’t mind the fuel thingy, you should go for the Husqvarna 125B handheld leaf blower.

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3. Craftsman B215 Leaf Blower

The Craftsman needs no introduction. Its name speaks for it. Their diligence in the production of quality items has never failed and undoubtedly did not fail with the Craftsman B215 gas leaf blower. This leaf blower is designed with features that make clearing a yard easy and even more so easy to get rid of stubborn pine needles.

Powered by a powerful 25cc motor, this unit blows up to 430 CFM of air with a speed of up to 200 Mph. Although packed in an all-compact design, it perfectly clears a yard within a short period of work time.

One interesting feature designed in this leaf blower is the start-up technology. In just three steps, the unit starts up, ready to clear the yard of all sorts of leaves including pine needles.

No need for continuous pulling or dragging just prime, choke and pull. The package even comes with free oil at purchase so you do not have to run around looking for oil at the first trial.


The Craftsman B215 Leaf blower comes with a 2 years limited warranty.


It weighs 6.33 pounds and is powered by a 25cc 2-cycle engine which propels the unit to produce string air at a high speed. It’s got a translucent tank that allows you to know e Heather or not it needs a refill. It’s also got a variable speed throttle that allows for more control.

Air volume and Velocity:

Propelled by a powerful motor, the device produces 430 CFM of airflow at a speed of 200 Mph.

Easy start technology:

Engineered in this unit is a system that requires just three actions to start the device. So once you prime, choke and pull on the leaf blower, it comes on easily.

Craftsman B215 Leaf Blower
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Strong and durable
  • Good value for the money
  • See-through tank
  • A little on the heavy side
  • No straps to ease carriage
The craftsman B215 leaf blower is a great accessory to any yard. Although it is a perfect fit for household cleaning and small yards, it can still clear a large yard. This would however require that the leaf blower be charged in between use.

4. Makita BHX2500CA Blower

If you check most of the review lists of the best leaf blowers for pine needles on the internet, you will find that an item from Makita will not be missing. Every machine works differently and everybody has their preference.

So the Makita might not be found on review list A but it can be found on review list B, that does not make it any less one of the best. But you don’t have to worry, the Makita BHX2500CA is on almost everyone’s list. It is no surprise why.

Firstly, it features a 24.5cc engine that is made of a 4-stroke system. Any leaf blower with this type of engine is very easy to use. You don’t have to try to mix the fuels, hence a reduction in stressing your brain over measurements.

The engine is designed to do its measurement by itself. All you have to for I pour the fuel and oil into the different compartments created for them and the engine will do its mixing by itself. The engine is easy to start and provides effective clearing of leaves.


The Makita BHX2500CA comes with a 23.5cc 4-stroke engine and a tank capable of holding up to 17.7 oz of fuel. That is enough to clean the yard for probably more than 2 days depending on how large the yard is. It produces 67dB of noise, a little less than most leaf blowers.

Warranty and weight:

The part of the leaf blower that is involved in emissions, they are backed by 2 years warranty and a year warranty for the other parts. It also weighs 9.8 pounds. It is probably not the smallest of its peers but it is lighter than a couple of its peers too.

Airflow and velocity:

it produces 358 CFM of air at a speed of 145 Mph. With this amount of production, clearing leaves from the yard will be done within a shorter period.

Powerful performance:

it is powered by a 24.5cc 4-stroke engine. This engine works to produce large amounts of air at a very high speed. Despite its power, the engine is very easy to start up. The 4 stroke design of the engine allows for the separation of oil from the fuel.

Makita BHX2500CA Blower
  • Four-stroke engine
  • The fuel tank is big
  • User-friendly design
  • A little bulky
  • Low mph
  • The oil system might cause smoke sometimes
The Makita BHX2500CA might no the most powerful tool on the list but it promises to deliver an efficient job of clearing the pine needles from your garden or yard. It is most suitable for large yard cleaning and can still be used for household cleaning. For household cleaning, it would be even faster.

5. CRAFTSMAN B235 Handheld Blower

Here is a tested and trusted battle-ready leaf blower from the trustworthy Craftsman by the name Craftsman B235. It is powered by a 2-cycle engine carrying up to 27cc of energy which produces up to 450 CFM of airpower at a speed of 150 mph.

The airspeed might not seem much but I have seen worst. Its mph does not stop it from providing efficient service to your yard.

It is built with ergonomically designed features that reduce the chances of fatigue and produces comfort for the user when in use. A

ccording to the manufacturers, this unit has been designed to provide a smart yet fast work experience and with it, you do not have to work hard.

Luckily with the help of its translucent tank, unexpected turn-offs when in use will be reduced. It prepares you to refill the tank even before the fuel gets exhausted.

Warranty and Weight:

The Craftsman B235 gas leaf blower is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It also weighs 10.2 pounds.


It features a variable speed throttle which allows for multiple speed control when in use with cruise control buttons that allow the user to continue working without operating manually. It produces 70db of noise.

Powerful performance:

Its 27cc 2-cycle engine provides enough power to blow leaves at a high speed and good distance.

Airflow and velocity:

It blows up to 450 CFM of air at 150 mph. It provides effective cleaning of the yard within a short period. You can also go for cleaning gutters leaf blowers instead.

Easy start-up technology:

The leaf blower can be started with just three steps. They are the prime, choke and pull.

CRAFTSMAN B235 Handheld Blower
  • Less vibration
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable handle
  • High performance
  • Quite on the heavy side
  • Low mph
With CRAFTSMAN B235, clearing pine needles becomes a breeze of activity with little or no pain after use. The leaf blower is a very good option for yard owners with sensitive palms. This is because the handle is designed to provide comfort and absorb vibration emitted from the unit.

6. BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Leaf Blower

The Black and Decker BV6000 is a three-in-one leaf blower and mulcher. It not only blows leaves like a hurricane, but it also vacuums and mulches them into compost. It can mulch up to 16 bags of leaves.

The Black and Decker BV6000 includes a metal impeller that helps minimize clogging, unlike some other mulchers that have a plastic impeller.

You’re less likely to harm the impeller if you pick up an acorn or a little stone. In most cases, sticks and stones should be cleared from the yard before using leaf vacuums.

Weight and Warranty:

The BLACK+DECKER BV6000 weighs 8.1 pounds. To make it easy to carry, it comes with an adjustable strap. It also comes backed with a 2 years limited warranty


it is corded and powered by electricity. It produces up to 68 dB of noise, way less than most leaf blowers. it’s got a replaceable dirtbag where vacuumed and munched leaves enter. The bag makes it easy to dispose of the leaves.

Powerful performance:

it is a 12 amp device armed with two variable speeds. These two variable speeds allow the leaf blower to blow at various speeds depending on how much or big the pine needles are. Its power produces air up to 400 CFM at a speed of 250 mph.

3 in one device:

This leaf blower could serve as a leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher depending on the task at hand and what you need.

BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Leaf Blower
  • The dirtbag is replaceable
  • Has a shoulder strap for was carriage
  • Easy to swap from vacuum to blower
  • Cannot be used for large spaces
  • No battery; Plugging the cable while in use restrict movement
  • Fan blades can be accessed when in use
Rated with a 4.5 by most people, the BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum is a good accessory to the yard. It might have some drawbacks but it is not enough to deny that it is still one of the bests. Its 3-in-1 features make it even more outstanding.

7. Poulan Pro PRB26 Leaf Blower

The Poulan Pro PRB26 comes with many beneficial features that provide the right amount of effectiveness required of a leaf blower. It is equipped with a 25cc 2-cycle engine. This engine produces power so much that it can move leaves at a speed of 200 mph with airflow up to 470 cfm.

Its durability allows for year-round use without a tear. Well, as long as it is maintained properly. It also comes with a trigger variable speed control which provides a stable blowing condition.


The Poulan Pro PRB26 weighs 11 pounds.


Equipped with a 26cc, 2 cycle engine, this unit can produce 470 Cfm of airflow at a speed of 270 mph.

Poulan Pro PRB26 Leaf Blower
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Very affordable
  • Good airflow and speed
  • A little too heavy
  • Quite noisy
Although it is not stated, the warranty of the Poulan Pro PRB26 is very good. It is very affordable and easy to use. If you read through, you will find that the cons of this device are very minimal and negligible. That is because these units are inspected thoroughly before they are put on the market.

8. WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower

While making my research about this leaf blower, I was quite surprised at how much it offers but yet still very affordable. As another user would say, it’s like having a jet engine in your yards.

This device produces a whooping amount of air up to 600 cfm at a great speed of 110 mph. You can imagine how fast you get to finish your task if you use this leaf blower.

It comes with a turbine engine that delivers a great amount of air and that is not even the last of the powerful features designed in this blower. Coupled with the engine is its nozzle. It delivers directional control directing the air to where it is needed.


This compact-designed leaf blower can produce 600 cfm of air with a speed of 110 miles per hour. It is also a 12A leaf blower equipped with 2-speed variables.

Quality air nozzle:

This device features a detachable and adjustable nozzle to help deliver a large amount of air.


it weighs up to 6 pounds

WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower
  • Absolute lightweight
  • Can be stored easily and in small spaces
  • Comfortable and compact design
  • No battery
The WORX WG520 works for small yards and large yards, unlike most leaf blowers that are either for large yards or all yards. There is a lot about this leaf blower that cannot just be talked about. You can only experience them when you use them. They are all good things, everything a yard owner could ever dream of.

9. DEWALT DCBL720P1 Leaf Blower

Although its Mph might not be high enough, the DEWALT DCBL720P1 leaf blower is designed with a unique feature responsible for this. It is the axial fan. It is responsible for the high amount of cfm produced.

This leaf blower is a brushless motor and if you have used or heard about brushless motors, you would know that it is a very advantageous feature to have. Brushless motors are long-lasting and they provide more power to help finish a task fast and easily.

Warranty and weight:

The DEWALT DCBL720P1 leaf blower weighs up to 9.7 pounds. It is also backed up by a 3 years warranty.

Powerful performance:

This 20v brushless blower is powered by a powerful battery that produces 400 CFM of air volume at a spend of 90 mph.


It comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery and a charger so you can start using your tool immediately after purchase.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 Leaf Blower
  • Easy to start
  • User-friendly design
  • Powerful and efficient
  • A little on the heavy side
  • Low Mph
The DEWALT DCBL720P1 leaf blower is another great choice but most suitable for a small yard. In case you choose to get one of these, you should look out from the fan. Why? you may ask. This is because the fan will try to suck in your cloth especially if it is a loosely fitted cloth. Funny tight? Yes, but it is at the same time annoying. That aside, it is an impressive accessory.

10. DEWALT DCBL722B Leaf Blower

Having checked a couple of leaf blowers, so far the DEWALT DCBL722B is one of the few leaf blowers that produce noise less than 65 dB. It is also probably the most lightweight on the list with a weight of 5.4 pounds.

To ensure safety and stable speed, it comes with a speed lock. The speed lock ensures that the speed you choose from the variable speed control does not change to a higher or lower level. It stays the way you want it.

Warranty and weight:

The Dewalt DCBL722B Leaf blower comes with a 3-year warranty and a 1-year service warranty. It also weighs up to 5 pounds

Powerful performance:

Powered by a DEWALT DCB205, although sold differently, this unit is propelled to produce 450 Cfm of air all at a speed of 125 miles per minute. This unit on its own carries a heavy 20 volts.


When fully charged, the battery can last from up to 1 hour and 27 minutes when used at a high speed and 12 minutes when used at a low speed. It is powered by a DEWALT DCB205 battery.

DEWALT DCBL722B Leaf Blower
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low battery life
Designed to be small yet powerful enough to perform its task, the DEWALT DCBL722B offers users proper direction for their blowing and reduces fatigue. The variable speed control and locks make it even better by keeping the control under your control.

Buying Factors

Additional accessories or attachments: accessories and attachments such as vacuum kits, disposable bags, gutter kits, and blower head tips come with leaf blowers. Those attachments however depend on the time of the year.

In some seasons leaves fall so much that disposing of them as you would normally do can be a little difficult, hence the need for those accessories. when getting a leaf blower, it is best to check if those attachments will be needed.

1. Fuel

Fuel for your equipment is required, and understanding which one will meet your requirements is critical. Battery, corded, and gas are the three types of fuel for blowers. Each is useful and gets the task done, although one may be better suited to the job than the other. Check which suits your task.

2. Power Source

The source from which your leaf blower gathers its strength has a way of determining how versatile your leaf blower will be. You might have heard a couple of times about using a leaf blower in place of a snowblower, well it’s true and very possible.

If your leaf blower is powerful but powered by electricity, it could be a problem when you want to use it as a snowblower. But if it is powered by gas, there will be no limitations to using it.

3. Right Brand

Manufacturers must be trustworthy and reliable. Because of reviews and the fact that people have used an item made by one manufacturer or the other at some point in their lives, determining the correct brand should be simple. To select the best leaf blower for you, read reviews, make inquiries, and conduct research.

4. Speed

Two things make a leaf blower more powerful than the other and should be looked out for. It is the Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and the Miles Per Hour (MPH). A lot of leaf owners make the mistake of considering the MPH before the CFM, even though I did at some point too.

The MPH refers to how fast the air is produced while the CFM refers to the amount of air. Both of them are almost equal in value but you need the leaf blower to produce more air than more speed.

5. Lightweight

When purchasing a leaf blower, the size counts a lot. If you have a huge yard that will take a long time to clean up, you should invest in a lighter leaf blower. Because you’ll have to drop the leaf blower in between blows if the leaf blower is too heavy, you’ll get arm fatigue and take longer to complete the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best tool to pick up pine needles?

Various tools serve as the best options to pick up pine needles. These options include leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, specialized rakes, and lawn sweepers.

Lawn blowers can blow the pine needle into a pile to be packed, and vacuums will pick them up but rakes even specialized can be a little difficult because of the space between the tongs. Lawn sweepers provide a much better option for licking up pine needles.

  • What kind of Leaf Blower is best for pine needles?

If you have been reading this review, you will find that all of the items talked about are the real deal. But of course, in every class, there is always one that suits the task most. In this case, it is the WORX WG520. It is a corded turbine blower and is very powerful. Powerful enough to deal with every size of pine leaves.

  • Should pine needles be removed?

Pine needles that have fallen to the ground should be removed. Although pine needles can be used as garden mulch, they contain a high degree of acidity that can injure plants and grasses, making them particularly harmful to lawns and gardens if left on the ground. read more


One of the things I must have forgotten to mention is the brushless motor. Leaf blowers with brushless motors provide more power than the other types. A Brushless motor offers more torque and reduces friction.

They even last longer than the others when fully charged. However, be it a leaf blower with a brushless motor or one without, the longevity of its life depends on maintenance.

I hope this article was helpful and now you have more information on which leaf blower to go for. I wish you luck on our search.

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