Maintaining artificial grass is not easy at all, the one who has that can relate with me. People use different methods to clean the artificial grass and one of them is using a leaf blower. If you are one of those who think about using this method to clean it. Then you came to the right place because we are going to give some best leaf blowers for artificial grass that makes your life easier.

Can you use a leaf blower on artificial grass?

Well, the simple and straight answer is yes you can use it, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind and there are some ways that you can adopt to clean the turfgrass I will disclose that method later in this guide so stay with me.

Comparison Table

Product NameFeaturesCheck Price
Greenworks Pro 80V Blower80V lithium-ion battery, 600 CFM, 125 MPH, cordlessCheck Price
Makita XBU05Z 18V Cordless Blower18V LXT lithium-ion battery, 4-speed motor, cordlessCheck Price
Greenworks Pro 80V 125 MPH Blower80V lithium-ion battery, 600 CFM, 125 MPH, cordlessCheck Price
BLACK+DECKER LSW40C Blower40V lithium-ion battery, air speed up to 130 MPH, cordlessCheck Price
Sun Joe IONBV-CT Cordless Blower40V 4.0 Ah rechargeable ion battery, variable speed dial, cordlessCheck Price

Top 5 Best Leaf Blowers for Artificial Grass in 2023

With so many options in the market, you must be confused that which is the best product when it comes to battery-powered leaf blowers for artificial grass. Here we test out multiple products and pass them through different phases and choose our top 5 picks for you. Make sure you give proper time to read out their features, pros, and cons to understand which works for you.

Best Leaf Blowers for Artificial Grass

1. Greenworks Pro 80V Blower

Greenworks Pro 80V Blower

In every marketplace, the brand race is really important and many brands run on this road with their products. Greenworks is one of them and they know how to perform better when it comes to providing leaf blowers.

They build Greenworks Pro BL80L01 to keep a few things in mind and provide us with a good clear product at affordable rates.

Some key features:

  • Source: Battery Powered
  • Weight: 82.56 Ounces
  • Colours: Comes in 2 which is black and green
  • Comes with 145 MPH / 580 CFM

Battery Powered: (80V)

That is one of the main reasons why I pick this product for people who looking for a battery-powered leaf blower 80V. Now the thing is, this feature provides you with much flexibility when you are going to use it. Sometimes you don’t have electricity sockets where you have your artificial grass that’s where battery operated leaf blowers help you out to clean up the mess.

Less Noise:

Normally, blowers come up with a lot of noise which means when you are going to use them it creates irritation for you and for other people as well, But Greenworks keep this minimum for their users and make this product more efficient.


The design is very clean and you can handle it with one hand because of its less weight. They are providing smooth operations and buttons which is visible enough to use and you can control them easily.

  • One charge can give you long usage
  • 80 V Battery
  • Easy speed adjust
  • You can’t charge the battery when it is connected to the blower

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2. Makita XBU05Z 18V Cordless Blower

Makita XBU05Z 18V Cordless Blower

With our top pick, we have our 2nd pick too and that is Makita XBU05Z 18V Cordless Blower the reason behind picking this product is really simple and that is it’s really easy to use even you are new in all of this matter. There are some key points that we highlighted below to describe this product better.

Some key features:

  • 219 MPH Air velocity
  • 18V LXT battery
  • Soft grip handle
  • Easy to clean corners too
  • Compact and ergonomic design

Air velocity:

Air velocity plays an important in the performance and Makita makes sure to provide this here we 219 MPH airflow which is good enough for throwing leaves from artificial grass.

Compact and ergonomic design:

Its compact and ergonomic design help you to use the blower well like you can not feel tired after some time of using it and the size of this product make it more lightweight and compact.


They are providing a 6.0Ah 18V LXT battery which is not included in the package and you have to buy it separate to use. The battery provides you around 15 to 20 minutes of use if you are using it with full capacity. If you slow down the airflow the time duration increase.

  • Good air through
  • 18 V Battery
  • Soft Handle
  • Battery not included, you need to buy it separately

3. Greenworks Pro 80V 125 MPH Blower

Greenworks Pro 80V 125 MPH Blower

I am obsessed with the quality and the work that Greenworks doing and that’s why I place their second product at number 3. It is the same in feature as our first pick but the air through is less in this product. If you are someone who hates gas blowers and doesn’t want to use them then this electric blower for artificial turf is the awesome pick.

Some key features:

  • 125 MPH Air velocity
  • 2AH battery
  • Battery Powered
  • 70 minutes of runtime


Normally, people keep in mind the product and how it going to perform if they use it continually and to keep this in their mind they make sure they provide better run time with this blower. And it is providing 70 minutes run time which is enough for any person to handle the cleaning process.

Battery Powered:

If you are someone who hates to manage extension cords while using an electric blower then this feature makes you reliable and you can start loving this product quickly because the source of its power is through the battery and you don’t any active cords for this.

  • Good Air Flow Capacity
  • Most powerful engine
  • Tight Grip
  • Little heavy



Easy handling is what most people want when they are using the blower for synthetic grass and to make this possible we have our 4th pick which is BLACK+DECKER LSW40C cordless sweeper. The company make sure to provide flexibility with the design and come up with better options for people.

Some key features:

  • Sweeper style
  • Less noise
  • Indicator for battery
  • AirSpeed: 125 mph

Sweeper Style:

Many people like to use their blower in sweeper style because it makes the body position more simple and you are not tired quickly. Well, with this blower you can use it with the sweeper style easily.


If you want to use this blower only for artificial turf then it’s fine to use but if you want to take some other tasks too with it then I would not recommend you because it’s not that powerful enough.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to use
  • A little weak, but works

5. Sun Joe IONBV-CT Cordless Blower

Sun Joe IONBV-CT Cordless Blower

Lastly, we come up with Sun Joe IONBV-CT Cordless Blower and the main reason for picking this product is affordable. This is the one which is cheap enough to buy and you find multiple features too in it. People who don’t want to spend much money on a blower can go for this option.

Some key features:

  • 40-Volt
  • Speed: 200 Miles per Hour
  • 3-In-1 design
  • Easy conversion
  • Includes 16-gallon vacuum bag

3-In-1 design:

The talking about features here we are able to see 3 in 1 design, which means you can use this product as Blower, Vacuum, and Mulcher. They make this feature easy and you can convert it within a few seconds with whatever mode you want to use.

Vacuum bag:

Vacuum bag is the extra thing that they are providing actually you must need a vacuum bag that you can use after cleaning up because you need to pick all of these leaves and stone that you collect from your artificial grass. So, you have to pick them and you can use this bag for the work which makes it more pickable product.

  • Battery Powered and Air Powered
  • Comes in 40-Volt
  • 3 in 1 tool
  • Not work on high-end situations

How to Use a Leaf Blower to Clean Artificial Grass?

Many people like to do their work own and they always feel alive whenever they do some physical work especially when it relates to their home or garden. I am one of them too, I have artificial grass which I use to clean through leaf blower. And I am going to share how I am doing that and it’s really simple.

  • Pick one of the leaf blowers, that I recommend above and buy it
  • After that, make sure your blower is fully charged and you understand how to use it
  • Ready your blower and take a plastic rake tool that helps you a lot
  • Pick up the large debris from your turf
  • Now use the plastic rake and clear the artificial grass
  • After that use your blower but make sure it is 12 to 18 inches away from the turf
  • And use it in 45 degrees that help you to clear the turf quickly
  • After that, collect all the leaves and stones and pack them in a bag

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which type of blower is best for artificial grass?

The first thing you want to do is determine what the primary purpose of your artificial grass is. If you are using it for a children’s play area or mud pit, then you want to use a blower that is designed to work with this type of material.

You will get the best results with a machine that has a nice long, soft flow of air. It is also properly sized for your area of use. There are numerous companies that produce blowers specifically for artificial grass. There are also some that state they can be used on both real and artificial grass. Just be sure you know exactly what you are getting and have the correct equipment.

  • How do I get rid of leaves on my artificial lawn?

The best way to remove leaves from artificial grass is to use a leaf blower. Blowing the leaves off will allow them to be easily removed without a lot of extra effort. After blowing all the leaves off, you can use the vacuum to clean up all the remaining debris. To prevent leaves from building up on the lawn, orient the lawn in a direction that allows the most sun exposure. This will deter the growth of new leaves.

  • Are you supposed to vacuum fake grass?

The short answer is yes. However, you should take into account other factors like the type of fake grass that you have and how often you use the area. If you have an artificial grass football field, then you should vacuum it every day as it is likely to get very dirty. Similarly, if you have soil-less grass, like Astroturf, then you would need to vacuum it on a weekly basis.

  • What is artificial grass maintenance equipment?

Artificial turf maintenance equipment is something that will make your work easier when you maintain the artificial turf ground. Many of the artificial turf maintenance equipment is designed for artificial grass and Turf.

Another small part of the artificial grass maintenance equipment is designed for outdoor artificial grass grounds like artificial grass carpets. So, if you have any artificial grass ground, you should buy some of the artificial grass maintenance equipment for your artificial grass ground.

Further, there are a few tools you need for maintenance and that are:

  • Leaf Rake
  • Push Broom
  • Leaf Blower
  • Power Brush
  • A cleaner


If you make it to this point, I assumed you decided about which best leaf blower for artificial grass you need. If you are still confused or wanted to know about what I personally recommend then you can go with our first pick which is Greenworks 80V leaf blower. This product works well with your needs and whatever you are looking for. Follow me on yardtoolexpert for more guides.

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