Are Lawn Mowers Age Restricted?

Having a beautiful yard with the right length of grass growing in the yard is one thing owners look forward to having.

But protecting and not having to rush an injured child to the hospital provides peace of mind for most parents who are also homeowners. While keeping the lawn sleek, beautiful, and all, safety should be your priority.

Are Lawn Mowers Age Restricted?

The answer to this is Yes:

According to research, accidents including children and lawnmowers happen every year. Whether they result in minor injuries or worst, the fact remains that these children are left with wound scars. That is why Lawnmowers cannot be used by a child of just any age. They come with age restrictions.

Even if a child is of the age to operate a lawnmower, the parents are not just supposed to just allow the child to use the lawnmower.

Parents should consider the mental maturity of the child as well as a couple of other factors before allowing their child to operate a lawnmower.

Because a child is 12 years of age does not just mean that they can operate a walk-behind lawnmower and not just operate it but use it safely.

Because a child is 16 years of age does not mean that he is capable of operating a riding lawn mower without having an accident either.

Whether it be a punishment or just an errand, parents should not just send a child to mow a lawn without considering if they know the safety measures or tips to be practised when mowing the lawn.

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What is the Right Age For Kids to use Lawn Mower?

As there are different types of lawnmowers, so there are different age restrictions for each. Types of Lawnmowers range from drive types, ride-on types, walk mowers, and power types.

While most of these lawnmowers are strict to be operated by adults, a few can be used by kids but it comes with a price. The child must be of a particular age.

The right age to mow a lawn is unarguably the legal age as stipulated by authorities. But do not forget that maturity differs in persons even of the same age.

A 12 years old child is of the legal age to operate a walk-behind lawn mower while a child of 16 years is of the legal age to operate a riding lawnmower.

Age and maturity aside, a child should show coordination and strength before he or she can be allowed to operate a lawn mower. These age restrictions were put in place to help reduce the chances of child accidents as well as to increase and ensure their safety.

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Why are Lawn Mowers Age Restricted?

Eliminating the chances of lawn mowing accidents is quite impossible but with the age restrictions, the possibility of children getting involved in lawn mowing accidents is reduced a lot.

At least, children do not have to experience PTSD or trauma from accident encounters they had with lawnmowers.

Can a 10 or 15-year-old Use a Lawn Mower?

A child must be at least 12 years to operate a walk-behind lawnmower and 16 years to operate a riding lawnmower. So technically, yes, a 15-year-old child can use a lawnmower but a 10-year-old child cannot use a lawnmower.

Also, a 15-year-old child can only use a lawnmower if it is a walk-behind mower but wait to be a year older before they can use a riding mower. A 10 year old child cannot operate any of the mowers.

Safety Tips That You Must Consider

  • Wait for the right age

Make sure they are of age and strong enough to mow the lawn. It might be a funny sight when a little child is trying to push a mower up and down a lawn but the stress and pain the child will feel after this will cause the parent even more pain.

If your child keeps asking to use the mower, you can just tell him/her to help. The child can assist in picking up the stones, sticks, toys, and other things that are not grass. This way the child can still feel like he/she was part of the job.

  • No rough play when mowing:

Your kids should know when mowing the lawn, they should avoid any distractions or running around the yard to avoid tripping and falling on the mower. Parents should let them know that a lawnmower is a piece of machinery and can cause serious injuries if care is not taken.

  • Never allow kids to ride on the lawnmower anytime:

it doesn’t matter if the lawnmower is on or off, kids should not be allowed to ride on it.

  • Teach them about the lawnmower:

As you prepare your kids to start using the mower, you should let them know its parts and the kind of harm it can do. This way the child knows that they are not to touch the mower anyhow.

  • Careful with Curious kids

Curious kids might want to press the buttons, and caps and even check out what is doing the cutting under the mower. You should let them know about these things and tell them never to touch them. They should also be told never to leave the lawnmower on when not in use and on a particular spot even if it is for a short period.

  • Under adult supervision

Even with the kids knowing all these safety tips, mowing should be done under adult supervision.


Whether your child is 12 years old or even older, never let them operate a lawn mower alone. Be there to watch and monitor them. Kids can be very curious and want to try or check out new things they see on the lawnmower.

Your presence and attention on them is most likely the only thing that eliminates the possibility of an accident happening. For more guides do check Yardtoolexpert any time.

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