Lawn owners understand the importance of an effective engine in a lawn mower -less time in starting your machine and low fuel consumption. Besides, no one likes a stubborn engine that will simply flood your lush-green yard with fuel and bad smoke.

So, when it comes to replacing the engine in your lawn care equipment, you might wonder if Kohler lawn mower engines are good. 

Luckily, this detailed Kohler Lawn Mower Engines Review will give you all the information you need on how the brand stands out against its competitors. 

A little bit about the Kohler brand:

Founded in 1873, Kohler Co. is a manufacturing company based in Kohler, Wisconsin. The company’s popularity surges globally due to its plumbing products. Nevertheless, it also manufactures other products including high-quality engines.

Better still, Kohler is known to make durable products. In specific, their engines are used in everything from lawnmowers to pressure washers. 

Are Kohler Lawn Mower Engines Good?

Are Kohler Lawn Mower Engines Good?

A Kohler Lawn Mower is designed for residential and commercial purposes alike. As such, whether you deal with a small yard or you are a landscape contractor, this engine is your best fit. Besides, a Kohler engine is among the best in the market, and as such, it’s good for your lawn mower. Most importantly, Kohler engines are known for their longevity, reliability, and durability.

Kohler engines feature a technology that offers a consistent start to your mower, reduced fuel consumption, and a consistent power level. To be specific, the engines from Kohler come in three series:

1. HD Series

The Kohler HD Series is a heavy-duty type of engine. These types of engines are designed for demanding operations and can be used for lawnmowers as well as other equipment. Specifically, these engines have a long-lasting spark plug and even power technology.

This ensures that your lawn mower can cut the toughest grass blades with ease. More importantly, the engine is durable – Kohler specifically certifies that the engine is two times longer useful compared to other brands.

With all these features, the HD Series engines have special construction to ensure that spent very little time in engine maintenance. On top of that, these engines come with pre-cleaners and air filters this you don’t have to replace your engine regularly.

These engines also incorporate the “smart choke” and “easy pull” technology to make the starting process as easy as possible. As such, you don’t have to waste your precious time trying to start your lawn mower.

2. XT Series

The XT Series from Kohler are user-friendly and long-lasting. With the overhead valve, these engines help save on fuel while avoiding a lot of noise during operation.

Similarly, these engines utilize Smart Choke and Easy Pull technology, for easier and faster starting of your equipment. As such, you can easily avoid choking and flooding your engine which may demand a lot of time to solve – what a save! Moreover, the consistent cut technology ensures that your lawn has a lovely-looking and uniform cut.

3. XTX Series

With the XTX series type of engine, you’ll get to enjoy all the smart features of the XT Series. These types of engines are even more durable thanks to the cast-iron cylinder liners. Better still, you’ll never need to change the oil.

Kohler Co. makes the pot even sweeter by offering numerous other types of engines. With each type, some unique features and added benefits. Therefore, you can be sure that you won’t miss your pick.

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How Long Do KOHLER Engines Last?

With proper maintenance and care, Kohler engines can last for a very long time. Nevertheless, the number of hours a Kohler Engine will last can vary depending on various conditions.

For instance, storing your equipment for long periods without use or cold start with extended storage can potentially shorten the life of your engine. Besides, oil and air filter change intervals will also cut the longevity of the engine. 

In general applications, however, a cast iron Kohler single can last between 1000 to 1200 hours. On the other hand, command twins and magnum/k series twins will last from around 2000 to 2500 hours.

Also, note that the durability of your engine depends on the type of Kohler engine you have and of course proper maintenance. Some user reports indicate that their engines go up to 4000 hours without getting faulty.

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Benefits of using KOHLER Engines

If you are looking to replace your lawn mower engine and you are unsure whether to buy a Kohler Co. product, you should no doubt get your engine from this company. Kohler Engines are indeed popular with lawn owners because of their quality and longevity.

In detail, here are some of the benefits that come with a Kohler engine:

  • High Horsepower (HP)

Unlike most of the engines that you will find in the market, Kohler engines have a lot of HP. Thanks to this fact, you can use your lawn mower to cut through the toughest of grasses on your lawn. To be precise, these engines come with an HP that ranges from around 3 to 38Hp. As such, you will have a variety of options to choose from depending on the nature of your working conditions.

  • Durable

Kohler engines are highly durable especially if you store them according to the manufacturer’s guide. For instance, a Kohler engine will run up to 2000 hours. moreover, some engines can function for longer periods like 4000 hours without having any problems.

  • Cost Effective

Considering the cost, Kohler engines have a quick return on investment. Although the engine price may not go so low, they simply deliver the best.

  • Good Warranty

You’ll be happy to know that the Kohler engines come with a warranty. First, engines meant for residential purposes have a 5-year warranty. For commercial purpose engines, the warranty may go up to 3 years. Moreover, you can also get engine-specific warranties. Nevertheless, this type of warranty is not often common so you have to ask if one is applicable when purchasing the engine. 

  • Easy To Start

As we have already seen, a Kohler engine features “Smart Choke” technology enabling your equipment to start with no time. Thanks to this mechanism, your lawn mower starting process is hassle-free and you don’t have to deal with flooding issues in your engine. This ensures that you do not waste a lot of time while dealing with a stubborn machine.

Drawbacks of using KOHLER Engines

Thankfully, past reviews from Kohler engine users are positive and there seems to be no complaint against their products. The only predominant fact is that the engines experience tear and wear after use for prolonged periods.

This is completely normal and expected of a machine in use to wear out with time. As such, we can confidently say that Kohler engines rarely experience malfunctions.

Secondly, the engines from Kohler are mostly designed for residential push mowers. Thus, if a landscaper uses the engine commercially, it can take its toll.

Keep in mind that although the engine comes with cast iron parts which render it highly durable; the engine is not capable of holding the daily commercial stress for long.

A handful of users however complain about the price, although not often. Well, with Kohler engines, you’ll certainly get the best quality but it might cost you a few more dollars that a normal engine.

Interestingly, despite the price, you’ll come to realize that the product is worth it. Besides, Kohler engines are at par with other competing brands in terms of price.

Which Is Better Kohler or Honda Engines?

Both Kohler and Honda engines are great and reputable in the market. Similarly, engines from these two brands are designed for residential and not commercial use. Based on Kohler and Honda users, each brand has some benefits over the other.

In terms of pricing, Kohler engines are less costly, Kohler wins this. Conversely, Honda comes in many models and thus beats Kohler on this one.

The best part is that your lawn mower engine will perform similarly whether you get the engine from Kohler or Honda. To get your fingers right on the ideal engine for you, ensure you consider the specific benefit. For instance, Honda engines have higher fuel efficiency than Kohler’s. Overall, Honda outdoes Kohler engines so I recommend purchasing a Honda engine. 

Kohler VS Briggs and Stratton

Kohler Co. and Briggs & Stratton are the top competitors when it comes to lawn mower engines. Although both manufacturers have a reputation for producing high-quality and durable engines, there are some key differences in their products.

For the main part, Kohler engines slightly take the lead when it comes to durability and the engine’s lifespan. 

On top of that, Kohler engines come with more cooling mechanisms coupled with advanced filtration and thus they are suited for various conditions. 


Overall, Kohler Co. is one of the best manufacturers of engines in the market today. This conclusion is not only from our experience but from numerous reviews of Kohler engines.

Moreover, these engines are easy to operate on any lawn mower and come with various exciting features tailored to your specific needs. Above all, Kohler engines have minimal maintenance requirements, several cooling mechanisms, and cutting-edge filtration options.

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